Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dog + Marshmellows = Gone

As you have been made aware of, MckMama's Stellan is still in the hospital and not doing so hot. So, he has continued to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Well, MckMama started back when Stellan was in utero a photo gallery with Stellan's name all over the place! Pretty neat if I must say so myself! My SOP girls and I are making our own photo collage which you'll be able to see within the next couple of days, but for now, I tried to provide my own attempt at adding to this.

Let's just say that my dogs are NOT good listeners. Let me rephase that. Jack, is NOT a good listener. When the first attempt of laying out marshmellows on a pillow and a split second later, half the letter is gone! Yep. All Jack. Jill was too timid to try anything like that! So, Jack has officially been banned from getting near the marshmellows.

Jill on the other hand, listens and obeys well. :-) The eveidence is in the photo!

The pillow and remainder marshmellows after Jack got ahold of them...
And Jilly girl... She's even laying down!!! :-) Although still not the best photos, at least the marshmellows are still in tact!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009


It's the little things. I know I have been stuck on this lately, but it sure beats all the negativity going around in the world around us! If it is negativity you want, turn on the news. So, back to the "little things"...

It's the excitement I get to share with A and J as they announce their first round of IVF worked!!! They are pregnant, for the first time ever!!!! I shed many tears of joy after getting the text message from A on Friday... Oh, how long they have been on this journey to become parents and how long they have longed to learn that they are pregnant! I pray that they would treasure each and every moment of pregnancy and parenthood!!! A and J, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

It another dear friend, H and M who have welcomed their first miracle baby boy into the world yesterday! Again, more tears of nothing but joy for this fantastic couple!!! How long and how difficult their journey has been filled with loss and now nothing but joy! CONGRATULATIONS H and M!!!!! I pray that your little boy brings plenty of joy and trouble (just kidding!) to your lives!!! :-)

It's the excitement I get from the waiting to learn that another dear friend, L has given birth to her jellybean! Sex, undetermined at ths point. I am so excited to be apart of such blessings as these bundles of joys have been!!!

These three ladies are apart of my amazing online Infertility support group whom I could not have survived the last three years without... This group of 12 other women and myself have shared joys and losses; life ups and downs; birthdays and anniversaries of various meanings. Out of 13 gals, there are only three of us now left waiting to become mommy's!!! Of course, becuase some have been "luckier" than others, us three left still waiting are being "lapped" which I think is just funny... It's so exciting to be apart of still! To see the babies grow to now toddlers causing their mommy's hair to turn grey! :-)

After my mini pitty party after finding out the Pottery Barn Kids 'Stork' Bedding set was unavailable, I not only had friends point out that ebay is an option and lead me in that direction (Although I cannot justify spending $400 on the set) but I have a dear friend who has offered me her gender neutral (as everyone knows how important this is to me now!) bedding that she used for her first baby!!! I always thought it was an absolutely adorable set and now, for her to offer it to me like this is nothing short of a blessing.

I am SOOOO excited to have the Nursery bedding and just add onto it once we get into our new house! :-) I feel like our baby is soooo close to becoming a reality! Yes. Because of something so small to so many people is so huge to me! It's tangible... Something that I can hold and be encouraged that our baby will eventually come.

The Bedding is called Clover Fields Bedding by Kidsline. It is absolutely adorable!!!! Once the room is set up, you can bet your bottom bucks that I'll post nursery photos in the making, as the nursery will not be complete until the baby arrives!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Cindy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You and Robbie are the best! I'll be sure to send some Hot Wings as a 'Thank You'. haha! Not to mention, Thanks to Holdyn for "breaking it in" for our baby! :-)

Petri Dish on a Pillow... Funny!

Yep. It is official. I have been in the infertilily world way too long! Any normal person would look at this pillow think it is nice and move on. Nope. Not me. I look at it and see embryo dividing and some with the sperm trying to fertilize... It is a petri dish on a pillow in a nice little design! Please tell me you can see it too...... :-) this is what happens when the babies sleep for three plus hours non stop and i must entertain myself!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Knowing, without a doubt.

To know, without a doubt, that something is going to happen is so encouraging! There are only a few certainties in life that we are capable of knowing, without a doubt, that something will happen.

I know, without a doubt, that Jesus died on the cross for my sins. I know, without a doubt, that the very moment I denied myself and asked Jesus to come into my life and live within me, that I became Saved. This is how a sinner such as myself, can be in a right relationship with God. I know, without a doubt, that when I die, I will not be in the grave but I will be greeted by my Heavenly Father with arms opened wide. I know, without a doubt that this is my eternity, and I look forward to it!

While this is my eternity, I know some things now as well...

Without a doubt, I am aware of Jesus in my life. It is the little things. The playing of a song that speaks directly to me at that immediate instance. When I am feeling down, yet the song has remarkable words to describe everything so perfectly. Had it been played 20 minutes later, would it have been as appropriate? The friend calling at that particular moment just to say they were thinking of me and without knowing it, God used them.

I particuarly enjoy the "what the heck" window shoppings I do, only to come across an AMAZING deal where I just know, without a doubt, that it is for me to buy right then! Even if it seems illogical... Okay, so maybe that is pushing it a bit far but it is indeed fantastic justification, right?

I read over some previous posts from way back when. You know. From when we thought we were going to end up in Michigan (Thank Goodness NO!) or Iowa (that wouldn't have been so bad... I don't think.) or how about when the talk of Guam (hahaha!) or Hawaii (maybe I could reconnect with a long lost cousin living there) or even the all time favorite, Rhode Island (Hey M and D!)! None of those, although they all seemed to be the course we were going, was not right. Obviously, or else we would have ended up there.

Without a doubt, I know that God used today's technology to bring together Charles and I back in 2002. Yes. We met over the Internet. Long story for another post. :-) Although we had a rough start to our now amazing marriage, it was oh so worth every argument and fight and tear I cried in the beginning. Without a doubt, I know that Charles is who I am to be with. I pray that this is something neither of us ever, EVER, forget.

Without a doubt, I know that I will be a mommy and Charles will be a daddy. This is encouraging. Very. I have to remind myself of this often, but that is okay as it is a Promise that is worth hanging onto. God speaks to me thru others as well, and this happens to be one of those instances. I will be a mommy... I will hear those words, "Mommy, I love you", one day.

Without a doubt, I now know that God is the one who placed the books on my heart. Who gave me the ideas... I know, without a doubt, that HE is the one who is working them up in my mind and who is guiding my fingers as I write. I know this, now.


Well. You see, I have not written in about a month or so now and yet it still remains a constant on my mind and heart. Last night, sitting in church this was reaffirmed. Again, we had not been to church in about a month's time for various reasons that are not important. During the service, the Pastor posted a verse on the big screen. When I read it, my heart immediately thought, "This is a great verse to add to the book!" I was excited. It made sense. It clicked.

