Monday, March 23, 2009


Please, join with me and thousands if not hundreds of thousands of other people who are praying for baby Stellan. He is currently in the hospital with an extremely high heart rate (SVT I believe is the medical term for it) and they are unable, despite various attempts with different medications and manuvers, to stabilize his heart. It has shown up enlarged via ultrasound as well.

Just last summer MckMama was in the same hospital with her sweet Stellan in utero being told that he had SVT and he surely would not make it... We have a mighty God that cares for the least of those and healed Stellan. Stellan is four months old with a story so big only God could have dreamed it up.

So please, pray for Stellan. For God's mercy on this sweet baby boy that his heart would be calmed; his family comforted; Doctors and Nurses given knowledge; and that no matter what happens, our Heavenly Father would be given all the praise and glory.

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