Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Consequences of being careless.

Wonder why my eyes hurt? Well. I know you dont wonder about it but i do... Let me clarify. They dont always hurt. Just today. Or whenever i do this. So this morning i was using the Apricot Scrub on my face. I alternate days so it does not take away all my skin. I was stupid and did not close my eyes all the way and thus got little Apricot balls into my eyes. Yep. It scratches them. I then went to put in my contacts. Yeah. No go. Talk about burning! :-( So today i resorted to wearing my glasses. Oh how lovely they are... :-) so beware. When using a scrub on your face. Always tightly close your eyes... :-) and yes. That is my eye in the photo.

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mom said...

a much safer alternative is to use baking soda as an exfoliant! cheap and won't tear your skin, just polishes it. Add a little to your face cleanser and you can either use it every day, or every-other day.

Anonymous said...

wow... mom :)... i will have to remember that one. sorry bout your eye Meghan :( and gosh do i know how you feel. right now i can't even hardly wear my contacts :(... probably won't be able to till June :(

Making Babies said...

LOL, you know even McK knows to close her eyes really tight... and she's five :P

Baking soda.... hmmmm, going to try that. :)