In the beginning, I wondered WHO the book ideas were from... You see. Although I am not a writer nor have I ever enjoyed writing other than in my diary where I declared my love for so and so boy of the week, the idea came to mind. That should have been clue number one. I decided to put pencil to paper and see what happens, to "give it a go" and "see what happens" all in the name of "humor". Not one, nor two, but THREE book ideas came to mind. Yes. All dealing with various levels of the Infertility Journey we have been on.

My heart has been more focused on one particular book... And the verse from last night just clarified it even more. I have been re-energized. Re-encouraged. And re-focused! Knowing, without a doubt, is re-freshing...

What do YOU know, without a doubt?

Friday, March 27, 2009

I've been tagged!

Thanks Diane for giving me an excuse to be silly... :-)

Diane tagged me to write 7 things about myself, so here goes:

Here are the RULES...

1. Link to the person who tagged you. Did it!!
2. Share 7 things that people may not know about you. DONE!!
3. Tag 7 people to share 7 things and link to them. Hard to pick...
4. Let them know they have been tagged. Done.

1~ I LOVE this invention called the World Wide Web. I'm addicted to my blog, other peoples' blogs, facebook, GOOGLE, and so many more sites!!! I think this whole connecting with people from all over the world is amazingly neat!!! I have a group of girls whom I could not have spent the last three plus years without thanks to the WWW! :-)

2~ I miss our "dog-cat", Gus. :-( We gave him to a family who, hopefully, is taking great care of him and his shyness... If only our Jack and Jill would have been nice to him would he be with us here now!

3~ I have a way of intrepreting images from what they actually are into something completely random... Happened just today you see. It's rather funny most of the time and others it's just crazy!

4~ I am a tapper. Charles makes fun of my little quark I have but I drum my fingers, each one single at a time, to rythms.

5~ I LOVE to sing. I am horrible at it. Ask my oldest brother whom I used to horrify quite frequently when I was at the tender of of two. haha! And older... But give me a car, radio cranked up, and me alone and you'll certainly find me "dancing" and singing my heart out all the while driving. And accordingo to John Tesh, if you sing while driving you are more concentrated on the road and what's going on around you. :-)

6~ Something I am a bit bitter about... I worked my butt off for 5 plus years to get a Bachelors degree to find a job I love. Here I am, doing exactly what I love, without ever even using my BS I paid GOOD money for! Can I return it and get a refund?? Perhaps even a portion??? Maybe??

7~ I am not a very good housewife so I was really banking on being a great mother as a reason for my husband to keep me around for the long haul... I mean. I don't cook. Okay. I can't cook. BIG difference! I hate cleaning. I can't sew. I'm not very creative, although I do try sometimes. I'm not prim and proper, instead, quite the opposite unfortunately at times. And well, I obviously don't have what it takes to make a baby so he can be a daddy without great medical intervention...

BUT- Let me also be positive here as I'm sure I'll hear about it if I don't... I am flexible. Down to earth. It takes a lot to stress me out. I am an okay baker, but certainly not Publix's bakery section. I have outstanding manners (Thank you mom and dad!) which I use all the time. I try to find and enjoy the little things in life. You know. Like seeing the first signs of Spring when looking at a once "dead" tree whose limbs are now turning shades of green indiciating new life is within and ready to sprout. Or how about watching the sweetest 16 week old baby boys giggle or smile in their sleep or instantly stop a horrible crying fit once they feel familiar hands picking them up. I love that at any given instant, my face is the light of their world and the smiles show it all. Or how about being greeted by my doggies who although annoy me, I love them. The tails wagging so hard the little body is swaying to and fro. Tounges hanging out. Running to find the toy to give it to me to play... And I certainly love the time I see my husband and those kisses... I love him. His kisses are always so tender and full of affection. I love when he gets home from work, squeezes me tight and places a big one on me! I love that I can enjoy every moment of life becuase I have Him who gives me life, at the center of my life! I love that I am reminded numerous times a day, in all the small ways, that He loves me so much He did all this... Even had I been the only person ever created, it still would have been done just for me...

And on that happy positive note, I shall go and do my wifey duties and clean or pay bills. you know. The less glamerous part of those "I do's" we said almost six years ago...

But first!

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can you keep up???

Just fair warning... This post is going to be ALL over the place!!! :-)

PLEASE keep praying for Baby Stellan... My heart just aches (no pun intended) for this precious baby boy. I don't understand medical terminology and google isn't exactly helping any so from what I have gathered is that Stellan is in SVT (Short for some long medical term) and although still bad and slowly wearing out his poor little heart, he is NOT in long term V-tech (Which is fatal?). He has an extra electroide in his heart and the procedure for this as they would do on adults and older children is safe, for babies whose hearts still have a whole lot of growing to do can be very dangerous and this is the last resort. Praise God! Stellan is still here will his loving family... Stellan has one mighty testimony of God's grace at such a young and tender age. I get chills thinking of how God is going to use this boy throughout his life!


Thank you mom for the just now update since you didn't answer your phone when I returned your call. :-) I was still loving on those babies!

My Grandma is HOME! Praise God! I don't know what was the final or what is still going on but she's well enough to be sent home so that's awesome! :-)


And while we are celebrating... Praise God for putting all the pieces together for the position I am in now. I cannot even express how much of a blessing it is to spend all day with these precious baby boys. Although I miss dearly my co-workers from Lowe's, I know that THIS is where God wants me to be... I absolutely adore mom and dad as well, which always helps! :-) it just feels. So. Right. Even after hearing A use his lungs for a length of time and not to be precious and "talking", I still thoroughly enjoyed being with him and his brother N!


And more prayers... We need a place to live. We're staying in our current house until June 30, our lease ends this day and we have to be out by like 5pm or something but after that, we're homeless. It's not like we can stay with family until we find something like we did in Georgia so the pressure's REALLY on! I'm trying so hard to just have faith and trust that God has the perfect place for us... It'll be ready when the time is right. :-)


And lastly... Baby business.

I have decided that this is going to be an all natural cycle, just as the Dr. wanted. I'm not taking Soy or anything else. Yes. i have already written off this cycle and am emotionally and psychologically geared up for the next cycle with hopefully the whole nine yards! Until then, I'm trying to "relax". haha! Just had to throw that in... :-) So, when I don't fall pregnant this cycle I can throw it in everyone's face that told me just to "relax and it will happen" and prove everyone wrong! :-) Yep. That's me for you. Defiant.

Moving onwards...

