Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Top Five

Just for fun, I want to document my Top 5 baby {related} items that I absolutely LOVED for Little Miss... Items/gifts that I am really hoping to be so blessed with for all future babies and hanging on to the ones we have to make sure we have them!

5- Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper Mini. Having baby well, within arms reach, was wonderful! Charles and I routinely would simply roll over and place our hand on her back to make sure she was still breathing {she was the quietest baby ever! Did not make any noise when sleeping!} and then drift back off to sleep. Breastfeeding, it was amazing as well! I recommend the mini mostly because you do have to scoot around it to get in/out of bed and even though I delivered her vaginally I did not want to scoot too much as I did just push an 8lb 3oz baby out... We did later use a full size as well when she got too long for the mini. LOVE the co-sleeper!

4-Help. Help with cooking, cleaning, laundry, getting up/down, affirmation that I can take care of this itty bitty little being that God has entrusted us with, and to hold while I slept or showered. I will say I do believe the best gift would be an on-going help for like the first six months of really basic cleaning that I did not feel up to doing for the longest time! Who wants to dust or mop or heck, even put baby down long enough to eat! when they have a newborn to snuggle?

3- Frozen/Freshly delivered meals! When family was in town meeting Little Miss we were fed. It was when everyone went home that we had to worry about feeding ourselves. Thankfully Charles was a trooper and either cooked for us or went with the "cereal for dinner" approach I always had. :-) At a week old when everyone had gone home, Cathy brought us dinner... It was more of an excuse to meet Little Miss I'm sure {:-)} but a totally wonderful gesture that saved Charles from eating another bowl of cereal and me from worrying about anything. I do believe future kids we will establish the rule of anyone coming to see the new baby must bring food, fresh or a frozen meal, as "payment". haha!

2-Nursing tanks! Oh my goodness, LOVE! Especially in those early days, I only had one but wore it like five days in a row before washing it! :-) Bra + establishing supply/breastfeeding = Ouch! Still at 13 months and counting of nursing, I wear one about every other day if not more and sleep in one, a lot! Only this week did I go from one to three nursing tanks thanks to my mom. :-)

For moms not breastfeeding, still a good idea!!! Milk still comes in around day 3-5 so you'll want the support and can hold cabbage leaves nicely too to help dry up milk. Another bonus is the tummy support they give! :-)

1- ERGO Sport! Ergonomically correct baby wearing. :-) When cooking finally has to happen, dishes need cleaning, laundry doing, baby-needs-to-sleep-but-isn't, and some fresh air is needed for everyone the Ergo is a lifesaver! Hands free closeness makes mommy and baby happy! This is hands down my absolute favorite baby item, ever! Daddy and Nana love wearing Little Miss too!

Now to bookmark this as a reminder for the next pregnancy when I'm asked what I want/need... Lesson learned! :-)

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