Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Are you freaking kidding me???

I mean. Really. This is crazy!!!!!!

So. About 3:30pm Charles get a phone call from our Landlord who makes a statement assuming that we are not renewing our lease. Charles is taken back by this as we never said anything in the like. Our lease agreement is that of 12 months and then month to month after that. This is what we planned to do until we knew where we wanted to live in the area. Um. not anymore. We either have to sign another 12 month lease and stay in this house that we do NOT like or we have to get out!!!!! *Gasp* Really? This is a joke, right?? I don't think it's very funny either... So, then our landlord proceeded to tell Charles that he's already listed the house on and has received a ton of phone calls about it!!! *GASP* WHAT??? Really??? You've listed our house without even talking to us first???

Nope. not kidding.

I just checked and the house was listed at 2:13pm... About an HOUR before the phone call to Charles! Oh, and it says on there, "Available June 30 or sooner"! WHAT?????? So... Needless to say I've been browsing like crazy looking for housing!!!! This is absolutely ridiculous!!!!

I'm off again to look more. Anyone have any houses they want to rent to a never late-pet owning-working middle class-couple??????? :-)


mom said...

you have a lease, he can not make you leave before the lease is up!

Sassy said...

That sucks. Make sure you find out what your rights are and make your landlord honour them. One of ours had to give us 3 months notice if he wanted to end our lease and we refused to negotiate. It's really horrible to be in a situation like that. But you've got to stand up for yourselves.

*fingers crossed* You find an awesome new place soon.

elizbeth sarafian said...

what a jerk!- ya he cant make you leave before the lease is up- you have a contract! as for afterwards, i understand why hes not wanting to do month to month since economy is bad but he really shouldnt have given you the option to then take it away!