I have decided, and with the blessing of my husband, that we will have a nursery. After this last failed cycle it dawned on me what I wanted/needed at that time. I want a place to go to where it is all baby. I have spent the last several months buying for my sister-in-laws' baby girl who is to arrive mid-May. Now that the tub is full, I'm done. For now. It hurts to bad to buy and dream of baby only to send it off to someone else. I feel like I am also sending off my hope and dreams for my own child... As stupid as that may sound.

So. In our new house, we will have a room dedicated to baby. A nursery. The first thing to get will be a dresser to have a place to put all the clothes I have already purchased for baby... Should I admit that??? I want to get a chair (or get the rocking chair from my dad's house that we have had for AGES and put it in the nursery) to have in there so I can sit and dream and cry and not lose faith or trust or sight or whatever term you want to put there, of our baby. Our promise. My mother-in-law is bringing at the next visit the baby blanket she has made/knit I believe for our baby along with a mobile that was used by both my sister in law and my husband and some other baby items she kept. Oh, I love sentimental items!!!! :-)

I do believe the crib will not be far behind and the nursery theme that we'll go with is the Stork from Pottery Barn Kids I posted a while back. I mean. We ARE waiting on our Stork to find our house... It's probably locationally challenged just like I am and keeps dropping our baby off at the wrong persons house. Darn GPS probably doesn't work at those altitudes!

****OH NO!!!!!!!!!***** When trying to insert the hyperlinks to the images of these items, I was made fully aware that the Stork theme is in FINAL sale off.... OH NO!!!!!!!! :-( I finally get my heart set on something that has meaning and it's going away.... NO!!!!!!!! Why must I cry over something so stupid as this????? :-* WHY? Becuase it's yet another thing in terms of our baby that won't happen... Another road block. Something so stupid is so significant and I'm just reading probably WAY too much into it...

Okay, so I guess I'll start looking for another theme to go with as obviously this one isn't going to work out. oh, I'm so upset now. :-(


And this concludes the rumage of a post! I hope you were able to Keep up!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Please, join with me and thousands if not hundreds of thousands of other people who are praying for baby Stellan. He is currently in the hospital with an extremely high heart rate (SVT I believe is the medical term for it) and they are unable, despite various attempts with different medications and manuvers, to stabilize his heart. It has shown up enlarged via ultrasound as well.

Just last summer MckMama was in the same hospital with her sweet Stellan in utero being told that he had SVT and he surely would not make it... We have a mighty God that cares for the least of those and healed Stellan. Stellan is four months old with a story so big only God could have dreamed it up.

So please, pray for Stellan. For God's mercy on this sweet baby boy that his heart would be calmed; his family comforted; Doctors and Nurses given knowledge; and that no matter what happens, our Heavenly Father would be given all the praise and glory.

Jill. Cheap entertainment.

Sorry the video is so dark. Didn't want to disturb Jill anymore than already being done so! And yes, that is me laughing hysterically. The small things get me. :-) And yes, I put my feet up on the table! Horrible manners probably but it's comfy!

Charles is so messing with jill! :-) it is hilarious... Just excuse my laughter. I found it rather entertaining to say the least.

This is a daily event... Messing with our dogs. Oh, I feel so sorry for our children. oh wait. If our children inherit ANY of Charles' characteristics I am sure this will be one of them so in turn, I think I should feel sorry for myself as it will ultimately be us parents that are picked on!!! haha! The small things...

Answers, postponed.

First, exciting news. :-) My first day as a nanny to two adorable twin boys went fastastic! They smiled and coo'ed and played and ate beauitfully! of course, they also pooped and cried beautifully too. I must say though, those giggles and smiles are totally worth each cry and diaper that needs changing! I am so very excited to watch them grow up and see the person that they become... But for now, they shall remain babies that I can snuggle.

Secondly, this is not really exciting news as I'm a bit frustrated... I called my Dr this morning and informed them that I am NOT pregnant and am ready to begin the next plan of action ASAP! Unfortunately, the Dr has a different idea. I am not being seen, no tests run, blood word done, or pills popped until I go in NEXT (as in 1 1/2 weeks away) Thursday for an ultra sound to check and see what's going on... :-( WHAT????????? Seriously? So... The debate on to go the Soy route again (Soy acts as a natural Clomid) or just have this be a "relaxing" cycle. haha! No Dr seeing cycle is relaxing!

So, why am I frustrated? Well, I always imagined that going to the specialist (RE) would mean baby = earlier rather than later. The rate we're going, it's going to be the same pace as if we were trying naturally! Okay, so maybe not exactly but still! I wanted to feel like I'm doing something to get one step closer to baby. I still have a lot of unanswered questions from last cycle especially concerning Progesterone levels which she just said she would talk to the Dr about and we'll discuss at my next appt. I know he wants to run a couple tests that day so I'm hoping this will be the last before we start taking steps instead of ruleing things out which I know are needed.

Okay. Ignore all that. Really. I'm just frustrated as we finally are at the point of seeing a specialists and it seems like time is dragging on even slower!!!

Ready for more good news??? ;-) My Grandma has had blood clot ruled out and is being given medications to reduce the fluid around her heart. She is feeling better as well. :-) So please keep praying...

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Today was the day a home pregnancy test was supposed to determine my fate of being a mother or not, right? Well, no pee stick was needed this AM. I woke to the lovely "red lady singing". :-( It's SOOOOO over. This is heavy and cramps and yeah. If a baby were to survive this kind of lining shedding then I'd stand in awe with my chin on the ground in disbelief. It's time to stop the Progesterone supplements and embrace the ending of this cycle and the beginning of another filled with hope and opportunity!

Now that I have accepted and embraced another new cycle starting, I have a couple of questions that are being left unanswered. I've been on some sort or another of Progesterone Supplements before and NEVER have I started my period while ON them... I mean, I can understand the spotting that lasted for about six hours but other than that, this is HEAVY. Why didn't the Progesterone stop it or delay it from coming? If I had a good ovulation, shouldn't that have built up Progesterone as well??? And my leutal phase (the time after ovulation and before your period arrives) was only 10 days, counting the spotting as a vital day as well, which is the minimum they say is needed to sustain a pregnancy...

SO anyways... Thank you so much to everyone who has been praying for us, we genuinely are grateful that we are carried in times like this when all we want to do is be held.

I'll update on the new plan of action once we know what it is... For now I'll go and clean to my little heart's desire and get ready for my first day of nanny'ing two adorablly precious twin baby boys tomorrow and then off to the Dr for the next steps! I'm trying to keep positive here... :-)

...I cannot leave without asking for your prayers for my Grandma. She's in the hospital with possible congestive heart failure, kidney infection, and a suspected blood clot in her lung... I have not seen her in many years, well, since 2003 I believe when my mom was so sick in the hospital. I really don't want to see her in the state she is in and was looking forward to being reunited with her, and so many of my other family members, at the hopefully planned Family Reunion in October this year...

