Monday, March 16, 2009

Pee Test --------->

Just to let you know, there IS still an ever so faint line on the Home Pregnancy Test. The camera does not do a very good job capturing it when it is this small but if the photo is large, you can still see it. :-) Perhaps I could also blame it on the huge amount of water I drank today at lunch??? Nah. We'll just like to believe that it is almost gone... Stay tuned!


Making Babies said...

Wow, I'm almost sad to see it go... But know it will be back soon!!! :)

mom said...

Hey, it's March 17, after 9:00pm and I don't see today's pee test! You're slacking meghan ann! I love you! :)

mom said...

OOPS! It's actually March 18, you are two days behind! you know we all rush to our computers at night to see Meghan's pee test.