Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can you keep up???

Just fair warning... This post is going to be ALL over the place!!! :-)

PLEASE keep praying for Baby Stellan... My heart just aches (no pun intended) for this precious baby boy. I don't understand medical terminology and google isn't exactly helping any so from what I have gathered is that Stellan is in SVT (Short for some long medical term) and although still bad and slowly wearing out his poor little heart, he is NOT in long term V-tech (Which is fatal?). He has an extra electroide in his heart and the procedure for this as they would do on adults and older children is safe, for babies whose hearts still have a whole lot of growing to do can be very dangerous and this is the last resort. Praise God! Stellan is still here will his loving family... Stellan has one mighty testimony of God's grace at such a young and tender age. I get chills thinking of how God is going to use this boy throughout his life!


Thank you mom for the just now update since you didn't answer your phone when I returned your call. :-) I was still loving on those babies!

My Grandma is HOME! Praise God! I don't know what was the final or what is still going on but she's well enough to be sent home so that's awesome! :-)


And while we are celebrating... Praise God for putting all the pieces together for the position I am in now. I cannot even express how much of a blessing it is to spend all day with these precious baby boys. Although I miss dearly my co-workers from Lowe's, I know that THIS is where God wants me to be... I absolutely adore mom and dad as well, which always helps! :-) it just feels. So. Right. Even after hearing A use his lungs for a length of time and not to be precious and "talking", I still thoroughly enjoyed being with him and his brother N!


And more prayers... We need a place to live. We're staying in our current house until June 30, our lease ends this day and we have to be out by like 5pm or something but after that, we're homeless. It's not like we can stay with family until we find something like we did in Georgia so the pressure's REALLY on! I'm trying so hard to just have faith and trust that God has the perfect place for us... It'll be ready when the time is right. :-)


And lastly... Baby business.

I have decided that this is going to be an all natural cycle, just as the Dr. wanted. I'm not taking Soy or anything else. Yes. i have already written off this cycle and am emotionally and psychologically geared up for the next cycle with hopefully the whole nine yards! Until then, I'm trying to "relax". haha! Just had to throw that in... :-) So, when I don't fall pregnant this cycle I can throw it in everyone's face that told me just to "relax and it will happen" and prove everyone wrong! :-) Yep. That's me for you. Defiant.

Moving onwards...

I have decided, and with the blessing of my husband, that we will have a nursery. After this last failed cycle it dawned on me what I wanted/needed at that time. I want a place to go to where it is all baby. I have spent the last several months buying for my sister-in-laws' baby girl who is to arrive mid-May. Now that the tub is full, I'm done. For now. It hurts to bad to buy and dream of baby only to send it off to someone else. I feel like I am also sending off my hope and dreams for my own child... As stupid as that may sound.

So. In our new house, we will have a room dedicated to baby. A nursery. The first thing to get will be a dresser to have a place to put all the clothes I have already purchased for baby... Should I admit that??? I want to get a chair (or get the rocking chair from my dad's house that we have had for AGES and put it in the nursery) to have in there so I can sit and dream and cry and not lose faith or trust or sight or whatever term you want to put there, of our baby. Our promise. My mother-in-law is bringing at the next visit the baby blanket she has made/knit I believe for our baby along with a mobile that was used by both my sister in law and my husband and some other baby items she kept. Oh, I love sentimental items!!!! :-)

I do believe the crib will not be far behind and the nursery theme that we'll go with is the Stork from Pottery Barn Kids I posted a while back. I mean. We ARE waiting on our Stork to find our house... It's probably locationally challenged just like I am and keeps dropping our baby off at the wrong persons house. Darn GPS probably doesn't work at those altitudes!

****OH NO!!!!!!!!!***** When trying to insert the hyperlinks to the images of these items, I was made fully aware that the Stork theme is in FINAL sale off.... OH NO!!!!!!!! :-( I finally get my heart set on something that has meaning and it's going away.... NO!!!!!!!! Why must I cry over something so stupid as this????? :-* WHY? Becuase it's yet another thing in terms of our baby that won't happen... Another road block. Something so stupid is so significant and I'm just reading probably WAY too much into it...

Okay, so I guess I'll start looking for another theme to go with as obviously this one isn't going to work out. oh, I'm so upset now. :-(


And this concludes the rumage of a post! I hope you were able to Keep up!!!!


Diane said...

Hello...thought I would tag you...something fun!! Instead of all of this serious stuff, something silly and funny!!

squirrelgirl said...

Not to be contrary, but I hope "they" are correct and all you need is to RELAX!! I'm glad your Grandma is home and that you're enjoying your new job. Don't worry too much about finding a new house; there should be lots of rentals because of the economy. It will work out! And then you will have your nursery.

Cathy said...

I was so sad to hear about your nursery theme going away!! It's so stinkin cute! What about this? If you're an eBayer it may still be a possibility!