Testing Out Trigger Shot Photos

Here they are! The 11 days worth of photos of me testing out the trigger shot... If you want to see for yourself, click on the photo and it makes it really big and MUCH easier to see the lines! 11 days past trigger- Negative
10 days past trigger - Nevative
9 days past trigger - I see a line/Charles sees nothing
8 days past trigger - Positive
7 days past trigger - Positive
6 days past trigger - Positive
5 days past trigger - Positive
4 days past trigger - Positive
3 days past trigger - Positive
2 days past trigger - Positive
1 day past trigger - Positive

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Anxious. Nervous. Excited. Stressed.

These are only a few of the emotions running thru my body right now. The time has come. It is upon us... The days that are leading up to my period's supposed to arrival date are oh so slowly yet so quickly approaching! The nurse said I could test tomorrow and get a reliable answer on a home pregnancy test. WHAT? Tomorrow??? So, that means I would be walking on cloud nine or I could be curled in the fetal position snuggled in my bed wishing away the next couple of weeks before I am to ovluate again and be in the same position I am in right now...

One inexpensive home pregnancy test holds the fate of this cycle. To see that oh so coveted second line would make any dream of mine, and Charles', come true in an instant.

Yet, wait. What if that second line DOES pop up? What if it falls within the time limit? What if it is on another branded test than Dollar Tree (which I have been using to test out the trigger shot)? Would I believe it? Would I cry? Would I pick up the phone and call someone? Who? What could I ever say at that moment? Would I trust the line as I mean, a line does not mean a successful pregnancy? What would I think, say, or do? Do you, my readers, want to see photos of a stick I not only paid for but pee'd on??? EEEWWW!!! That's some devotion there... :-)

And now, it's waiting. It's waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting! When is my urine the best to count it reliable to tell me my fate of being a mother or not? Should I use every urine of the day and test? I mean, I'm sure I can scrounge up enough home pregnancy tests around my house to do just this...

I am so nervous and anxious and excited and worried and stressed at what this fate may be...

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Debate continues...

Which long lasting debate am I talking about here?? Well, the one that involves my many pee sticks sitting on the counter, next to the sink, in our guest bathroom. It is THESE pee sticks that have caused much debate amongst my lovely husband and myself.

You see. I have "line-o-vision" which means I can find a line on every single pee stick in front of me. No kidding. It's a talent. haha! So, I have resorted to only allowing myself to think a line is there IF my husband sees it too. Well, so far, so good.

Until yesterday.

It was with this test that my lovely husband all the sudden decided that he could NOT see a line on it. Although heartbreaking, this was not the main reason for debate. It was simply that there was clearly a line on the test. Yes, it was faint. I'm not denying that. It was in fact a line though!

I took another test this morning with first morning urine and stark white. Okay. I lied. I can see a line but it is different. The line is white. It is the color around the line that makes it visable. This test is indeed, negative. (Sorry, can't capture any of this via camera so you must just trust me right now.) I come home from work today on lunch and my husband has today's test along with yesterday's test sitting right next to each other on the opposite side of the counter. He points to me and says, "These tests are identical. Both negative." I laugh and imagine how long he spent starring at these tests trying so hard to see a line!

Needless to say, I'm sticking to my whole, "Yesterday is my last positive hCG test and today is the first of hopefully only one or two negative tests..."

Think what you may... If you would like to join in on the debate, send me your mailing address and I'll be sure to ship you the pee sticks and let YOU be the judge on if a line exists or not!!!! haha!!

And continuing on...

one of my favorite bloggers, MckMama posted an amazingly informative blog on Cloth Diapering. Surprisingly, Charles has agreed that we can go this route if I so desire to do so. :-) There's just something about not having to worry about our children having a reaction to the many unnatural ingredients in diapers as we both have really sensitive skin... I'm sure that's one of the less than desired traits our children will indeed, inherit.

So, if you would like to enter this Cloth Diapering giveaway she has going on, I will not have the least bit of hurt feelings if you win and want to ship them to me or just save them for our baby and then send them along. :-)

So, let's end this blog on a happy note!

*knocking on wood...* My spotting lasted only about six hours yesterday. I have not had the first bit today so we shall see what comes over the next several days!!! Keep watching and checking in for updates!!! :-)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I ovulated.

It's official. I ovulated and I have proof!!! My Progesterone came back at 13.1. Although I had a personal level I wanted to see it at (20 or higher) I guess I will be happy with the fact that I did, indeed, ovulate.

Leaving out all the days details... Let me say that at 1pm ish I was happy after speaking with my RE'S nurse, Mickey, and her enthusiam that this is a good sign. She said that they rate the levels as this...

>3 - confirmed ovulation
Anything in the double digits on a medicated cycle
15 or more once pregnancy is confirmed

So, let's say that I was feeling MUCH better about not reaching my personally desired levels... At about 2:30pm I hit the bathroom, again thanks to this horrid stomach issue I am batteling, and I see pink on the toilet paper. *Gasp* I am spotting. NO!!!! Why spot when my progesterone levels are good??? ARGH! I move on.

At just after 6pm, I'm home, and hit the bathroom, yet again. This time I am greeted by lovely RED spots of blood on my panty! WHAT????????? RED blood that reaches my panty?? Surely it is my period about to start... No brown, which indiciates old blood but indeed red, which is fresh blood. :-(

So, I think it would be a grave understatement for me to say I'm not bummed about this cycle. I'm totally convinced this cycle is a bust. I'm bloated and having diarrhea and am gassy and just don't feel well. Stupid PMS.

On top of it all I'm super frustrated! Why in the world am I have any blood at all when on Progesterone????? Really? I mean, this is just crazy!

I do have lovely friends that try to cheer me up and keep me remaining positive but it's so hard sometimes... Not to mention, I've trained my husband well.

I immediately inform him to not get his hopes up any higher than they already are and when I tell him I'm spotting, he says without batting an eye, "It is implantation spotting". I said WHAT?? He said, why yes. That's what you said happens when you spot... I said not always. he said, "well, in this case it is why you are spotting". Poor, poor guy. :-( He's going to fall hard too...

I just feel so horrible. Why does it have to be difficult for us to do something that so many careless and undeserving drug addicts and child abusers and other undeserving individuals do so easily? Why can't they have one less child so that I can have just one?? I know I shouldn't think this way... Every single child, no matter the circumstance, is a miracle. I know this. I totally get this which is why I want it even more!

It's just a bummerish evening for me. Once hubby gets home, I'm into my comfy bed and drifting into dream world where I am a Princess and my clothes are sorted by colors located in various rooms of my house. Not to mention, I can sleep as long as I please and I have an amazingly comfortable bed...

