Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year 2012!!!

I absolutely cannot believe another year has flown by! I'm making the most basic yet best resolutions yet...

Out with the old, in the with new.

My motto for 2012! Everything from putting to use all the pinterst pins I've made on organizing my home to ditching the same old foods I've been eating that aren't good for me to bringing in new fresh variety that will benefit everyone in my little family!

I look forward to having a home again... Unpacking and throwing them away! To decorating. To having friends and family over just because. To reconnecting with old friends and making memories with new ones.

To ditching the usual boring vacations for fun and adventure! Saying goodbye to the mundane self centered life I'm stuck in a rut living to connecting within our community.

To continuously finding ways to show Charles how much he means to me... How much I love him and treasure him not only as a spouse but as my best friend.

I am very excited for 2012! For the endless possibilities that each New Year brings!

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year celebration and don't forget, if you're out drinking please do not drive!!! Depending on where in the country you are, AAA has some partnerships that offer free towing and transportation back home!

To to Go Program or "Tipsy Tow"

Friday, December 23, 2011

Breastfeeding = Spoiling?

Little Miss spent earlier this week crazy teething (yay tooth #8 finally breaking through!) and a head cold with lots of diarrhea. It was fun.

In hopes of getting some sort of nutrition in her we headed to Target for some baby food pouches (if only I had a sili squeeze...) thinking maybe she would drink it.

Checking out the conversation went somewhat like this-

Cashier picking up food pouches "I wonder if my son would have liked these when he was little..."
Me containing Little Miss in the cart "It's our attempt to get nutrition in her other than breast milk during this horrible teething phase"
Cashier clearly shocked "You're still breastfeeding her?!" "How old is she?"
Me "Yep, 14 months"
Cashier "I didn't want my son spoiled so I chose not to breastfeed him. Maybe if I have a girl I will breastfeed her though. I should have breastfeed my son anyways as heck, he's spoiled."
Me "eh, spoil away! That's what babies are for!"

Two things I'm confused on- One, I'm still wondering how breastfeeding = "spoiling" of babies?? I'll admit, by western standards Little Miss is "spoiled". I have no doubt even if I formula fed, she would still be "spoiled". She cries, we respond. She wants to be held, we pick her up. She wants to nap being held or snuggled close to us, we oblige. It is simply our parenting style. It suites her quite well, obviously, as she is thriving and extremely happy as commented by just about every.single.stranger she meets! Secondly, quite the gender expectations already! Girls can be spoiled, boys can't? Boys must be tough and manly even at the very beginning of life and girls are expected to be the prissy high maintenance ones?

So what are your thoughts on spoiling babies?? Do you see breastfeeding as spoiling?? I truly am curious about this- no judging. no debating.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We, just like everyone else I'm sure, are gearing up for Christmas this weekend! All gifts purchased. All gifts wrapped. Felt tree up and decorated. Just missing snow... I have no control over that though. :-)

In the past, I have not been a big baker/cooker with with a little one around to feed my desire to be a good baker/cook has changed! Charles is thankful for this...

Last year I slacked by choosing to be the one holding Little Miss as a tiny two month old and let everyone else do the cooking. :-) This year, I will cook! ...without an oven... For the three of us!

Since the hotel provides dinners Mon-Thurs, we are going to have the first feast Christmas Eve just before heading to church for the Christmas Eve service and leftovers Christmas Day. I'm cheap like that.

I found a no-bake Pumpkin Cheesecake recipe I'll make Friday so it can sit in the fridge overnight and be yummy for our feast beginning Saturday! Friday evening I'll start a potato casserole dish in the crockpot that will cook on low for 10 hours. Saturday early morning I'll put in the turkey breast for the Cranberry-Plum dressed turkey recipe we'll have for "linner" (lunch/dinner). :-)

The hotel kitchen staff is going to throw the Sister Schubert's yeast rolls in the oven for us so we'll have those and I'll make some green beans on the burner.

I really hope everything turns out as it would be the very first time I've made everything, from scratch, myself! Okay, the yeast rolls don't exactly count but I absolutely could not make those from scratch here... not happening. Nope.

I just hope I've planned it all out properly and things go according to plan!!

So in light of our hopefully yummy Christmas feast-

from our family to yours, Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

What's it like?

In hopes that we are actively trying to conceive (come on period! Work with me for once!) a sibling in the next couple of months, where does a {once} infertile start?

Am I {still} infertile?

...Even with Little Miss being conceived au natural?

Does the title only pertain to your current situation, so we won't be considered infertile until after a year of actively timing intercourse without conception?

Do I see my OB/GYN or a RE?

When does a whole new blood work profile need to be done?

I'm not naive'. 4 years of infertility took that. I genuinely am not sure where I fall though.

I have read that Clomid is compatible to take while breastfeeding... Oh how I have a hatred for Clomid. I couldn't even finish the five day course when I initially was to take it so could I really take all five days of it while being a proper parent to a toddler, a wife, and sain?!

Oh how we cannot wait to experience the miracle of adding another child to our family!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Baby Fever!

I've been bitten... Bitten MANY times!

Baby fever attack!

I have never wanted my period to show as much as I have now! :-) Ready to get the ball rolling as I'm hopeful it won't take us another 4+ years but realistic that it will take some time. It's all a numbers game, the more attempts we make the greater our chance of getting a positive!

