Monday, March 30, 2009


It's the little things. I know I have been stuck on this lately, but it sure beats all the negativity going around in the world around us! If it is negativity you want, turn on the news. So, back to the "little things"...

It's the excitement I get to share with A and J as they announce their first round of IVF worked!!! They are pregnant, for the first time ever!!!! I shed many tears of joy after getting the text message from A on Friday... Oh, how long they have been on this journey to become parents and how long they have longed to learn that they are pregnant! I pray that they would treasure each and every moment of pregnancy and parenthood!!! A and J, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

It another dear friend, H and M who have welcomed their first miracle baby boy into the world yesterday! Again, more tears of nothing but joy for this fantastic couple!!! How long and how difficult their journey has been filled with loss and now nothing but joy! CONGRATULATIONS H and M!!!!! I pray that your little boy brings plenty of joy and trouble (just kidding!) to your lives!!! :-)

It's the excitement I get from the waiting to learn that another dear friend, L has given birth to her jellybean! Sex, undetermined at ths point. I am so excited to be apart of such blessings as these bundles of joys have been!!!

These three ladies are apart of my amazing online Infertility support group whom I could not have survived the last three years without... This group of 12 other women and myself have shared joys and losses; life ups and downs; birthdays and anniversaries of various meanings. Out of 13 gals, there are only three of us now left waiting to become mommy's!!! Of course, becuase some have been "luckier" than others, us three left still waiting are being "lapped" which I think is just funny... It's so exciting to be apart of still! To see the babies grow to now toddlers causing their mommy's hair to turn grey! :-)

After my mini pitty party after finding out the Pottery Barn Kids 'Stork' Bedding set was unavailable, I not only had friends point out that ebay is an option and lead me in that direction (Although I cannot justify spending $400 on the set) but I have a dear friend who has offered me her gender neutral (as everyone knows how important this is to me now!) bedding that she used for her first baby!!! I always thought it was an absolutely adorable set and now, for her to offer it to me like this is nothing short of a blessing.

I am SOOOO excited to have the Nursery bedding and just add onto it once we get into our new house! :-) I feel like our baby is soooo close to becoming a reality! Yes. Because of something so small to so many people is so huge to me! It's tangible... Something that I can hold and be encouraged that our baby will eventually come.

The Bedding is called Clover Fields Bedding by Kidsline. It is absolutely adorable!!!! Once the room is set up, you can bet your bottom bucks that I'll post nursery photos in the making, as the nursery will not be complete until the baby arrives!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Cindy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You and Robbie are the best! I'll be sure to send some Hot Wings as a 'Thank You'. haha! Not to mention, Thanks to Holdyn for "breaking it in" for our baby! :-)


mom said...

it is beautiful. Are they sheep? I can't see, pic too small. You know even with my glasses on my eyes are too old to see details.

Anonymous said...

awwwwww....bunnies and sheep! I LOVE IT!!!! how adorable! I googled it! :) Aren't you proud of your ole mom? :)