And for what it's worth- the latest pee stick is up. Why yes. That is a line on there. Yes. It is STILL positive. No. I am not kidding. I was told it takes one day per every 1,000 unites given of hCG and I was given 10,000 so I'm fully expecting that start white negative to appear any day now... And per request, I do believe I will start using my first morning urine starting tomorrow to perhaps get better/stronger results. Yes. I still do have it in me to find the will to pee on a home pregnancy test and hold my breath waiting for it to turn positive...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Updated Pee Sticks

Golly Geez. I would have never in a million years guessed that so many people would be anxious to see photos of sticks that I, yours truly, have urinated on!!!!!! :-) Okay, so when you put it that way it doesn't sound nearly as pleasant...

I am officially at the point where I am still seeing lines on the tests, although faint, I can still see them. I have started questioning Charles and if he says he can see them (he does not have line-o-vision...) then they are really there.

So, believe it or not. He says he can still see lines on the tests although my camera absolutely SUCKS at catching them on film (or um, digital)... They ARE there. :-)

On another note... I had the Progesterone blood test this AM and should find out the results tomorrow. Why is this significant? Well, it guages how well I ovulated. On a non medicated cycle, anything over a five is considered to have confirmed ovulation. But since I am on Progesterone supplements, they want to see it over 20. Although the Progesterone level does not guarantee pregnancy, the higher the better!!!!!!!!! :-) So once I know, I'll update...

For now, look at my pee sticks. Smile. And enjoy.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Pee Test --------->

Just to let you know, there IS still an ever so faint line on the Home Pregnancy Test. The camera does not do a very good job capturing it when it is this small but if the photo is large, you can still see it. :-) Perhaps I could also blame it on the huge amount of water I drank today at lunch??? Nah. We'll just like to believe that it is almost gone... Stay tuned!

My goofy husband...

This is my husband being a goof ball at a high end baby store called puddle ducks. They had the softest baby blanket i have ever felt in my entire life! And! It had real satin trim and a whole side was satin so charles loved it! Too bad it was way expensive...

And Charles is playing with an umbrella that was designed like a Pirate's sword. Again, Goof Ball!

Not Me! Monday's

Now, the official Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week AFTER you humor me and finish my list. :-)

The week did not start with a trip to the RE for the much anticipated ultrasound to check on my follicule but more importantly the HSG. I did not go rummaging thru our medicine box to try to locate some heavy duty pain meds for fear of such pain from the procedure. I did not come across the liquid Hydrocodone and highly debate on to take or not to take. Fortunately, the thought of being completely out of it was not appealing to me so I ended up opting for just four Motrin. I was NOT stressed at all and totally freaking out about such test. Why would I do such a thing as this? I mean, my Dr. did kindly take time to remind me that he has been doing this "for 25 years not 25 days". Laying on the table, I did not ask the Dr. when he was going to proceed further to only be greeted with "see, how bad was that?" Yep. I felt nothing. I was not so overwhelmed with the thought of pain that I was shivering like I was cold. Which I was by the way.

The coolest thing ever was not the ability to watch, pain free might I add, my uterus and fallopian tubes flow with dye indiciating all is well... Pretty neat sight if I may say so myself!

I did not have to reason with myself after the HSG procedure and prior to getting the hCG trigger shot that if I can survive the HSG I can certainly survive the ultra long needled used to trigger me!

On Wednesday, the support group I faciliate was having a guest speaker whom I certainly did not tell to arrive at 7:10pm for set up for a group that I thought started at 7:30pm. Nope, not I. Why would I tell a guest speaker to arrive 10 minutes AFTER the usual start time??? How crazy would that be. I mean, who in their right mind would want to walk into the building and down the hallway, 15 minutes after the group was to start, only to be greeted by the group members as well as the lovely guest speaker. I certainly would never do such a thing for someone I highly respect as a person, a professional, and our guest speaker for the night as well as the individuals that come religiously.

I have not fully taken advantage of the Trigger shot within me to pee on a Home Pregnancy test every single day for the last six days to see the two lines appear... To pretend just for a moment that I am, indeed, pregnant. Even if it is fake. I would not, knowingly, do this to myself... Or would I? *Check out the ride side bar for photos of such Pee tests!*

We did not get a new vehicle yesterday either... I mean. The one we had was perfectly fine, right? WRONG! No really. It was a piece of crap. :-)

And this has been our week... I wonder what NEXT week holds for us!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Watch and Alert

I am just SO proud of my cousin, Jill! She has been handed a deck of cards young in life and is making the absolute best of them, not to mention establishing a career that she is passionate about. Go check out her business she created, Watch and Alert, which allows one to wear a multi functional and stylish medical alert device. She was featured in her local newspaper, St Petersburg Times with a photo of her as well modeling a watch as well!

For more info on the Watch and Alert you can check our her website, http://www.watchandalert.com/

It just goes to show that it is better to make lemonade from a life full of lemons than it is to make a sour face from eating them. (Yes. I totally improvised there...)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Car and Pee Stick

It happened. The Chevy Trailblazer that we got not to long ago started really acting up! It was having all kinds of problems. And get this. It was a 2006! Not kidding. Just went out of warranty. After have three straight days in a row of something NEW come up, it was decided that we would go and look at cars and tarde it on up and away from us!

Charles came across a car that he really liked. A 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP. It is black and has ALL the options. No joke. The guy said that the only option is does not have is Navigation. That's it. WOW! I admit. It is a sweet ride. (That coming from me says a lot. Me who drives a Honda Pilot and LOVES it! And I've never been a fan of "sports cars".) Let's also saw that the look on Charles' face is priceless. The last time I saw him get this excited over a car was with his Mustang... I cried when he traded in that car. I know. Sappy. But true. He's a kid when it comes to this car. It's hilarious!

So, the photos...

It has a HUGE trunk. You can kind of see in a photo above where when sitting in the driver's seat, you can illuminate the speed in this little area. I can't decide if I like this function or if it is annoying. Thankfully, you can turn it off and on and control how bright it is. You can also put it in "Manual" and use these tab things on the steering wheel to shift gears. It is leather with suede inserts on all five seats. It has a Sunroof. It even tells you what your g force is at every stop! Like I said, it really is a nifty little car. But best of all, it has a deep soft rumble. It just feels powerful. And it is.

When blogspot lets me, I'll add more photos but for now, that feauture isn't working properly!

And as a total off topic, the hCG is really starting to leave my system! It's still a positive but the line is getting oh so faint! Check out the new photo on the right!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nursery Themes

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have officially allowed myself to dream. Why? Becuase I am playing ultra niave' this cycle and am allowing myself to think positive and believe that we will be blessed this cycle... That we will be one of the "easy" couples for our Doctor.

