Tuesday, March 3, 2009

FIRST RE Appointment!!!

Today has been filled with all kinds of emotions! We had our first RE (reproductive Endocronologist, sp?) appointment with Dr. Witten. Other than having cold hands, he let off a very good first impression. Let me back up first...

In the waiting room I made a quiet comment to Charles that it's weird being there. Everyone that walks thru the door is there for one common goal, to have a baby. Shortly after this comment was made, a lady walked in who was about 65 years old. Yes. Not kidding. Charles looked at me, I looked at him, and we both chuckled. It made the day.

Moving onwards.

Dr. Witten sat us down in his office with music playing in the background at a glass topped dinner table. He joked around with Charles a bit about his job as an Air Traffic Controller and then got down to business. Gave Charles a mini scientific lesson on the female reproductive system. Then after talking about where I am in my cycle (CD 7 if you would like to know) he did some head thinking and escorted us to a room to do an ultrasound on me. Before Dr. Witten got in the room Charles informed me that he now knows more he ever wanted to know about the female reproductive system! (I toally was NOT expecting this at the first meeting! I was totally anticipating just a consult, game plan if you may, and to be back when my period started for a go on the next cycle.) When Dr. Witten got in there (He does ALL of his own ultrasounds!!! That's amazing!) I told him my only stipulation is that I get to see what my insides look like as it fascinates me! He said most certainly! Then I was asked if I ever had one before. My response. "I've hare more than one, that's for sure!" My right ovary has more than desired small follies (I asked if it was PCO and he said yes but he's not worried about it.) and my left has one single follie. He measured it but I don't recall the measurement...

The plan?

I am to have my Estrodoil (Estrogen) levels tested on Monday. On Tuesday we are to meet Dr. Witten again at 1pm for him to go over the Estrodoil levels and perform another ultrasound to see what my ovaries/eggies are doing. After here, we'll all (Yes. Dr. Witten too) go to the hospital and I'll have an HSG. Hydrosphylasgram (SP?) This is where they inject dye into my uterus and it should flow out my fallopian tubes. They are able to take X-Rays and make sure that my uterus and tubes are all clear. :-)

Also this day, the talk was done on doing a Post Coitol test... We were instructed to have sex the night before or morning of and they will take the cervical mucus and test it to make sure it's friendly to the little spermies and that they can swim upwards to my eggie(s). Sounds like fun! (NOT!)

After all that is said and done, he'll either give me Clomid this cycle and continue to monitor via ultrasound and blood work or we'll see if we don't end up pregnant at the end of this cycle!!!!

I did ask if it is okay to continue Kickboxing and he said yes, as of now. We'll play it by ear to see how my eggs look and it'll probably end up being that I kickbox before ovulation and after ovulation just cardio... Secondly, hubby can no longer sleep with the heating pad on! haha! For that matter, I'm going to stop too and it's okay as it's getting warmer here anyways... :-)

Another funny moment... As we were leaving, we saw in the waiting room a guy, early 70's sitting next to a walker with a female jacket drapped over it. I wonder what THEY'RE doing there!!!! Beating the latest World's Record for having a baby???? :-)

YES! The thought has occured that we could get pregnant THIS cycle. We could have a baby by the end of 2009... A turkey baby!

After the appointment we went to Chick-Fil-A (Oh how I LOVE and miss this place dearly...) and I chowed on a Chicken Sandwhich, Fries, Homestyle Lemondate, and of course a Cookies and Cream Milkshake! This is the first time I've been there since we moved July 1, 2008! Oh and I savored each and every bite I took... Yum yum yum!

So, next week will be another round of tests and results and I'll update then! Until then, I'll entertain my fellow readers with stories on how Jill is no longer throwing up, it's Jack now! Not kidding.


Annie Kates said...

Megs, I am so happy to hear that you have a plan! It sounds fabulous too. They say that the hsg increases fertility in the few cycles following it, perhaps this will be your bfp cycle! I can't wait to hear about all of your results.

Sassy said...

Sounds like a good first appointment. I hope you get your BFP soon.

Making Babies said...

Whoo hoo!!! This all sounds so exciting!! I'm so happy that both you and Charles have taken this next step! I think it's AWESOME!! :)

mom said...

Daugthers don't usually tell mom anything about their sex life! I can just hear people at work asking, so meghan, is your mucus hostile? So meghan, does charles have good swimmers? Or like a blurr you dash out of the store and one fellow employee says to another, hhmmm... I wonder what Meghan is going to do? giggle giggle Oh yeah.... I can just hear it now. :)