Friday, March 6, 2009

Injectibles 101

While I was on a lunch break this past week, my wonderful husband was on the phone with the Doctor's office coordinating a few dates and times and answering additional questions as well as asking some of his own. When he got off one of the many phone calls that day, he relayed to me that they are calling in a prescription for injectibles to go ahead and be ready, "just in case".

Needless to say. I went off the deep end! My mind was racing. Surely they are not going to put me on injectibles as I've only had one round of Femara and two days worth of Clomid in my system and both of those were unmonitored! Surely they would have said something about injectibles... Surely someone would have mentioned it prior to this conversation, right???

The only other thought that came to mind is since I'm going in on cycle day 14 (this is what the textbooks consider all ovulations to occur on) maybe, just maybe my body will cooperate and I'll have a follie or two ready to pop out an eggie and so they'll give me the Trigger shot to 99.9% guarantee Ovulation takes place within the next 24-36 hours.

I called my mom on my way back to work and totally freaked out. How am I -huge needle phobia- supposed to inject myself with hormones on a daily basis??? How am I going to do this? I was just a bit freaked. I know. I know. I'll do whatever it takes and yes, I would get thru this too.

Anyways. Back to my story. After work I had a voicemail from our Pharmacy asking that I call them. So I did. I was asked to confirm that the injectible be delivered no later than Tuesday. I confirmed. I didn't know what but assumed that since it was ordered and I trust the Dr. that it was correct. Just before getting off the phone I asked WHAT injectible it was. She kindly obliged and said it was Pregnal. It is a HCG Trigger shot!!!!! Not kidding. I was so excited to hear it was just ONE! That is doable. At least at this stage. So. I don't know if it'll be needed/used or not on Tuesday or even how I would get the shot but we'll have it by Tuesday... In our possession. Officially mine. My name written all over it for no one else to use but me. Kind of freaky.

So. Although I think this is highly unlikely, I have been feeling over the last couple of days Ovulation cramps. I am going to be majorly upset if I ovulate before the appointment!!! Although, it would sure make up for it if we end up pregnant this cycle... :-)

I'm highly excited about the follow up visit on Tuesday but also very nervous about the testings... Ugh. I do believe I'll be self medicating myself prior to going!

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squirrelgirl said...

:-) Good luck on Tuesday! I"ll be thinking about ya.