So. Dream with me, please? :-)

When the time comes, I do not want to find out the sex of our baby. I want it to be a surprise! (I'm still trying to convince Charles on this... He DESPERATELY wants to find out and insists that he'd be able to keep it a secret. I totally laughed at him! He's not a very good secret keeper. He always gives in and gives me my birthday presents early, Christmas presents early, and so on. He has good intentions but he gets too excited and wants to go ahead and share the surprise! Which is why he certainly would not be able to keep the sex of the baby a secret from me...) I also want neutral items, so when we have the next baby we won't have to re-buy everything if it ends up being the opposite sex. We're not rich and do not have the capabilities to do this.

And lastly, I want a boy and a girl so badly that I half think I would be disappointed if I found out it was one and not the other. It doesn't matter which way this would go. Does that make any sense??? I mean. I'm looking so forward to a little girl and tea parties and playing babies and barbies and dressing her in adorable little outfits... I am looking forward to seeing Charles and his daughter and how she wraps him around her pinky like no tomorrow. I am looking forward to the father-daughter events and how big of an impact he'll have on her life. On the flip side. I am looking so forward to having a little boy as I can't wait to see Charles and his son together. All the father-son events. Cub scouts and boy scouts. I want a mamma's boy. I want to play rough and tough and go to sports events. And well. Boys seem to be the majority of my experience! So, again. I want both so much that I think given time I would be a little sad that it is one and not the other regardless of how it turns out... Which is exactly why we'll have more than one child! :-)
So. Back to the nursery... In my recent conversations with people I really got to thinking about what I want. Something adorable and that looks "baby" yet that perhaps could be used into toddler hood. Although, I don't know if this is realistic as I would totally jump at the thought of getting gender specific bedroom themes such as "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" or "Sail away" or "Pretty Pretty Princess (I remember that game!!!)" or "Butterflies" or some other adorable theme!!!

So. Here are my latest two favorite nursery themes... Both are from Pottery Barn Kids. I want a nursey that not every other baby on the block has. I think I like the one that would transfer into toodler hood as then I could use the quit that comes with the set on the toddler bed. The bumpers are still useless. Oh. And I certainly would not purchase the sheets from PBK as they are WAY too expensive! Instead, let me go to Target and get sheets that are of the Primary colors that would go perfectly with the room! See. I'm about funcuality mostly which is again, why I think I like the "transition room" better...
This first one is called 'Stork Nursery'. It is very soothing and neutral. I could certainly see baby sleeping peaceful in a room like this. :-) I know. Let me continue dreaming here!

This second one is called 'Dr. Seuss'. It is filled with fun colors and encourages exploration and learning and fun! I could certainly see our child spending lots of playtime in here and well into toddler hood.

So, any input??? What do you like in your/any nursery? Why? What would you change/add?

Suggestions and Traditions

As the entire world, literally, knows that we are trying for a baby, I've been told some pretty interesting advice... Everything from the usual, "Just Relax" to the "Stand on your head" or "Put your feet in the air". To be completely honest, I find just about everything I am told to be slightly funny. I have to or else I think I would just cry.

A couple gals at work have certainly stepped up to the line on giving me suggestions as well... I totally appreciate their input and that they care enough to even tell me!

One gal told me to just get drunk. Well. This isn't the first time I heard that either. I have a couple of friends that believe this is the only method of getting pregnant. I mean. They have it down to a science. How much to drink. What to drink. How to "do it". How much the guy should or should not drink. You name it. It's been put into practice to see if it works or not!

Others have shared that standing on your head or going to the extent of putting your feet so high up in the air that you're doing a reverse head stand is the trick.

Today. By far. Is the sweetest suggestion/tradition that I was told about. One of the gals is from Pakistan and she is very newly pregnant. She has known about our struggle and told me that she has told her mom to pray for me just as she has done everyday. She told me today that she, along with everyone else, believes that she got pregnant thru this certain tradition. She wants to share it with me but has to call first a family in Pakistan to make sure she can as I am non-Muslim. I just think this is the absolute sweetest thing ever for her to go above and beyond to share this "secret" with me, regardless of what I believe about it!

My newest tradition, or is it really a habit?, is to take a Home Pregnancy Test and sit and dream just for a moment... Even if it is a fake positive! For now at least...

So I guess my question for any readers that may want to say hello... What Suggestions and/or Traditions have you heard of, practised, or preached about when it comes to expanding ones family?

FYI- Latest Home Pregnancy Test (Still Positive) is on the right hand side.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Testing Out Trigger

As you can tell, on the right side of the page you will see Home Pregnancy Tests. I am going to take one every single day from today until March 26! My period is due March 25... The HOPE is that the tests will go from positive (a line is a line no matter how faint it shows!) to negative back to positive which would indicate I am indeed, PREGNANT!!!!! So, watch the right side of the page for photo updates on my pee sticks! I will take everyday about 4:45pm... :-) Happy Pee'ing!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

HRYNW8 or "Hurry up and Wait"

Today was the first BIG step for Charles and I along our journey to become parents. We had our second RE appointment. Have I mentioned that I absolutely LOVE our RE??? Dr. Barry Witten is FANTASTIC!!!!

Back on track...

1pm- I was called into the exam room for my follow up u/s to check on my follicule. First, the results for my Estrodail test I had done yesterday. For each mature follicule it must be 200 or greater. Mine was 205, yesterday. Needless to say, they were VERY happy with this result! Next., the ultrasound. Last visit I was 7 days into my cycle and was told it looked to be a nice growing folly... When the probe was in, he immediately commented (in a rather excited tone may I add too) that my uterus looked fantastic! The lining was perfect. I didn't get this measurement. :-(

Off to my ovaries. My left, which was growing the folly before, had one HUGE follicule on it! He was again, very pleased and showed it. He took the time to point it out and everything! (I've never seen a large follicule before!) It measured 1.90mmX2.44mm and is certainly mature! Said I need to Trigger (hCG -the pregnancy hormone- shot that guarantees ovulation to occur within the next 24-36 hours). Well, after Charles argued with our insurance company for a bit becuase I was randomly terminated from the plan, he was told that the Trigger injection will be available within the next 2 hours.

Before leaving. I informed the Dr of my anxiety. He kindly reminded me that he has been "doing this for 25 years... NOT 25 days!" And he'll take good care of me. Although this made me feel a bit better, I still was so worried about the level of pain I would experience.

Off we go to the MRI/X-ray to have the HSG (Hysterosalpingogram) which I have been dreading for the past week... I have been told stories of individuals experiences and how horrible it has been. I have googled and read numerous stories and there is no one answer to what to expect. Everything from "it felt just like a pap smear" to "I felt like I was having a contraction, it was that painful!" was what I came across. Needless to say, I freaked. I debated about taking Hydrocodon or something else heavy to just knock me out.

