Thursday, December 15, 2011

What's it like?

In hopes that we are actively trying to conceive (come on period! Work with me for once!) a sibling in the next couple of months, where does a {once} infertile start?

Am I {still} infertile?

...Even with Little Miss being conceived au natural?

Does the title only pertain to your current situation, so we won't be considered infertile until after a year of actively timing intercourse without conception?

Do I see my OB/GYN or a RE?

When does a whole new blood work profile need to be done?

I'm not naive'. 4 years of infertility took that. I genuinely am not sure where I fall though.

I have read that Clomid is compatible to take while breastfeeding... Oh how I have a hatred for Clomid. I couldn't even finish the five day course when I initially was to take it so could I really take all five days of it while being a proper parent to a toddler, a wife, and sain?!

Oh how we cannot wait to experience the miracle of adding another child to our family!!


socialite_baby said...

Those are all good points/questions... I personally feel once an infertile always an infertile even if it's technically "resolved" in a way. I can't imagine that pain just magically disappears, although I'm sure it lightens, when a baby does finally come. Hopefully this time around you have a short journey! Good luck! :)

squirrelgirl said...

Wow, lots of questions. I think you aren't considered medically infertile until that magical year has passed for this attempt, despite your history. Certainly that's not to discount all that you went through and the lingering emotions and fears. I wouldn't even begin to worry about the Clomid until you've gotten your period back and are somewhat regular. Unfortunately, at this point, I think the biggest issue is having the patience to let things happen...