Tuesday, March 10, 2009

HRYNW8 or "Hurry up and Wait"

Today was the first BIG step for Charles and I along our journey to become parents. We had our second RE appointment. Have I mentioned that I absolutely LOVE our RE??? Dr. Barry Witten is FANTASTIC!!!!

Back on track...

1pm- I was called into the exam room for my follow up u/s to check on my follicule. First, the results for my Estrodail test I had done yesterday. For each mature follicule it must be 200 or greater. Mine was 205, yesterday. Needless to say, they were VERY happy with this result! Next., the ultrasound. Last visit I was 7 days into my cycle and was told it looked to be a nice growing folly... When the probe was in, he immediately commented (in a rather excited tone may I add too) that my uterus looked fantastic! The lining was perfect. I didn't get this measurement. :-(

Off to my ovaries. My left, which was growing the folly before, had one HUGE follicule on it! He was again, very pleased and showed it. He took the time to point it out and everything! (I've never seen a large follicule before!) It measured 1.90mmX2.44mm and is certainly mature! Said I need to Trigger (hCG -the pregnancy hormone- shot that guarantees ovulation to occur within the next 24-36 hours). Well, after Charles argued with our insurance company for a bit becuase I was randomly terminated from the plan, he was told that the Trigger injection will be available within the next 2 hours.

Before leaving. I informed the Dr of my anxiety. He kindly reminded me that he has been "doing this for 25 years... NOT 25 days!" And he'll take good care of me. Although this made me feel a bit better, I still was so worried about the level of pain I would experience.

Off we go to the MRI/X-ray to have the HSG (Hysterosalpingogram) which I have been dreading for the past week... I have been told stories of individuals experiences and how horrible it has been. I have googled and read numerous stories and there is no one answer to what to expect. Everything from "it felt just like a pap smear" to "I felt like I was having a contraction, it was that painful!" was what I came across. Needless to say, I freaked. I debated about taking Hydrocodon or something else heavy to just knock me out.

Why? Well. Let me tell a story. You see. I get this trait from my dad. When we incur trauma, we have been known to pass out and have a mild seizure. Only with trauma. I have not had this happen to me for about 15 years though so I'm hoping I grew out of it... So this is what I was worried about the most.

Back to the day. I ended up taking 800 mg of Motrin one hour before the test. Charles was also able to go in with me so that was nice although I couldn't even touch him, but I just knew that he was there. My Dr did it. Did I mention I love him??? haha! I felt the speculum and that is only everything getting tight, no pain. And that was all I felt. Literally. I didn't feel pressure, nothing. Then he was up next to me showing me on the screen where my uterus would be and what to look for. While waiting, Charles and the Dr make small talk about flying and all. My Dr is flying to NY Friday and kindly asked that Charles make sure no delays occur as his daughter is being sworn in as DA in NY! How exciting is that? Anyways. After we waited for about 4 minutes or so, he started injecting the dye into me. It was really neat! You could see the dye filling my uterus and my Dr in the background saying how perfect everything looked. Then it started flowing out my fallopian tubes. Again, nothing but positive affirmation from my Dr during this. Then it was done. I did feel him pull something out. Felt like a balloon or something but no pain. Just slight pressure.

So after this, I dress again and we head to the hospital pharmacy to pick up my hCG Trigger shot. After again dealing with insurance we get the shot and head back up to the Dr office. She shows Charles how to mix everything and give it to me, just in case it is needed again. I get it and am sent off with my weeks directions.

Saturday I am to start the Prometrium (Progesterone supplement) and continue taking until either my period starts or I get a positive Home Pregnancy Test. Wednesday, I am to have a blood Progesterone test done to ensure I ovulated and see how well I ovulated. :-)

I was given very strict rules to NOT take a home pregnancy test before March 25 as it would be a false answer. Let's just say I am not going to abide by this... :-) I am going to run my own "experiment" and "test out the trigger". Yes. I am going to go to the Dollar Tree and buy 14 home pregnancy tests (They are $1 each so it's okay) and take one every single day to watch the line get lighter and lighter to gone to hopefully getting darker and darker to indicate we are indeed PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!! No fear. Photos will be shown! :-)

BTW- Our due date will be December 2, 2009 if we are indeed pregnant this cycle. This would be only like the third person on Charles' side of the family that does not have an April or May birthday! hahaha! Charles, his dad, and our baby. That's it. So... Perhaps this also means that it'd be a boy since the majority of the boys are the "odd balls out"???? :-)


Cathy said...

Holy freakin cow! That is sooooo awesome Meghan! Congrats on such a good day - score one for the Swanns! So, did they give you the trigger shot while you were there? I read and re-read your post, but I think I'm just too tired or something. Anyways, fill me in. A girl with lots of shots in her future is dying to know more!!

Making Babies said...

WOW WOW WOW!! Like I've said a few times today already, I'm super excited for you both!! Can't wait for the experiment!! :)

mom said...

Finally, I get to cry some happy tears! :) But nothing like the squealing and bouncing that will happen when there's a grandbaby on the way! Thank you Lord!

squirrelgirl said...

YAY!!! How exciting!