Thursday, December 8, 2011


I'm loving it! I'm so not a creative person by nature but can somewhat follow directions or mimic something I see, so Pinterest and I are BFFs!

Living in a one bedroom hotel room has been tricky at times, especially with Christmas coming and lack of space, but thanks to Pinterest we have a Christmas tree up! A felt Christmas tree with felt ornaments! LOVE it! As does Little Miss... She has yet to be told "No! Don't touch the tree!" haha!

In dreaming of living in greater than 600 sq ft of space, I have found many ideas especially for Little Miss' room! Oh, I cannot wait to decorate another room for her... Same idea {birds and owls} but totally different spin! :-)

I've got a "new baby" board {no, not pregnant, still dreaming though} with all kinds of ideas for announcing pregnancy, pregnancy milestone moments, nursery, and of course newborn photos!

Then the "dream house" board to include everything plus a double functioning deck {up for adults, down built in for kids}! :-) Do believe that one will be another come to life idea...

Once we get into a house again that is...

So for now, I fantasize about all the amazing things I can do in a house again yet actually do the things that take up no room at all, after all, that is all the room that is left in here. :-)

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