Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year 2012!!!

I absolutely cannot believe another year has flown by! I'm making the most basic yet best resolutions yet...

Out with the old, in the with new.

My motto for 2012! Everything from putting to use all the pinterst pins I've made on organizing my home to ditching the same old foods I've been eating that aren't good for me to bringing in new fresh variety that will benefit everyone in my little family!

I look forward to having a home again... Unpacking and throwing them away! To decorating. To having friends and family over just because. To reconnecting with old friends and making memories with new ones.

To ditching the usual boring vacations for fun and adventure! Saying goodbye to the mundane self centered life I'm stuck in a rut living to connecting within our community.

To continuously finding ways to show Charles how much he means to me... How much I love him and treasure him not only as a spouse but as my best friend.

I am very excited for 2012! For the endless possibilities that each New Year brings!

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year celebration and don't forget, if you're out drinking please do not drive!!! Depending on where in the country you are, AAA has some partnerships that offer free towing and transportation back home!

To to Go Program or "Tipsy Tow"