Why? Well. Let me tell a story. You see. I get this trait from my dad. When we incur trauma, we have been known to pass out and have a mild seizure. Only with trauma. I have not had this happen to me for about 15 years though so I'm hoping I grew out of it... So this is what I was worried about the most.

Back to the day. I ended up taking 800 mg of Motrin one hour before the test. Charles was also able to go in with me so that was nice although I couldn't even touch him, but I just knew that he was there. My Dr did it. Did I mention I love him??? haha! I felt the speculum and that is only everything getting tight, no pain. And that was all I felt. Literally. I didn't feel pressure, nothing. Then he was up next to me showing me on the screen where my uterus would be and what to look for. While waiting, Charles and the Dr make small talk about flying and all. My Dr is flying to NY Friday and kindly asked that Charles make sure no delays occur as his daughter is being sworn in as DA in NY! How exciting is that? Anyways. After we waited for about 4 minutes or so, he started injecting the dye into me. It was really neat! You could see the dye filling my uterus and my Dr in the background saying how perfect everything looked. Then it started flowing out my fallopian tubes. Again, nothing but positive affirmation from my Dr during this. Then it was done. I did feel him pull something out. Felt like a balloon or something but no pain. Just slight pressure.

So after this, I dress again and we head to the hospital pharmacy to pick up my hCG Trigger shot. After again dealing with insurance we get the shot and head back up to the Dr office. She shows Charles how to mix everything and give it to me, just in case it is needed again. I get it and am sent off with my weeks directions.

Saturday I am to start the Prometrium (Progesterone supplement) and continue taking until either my period starts or I get a positive Home Pregnancy Test. Wednesday, I am to have a blood Progesterone test done to ensure I ovulated and see how well I ovulated. :-)

I was given very strict rules to NOT take a home pregnancy test before March 25 as it would be a false answer. Let's just say I am not going to abide by this... :-) I am going to run my own "experiment" and "test out the trigger". Yes. I am going to go to the Dollar Tree and buy 14 home pregnancy tests (They are $1 each so it's okay) and take one every single day to watch the line get lighter and lighter to gone to hopefully getting darker and darker to indicate we are indeed PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!! No fear. Photos will be shown! :-)

BTW- Our due date will be December 2, 2009 if we are indeed pregnant this cycle. This would be only like the third person on Charles' side of the family that does not have an April or May birthday! hahaha! Charles, his dad, and our baby. That's it. So... Perhaps this also means that it'd be a boy since the majority of the boys are the "odd balls out"???? :-)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Not Me! Monday's

Now, the official Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week AFTER you humor me and finish my list. :-)

Charles and I did not finally have our first RE appointment. We did not walk away feeling great about the entire process and new path we are headed down. I certainly did not immediately start googling everything that was talked about although I have a general knowledge of it already. While googling, I was not mortified with the stories I found about the amount of pain that I should experience from the HSG and Post Coitol test...

I did not have a mini freak out on my way back to work after hearing my husband relay to me that the Dr. Office called to say they were submitting a prescription for injectibles for me just in case! I certainly did not go over board here and immediately start thinking daily injections that I must give myself... Why would I, who has only done one round of unmonitored Femara and two days worth of unmonitored Clomid have any Dr. go straight to injectibles??? I mean, how crazy is that??

Over the weekend, I did not have an interview with a wonderful family to be their new nanny. They have two amazingly adorable twin infant boys. While holding them, I certainly did not sniff, (um, how does be aware of the baby aroma sound instead?) the babies to allow myself to dream... I am not at all excited about being their nanny!

And along those same lines...

I have not given my two week notice to my current employer... Although I am not super excited about the nanny position, I am not saddened at all about leaving my wonderful co-workers. Oh, how I will not miss anyone I work with.

It's happened.

BIG changes are coming that highly impact our future. Both as a couple and as long awaited parents! **NO. We are not pregnant, yet.** More to come on that...

For now. I just wanted to ask my fellow readers to keep a dear friend, A, in mind as she is getting so close to her egg retrievel date (tuesday)!!!! This is her first IVF and I'm praying and hoping and wishing and dreaming oh so hard for her and her husband!!!! It's been a long difficult journey and the perfect ending is nothing but a child to call their own. The long awaited bundle of joy(s)...

I'll be posting more over the next couple of days...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Injectibles 101

While I was on a lunch break this past week, my wonderful husband was on the phone with the Doctor's office coordinating a few dates and times and answering additional questions as well as asking some of his own. When he got off one of the many phone calls that day, he relayed to me that they are calling in a prescription for injectibles to go ahead and be ready, "just in case".

Needless to say. I went off the deep end! My mind was racing. Surely they are not going to put me on injectibles as I've only had one round of Femara and two days worth of Clomid in my system and both of those were unmonitored! Surely they would have said something about injectibles... Surely someone would have mentioned it prior to this conversation, right???

The only other thought that came to mind is since I'm going in on cycle day 14 (this is what the textbooks consider all ovulations to occur on) maybe, just maybe my body will cooperate and I'll have a follie or two ready to pop out an eggie and so they'll give me the Trigger shot to 99.9% guarantee Ovulation takes place within the next 24-36 hours.

I called my mom on my way back to work and totally freaked out. How am I -huge needle phobia- supposed to inject myself with hormones on a daily basis??? How am I going to do this? I was just a bit freaked. I know. I know. I'll do whatever it takes and yes, I would get thru this too.

Anyways. Back to my story. After work I had a voicemail from our Pharmacy asking that I call them. So I did. I was asked to confirm that the injectible be delivered no later than Tuesday. I confirmed. I didn't know what but assumed that since it was ordered and I trust the Dr. that it was correct. Just before getting off the phone I asked WHAT injectible it was. She kindly obliged and said it was Pregnal. It is a HCG Trigger shot!!!!! Not kidding. I was so excited to hear it was just ONE! That is doable. At least at this stage. So. I don't know if it'll be needed/used or not on Tuesday or even how I would get the shot but we'll have it by Tuesday... In our possession. Officially mine. My name written all over it for no one else to use but me. Kind of freaky.

So. Although I think this is highly unlikely, I have been feeling over the last couple of days Ovulation cramps. I am going to be majorly upset if I ovulate before the appointment!!! Although, it would sure make up for it if we end up pregnant this cycle... :-)

I'm highly excited about the follow up visit on Tuesday but also very nervous about the testings... Ugh. I do believe I'll be self medicating myself prior to going!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Come on people! Come to your senses!!!