So many friends are pregnant or have new babies that it makes my uterus just flip flop like crazy! I so want our kids close in age and I keep seeing each month that goes by another moth difference in the ages... We have until a February conception to have a new baby before Little Miss turns 2. Would LOVE another fall baby! :-)

Anyone know of any tips or tricks {minus weaning} that would be safe to encourage the first postpartum period and jump start fertility already?!

The lady at the herb shop recommended Red Raspberry Leaf so I need to Google {and call my Dr} on that one!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New camera + warm{ish} winter days

I got my Christmas present a bit early, thankfully! I've finally upgraded from my basic point and shoot Kodak Easy Share Camera to a more sophisticated point and shoot Sony Cyber Shot! :-) LOVE it! I'm still learning though so no picture bashing...

Although I would have really loved to seen snow already, the rest of the family is grateful we have not! Especially on warm{ish} days like this one we had recently... Days when a few layers do and we can escape the walls of the hotel room for some fresh air, sunshine, and releasing pinned up energy for all of us!

Wagon Rides

Daddy and Little Miss on one end of the field, me on the other, calling the dogs back and forth {Check out that amazing zoom clarity!!!}

Dogs grateful to be out of the hotel room!

Jack chasing Jill

Dogs playing
{background is Little Miss squealing with delight as she tries to keep up with them}

Mean dogs!
{insert Little Miss pointing finger and "yelling" at them to stop}

Who's high maintenance? Not her! A stick will do.

After the dogs run back and forth, so does Little Miss. Wears her out too!



Hopefully soon the same photos will be captured with a beautiful white surrounding us all as we frolic in the snow! :-)

Thursday, December 8, 2011


I'm loving it! I'm so not a creative person by nature but can somewhat follow directions or mimic something I see, so Pinterest and I are BFFs!

Living in a one bedroom hotel room has been tricky at times, especially with Christmas coming and lack of space, but thanks to Pinterest we have a Christmas tree up! A felt Christmas tree with felt ornaments! LOVE it! As does Little Miss... She has yet to be told "No! Don't touch the tree!" haha!

In dreaming of living in greater than 600 sq ft of space, I have found many ideas especially for Little Miss' room! Oh, I cannot wait to decorate another room for her... Same idea {birds and owls} but totally different spin! :-)

I've got a "new baby" board {no, not pregnant, still dreaming though} with all kinds of ideas for announcing pregnancy, pregnancy milestone moments, nursery, and of course newborn photos!

Then the "dream house" board to include everything plus a double functioning deck {up for adults, down built in for kids}! :-) Do believe that one will be another come to life idea...

Once we get into a house again that is...

So for now, I fantasize about all the amazing things I can do in a house again yet actually do the things that take up no room at all, after all, that is all the room that is left in here. :-)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Top Five

Just for fun, I want to document my Top 5 baby {related} items that I absolutely LOVED for Little Miss... Items/gifts that I am really hoping to be so blessed with for all future babies and hanging on to the ones we have to make sure we have them!

5- Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper Mini. Having baby well, within arms reach, was wonderful! Charles and I routinely would simply roll over and place our hand on her back to make sure she was still breathing {she was the quietest baby ever! Did not make any noise when sleeping!} and then drift back off to sleep. Breastfeeding, it was amazing as well! I recommend the mini mostly because you do have to scoot around it to get in/out of bed and even though I delivered her vaginally I did not want to scoot too much as I did just push an 8lb 3oz baby out... We did later use a full size as well when she got too long for the mini. LOVE the co-sleeper!

4-Help. Help with cooking, cleaning, laundry, getting up/down, affirmation that I can take care of this itty bitty little being that God has entrusted us with, and to hold while I slept or showered. I will say I do believe the best gift would be an on-going help for like the first six months of really basic cleaning that I did not feel up to doing for the longest time! Who wants to dust or mop or heck, even put baby down long enough to eat! when they have a newborn to snuggle?

3- Frozen/Freshly delivered meals! When family was in town meeting Little Miss we were fed. It was when everyone went home that we had to worry about feeding ourselves. Thankfully Charles was a trooper and either cooked for us or went with the "cereal for dinner" approach I always had. :-) At a week old when everyone had gone home, Cathy brought us dinner... It was more of an excuse to meet Little Miss I'm sure {:-)} but a totally wonderful gesture that saved Charles from eating another bowl of cereal and me from worrying about anything. I do believe future kids we will establish the rule of anyone coming to see the new baby must bring food, fresh or a frozen meal, as "payment". haha!

2-Nursing tanks! Oh my goodness, LOVE! Especially in those early days, I only had one but wore it like five days in a row before washing it! :-) Bra + establishing supply/breastfeeding = Ouch! Still at 13 months and counting of nursing, I wear one about every other day if not more and sleep in one, a lot! Only this week did I go from one to three nursing tanks thanks to my mom. :-)

For moms not breastfeeding, still a good idea!!! Milk still comes in around day 3-5 so you'll want the support and can hold cabbage leaves nicely too to help dry up milk. Another bonus is the tummy support they give! :-)

1- ERGO Sport! Ergonomically correct baby wearing. :-) When cooking finally has to happen, dishes need cleaning, laundry doing, baby-needs-to-sleep-but-isn't, and some fresh air is needed for everyone the Ergo is a lifesaver! Hands free closeness makes mommy and baby happy! This is hands down my absolute favorite baby item, ever! Daddy and Nana love wearing Little Miss too!

Now to bookmark this as a reminder for the next pregnancy when I'm asked what I want/need... Lesson learned! :-)