Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New camera + warm{ish} winter days

I got my Christmas present a bit early, thankfully! I've finally upgraded from my basic point and shoot Kodak Easy Share Camera to a more sophisticated point and shoot Sony Cyber Shot! :-) LOVE it! I'm still learning though so no picture bashing...

Although I would have really loved to seen snow already, the rest of the family is grateful we have not! Especially on warm{ish} days like this one we had recently... Days when a few layers do and we can escape the walls of the hotel room for some fresh air, sunshine, and releasing pinned up energy for all of us!

Wagon Rides

Daddy and Little Miss on one end of the field, me on the other, calling the dogs back and forth {Check out that amazing zoom clarity!!!}

Dogs grateful to be out of the hotel room!

Jack chasing Jill

Dogs playing
{background is Little Miss squealing with delight as she tries to keep up with them}

Mean dogs!
{insert Little Miss pointing finger and "yelling" at them to stop}

Who's high maintenance? Not her! A stick will do.

After the dogs run back and forth, so does Little Miss. Wears her out too!



Hopefully soon the same photos will be captured with a beautiful white surrounding us all as we frolic in the snow! :-)

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