This is another rant post... I am appauled at what the State of Georgia's Legislation is proposing!!!! For all the info, read this as it explains everything all too well and has all the appropriate links! Please pray that this does NOT pass!!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Are you freaking kidding me???

I mean. Really. This is crazy!!!!!!

So. About 3:30pm Charles get a phone call from our Landlord who makes a statement assuming that we are not renewing our lease. Charles is taken back by this as we never said anything in the like. Our lease agreement is that of 12 months and then month to month after that. This is what we planned to do until we knew where we wanted to live in the area. Um. not anymore. We either have to sign another 12 month lease and stay in this house that we do NOT like or we have to get out!!!!! *Gasp* Really? This is a joke, right?? I don't think it's very funny either... So, then our landlord proceeded to tell Charles that he's already listed the house on craigslist.com and has received a ton of phone calls about it!!! *GASP* WHAT??? Really??? You've listed our house without even talking to us first???

Nope. not kidding.

I just checked craigslist.com and the house was listed at 2:13pm... About an HOUR before the phone call to Charles! Oh, and it says on there, "Available June 30 or sooner"! WHAT?????? So... Needless to say I've been browsing craigslist.com like crazy looking for housing!!!! This is absolutely ridiculous!!!!

I'm off again to look more. Anyone have any houses they want to rent to a never late-pet owning-working middle class-couple??????? :-)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

FIRST RE Appointment!!!

Today has been filled with all kinds of emotions! We had our first RE (reproductive Endocronologist, sp?) appointment with Dr. Witten. Other than having cold hands, he let off a very good first impression. Let me back up first...

In the waiting room I made a quiet comment to Charles that it's weird being there. Everyone that walks thru the door is there for one common goal, to have a baby. Shortly after this comment was made, a lady walked in who was about 65 years old. Yes. Not kidding. Charles looked at me, I looked at him, and we both chuckled. It made the day.

Moving onwards.

Dr. Witten sat us down in his office with music playing in the background at a glass topped dinner table. He joked around with Charles a bit about his job as an Air Traffic Controller and then got down to business. Gave Charles a mini scientific lesson on the female reproductive system. Then after talking about where I am in my cycle (CD 7 if you would like to know) he did some head thinking and escorted us to a room to do an ultrasound on me. Before Dr. Witten got in the room Charles informed me that he now knows more he ever wanted to know about the female reproductive system! (I toally was NOT expecting this at the first meeting! I was totally anticipating just a consult, game plan if you may, and to be back when my period started for a go on the next cycle.) When Dr. Witten got in there (He does ALL of his own ultrasounds!!! That's amazing!) I told him my only stipulation is that I get to see what my insides look like as it fascinates me! He said most certainly! Then I was asked if I ever had one before. My response. "I've hare more than one, that's for sure!" My right ovary has more than desired small follies (I asked if it was PCO and he said yes but he's not worried about it.) and my left has one single follie. He measured it but I don't recall the measurement...

The plan?

I am to have my Estrodoil (Estrogen) levels tested on Monday. On Tuesday we are to meet Dr. Witten again at 1pm for him to go over the Estrodoil levels and perform another ultrasound to see what my ovaries/eggies are doing. After here, we'll all (Yes. Dr. Witten too) go to the hospital and I'll have an HSG. Hydrosphylasgram (SP?) This is where they inject dye into my uterus and it should flow out my fallopian tubes. They are able to take X-Rays and make sure that my uterus and tubes are all clear. :-)

Also this day, the talk was done on doing a Post Coitol test... We were instructed to have sex the night before or morning of and they will take the cervical mucus and test it to make sure it's friendly to the little spermies and that they can swim upwards to my eggie(s). Sounds like fun! (NOT!)

After all that is said and done, he'll either give me Clomid this cycle and continue to monitor via ultrasound and blood work or we'll see if we don't end up pregnant at the end of this cycle!!!!

I did ask if it is okay to continue Kickboxing and he said yes, as of now. We'll play it by ear to see how my eggs look and it'll probably end up being that I kickbox before ovulation and after ovulation just cardio... Secondly, hubby can no longer sleep with the heating pad on! haha! For that matter, I'm going to stop too and it's okay as it's getting warmer here anyways... :-)

Another funny moment... As we were leaving, we saw in the waiting room a guy, early 70's sitting next to a walker with a female jacket drapped over it. I wonder what THEY'RE doing there!!!! Beating the latest World's Record for having a baby???? :-)

YES! The thought has occured that we could get pregnant THIS cycle. We could have a baby by the end of 2009... A turkey baby!

After the appointment we went to Chick-Fil-A (Oh how I LOVE and miss this place dearly...) and I chowed on a Chicken Sandwhich, Fries, Homestyle Lemondate, and of course a Cookies and Cream Milkshake! This is the first time I've been there since we moved July 1, 2008! Oh and I savored each and every bite I took... Yum yum yum!

So, next week will be another round of tests and results and I'll update then! Until then, I'll entertain my fellow readers with stories on how Jill is no longer throwing up, it's Jack now! Not kidding.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday's

Now, the official Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week AFTER you humor me and finish my list. :-)

While assisting an older couple at work, it was not me that had to hold in giggles when this petite elderly lady walked away and let out the loudest and longest fart! It was not I that immediately called a fellow co-worker that I knew would appreciate such a situation and laughed all over again... Only to then run into two of the upper management who caught me giggling who I then had to tell the story to again and this time, it was not I that let out the biggest laugh! Let's just say that they are taking full advantage of the situation and using every opportune time to make smart remarks... Gotta love my job but most importantly, who I work with!

One would think being sick and not exercising for a whole week plus would be bad enough, so it was certainly not me that on top of this has eaten Cheesecake and enjoyed every single bite! I mean, cheesecake! I think that's the most fattening out there so I certainly would not indulge in such a treat!

Last night did not happen to be a rough night's sleep! It could not have been becuase Jill (our dog) started Charles who started me awake at 4:30am as she is throwing up UNDER OUR BED! After cleaning that up and eventually falling back asleep, it was not Jill (our dog still) who again, startled us awake at 6:45am throwing up again, UNDER OUR BED! This time we just gave up on sleeping.

Tomorrow does not happen to be a big day for Charles and I! We do not have any particularly important Doctor's visit that very well could hold the fate of us becoming parents. It certainly is not important that I have my list of questions, pencil and paper for notes, and Charles as extra ears for listening for this visit! We are definitately not excited about what he sets forth as our "next steps"... So, do not stay tuned for that update tomorrow!

And this is now onto another week of living in the land of Meghan and Charles! Another week of laughter, stupidity, smiles, and Not Me! Monday's! :-)

**ETA- Let's just say that we have not cleaned up throw up from Jill (still talking abour our dog here) another three times and counting since the initial post here! UGH!**