Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dog + Marshmellows = Gone

As you have been made aware of, MckMama's Stellan is still in the hospital and not doing so hot. So, he has continued to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Well, MckMama started back when Stellan was in utero a photo gallery with Stellan's name all over the place! Pretty neat if I must say so myself! My SOP girls and I are making our own photo collage which you'll be able to see within the next couple of days, but for now, I tried to provide my own attempt at adding to this.

Let's just say that my dogs are NOT good listeners. Let me rephase that. Jack, is NOT a good listener. When the first attempt of laying out marshmellows on a pillow and a split second later, half the letter is gone! Yep. All Jack. Jill was too timid to try anything like that! So, Jack has officially been banned from getting near the marshmellows.

Jill on the other hand, listens and obeys well. :-) The eveidence is in the photo!

The pillow and remainder marshmellows after Jack got ahold of them...
And Jilly girl... She's even laying down!!! :-) Although still not the best photos, at least the marshmellows are still in tact!!!!


mom said...

I'm just curious.... why would you make letters with marshmallows on a pillow?

The Swann's said...

Mom... Didn't you read my post?? It's becuase I'm trying to make my own "sperm and eggs" on a pillow! hahaha! J/k! It's in attempt to make a photo of Stellan's name to add to the Stellan Photo page! :-)