Sunday, March 29, 2009

Knowing, without a doubt.

To know, without a doubt, that something is going to happen is so encouraging! There are only a few certainties in life that we are capable of knowing, without a doubt, that something will happen.

I know, without a doubt, that Jesus died on the cross for my sins. I know, without a doubt, that the very moment I denied myself and asked Jesus to come into my life and live within me, that I became Saved. This is how a sinner such as myself, can be in a right relationship with God. I know, without a doubt, that when I die, I will not be in the grave but I will be greeted by my Heavenly Father with arms opened wide. I know, without a doubt that this is my eternity, and I look forward to it!

While this is my eternity, I know some things now as well...

Without a doubt, I am aware of Jesus in my life. It is the little things. The playing of a song that speaks directly to me at that immediate instance. When I am feeling down, yet the song has remarkable words to describe everything so perfectly. Had it been played 20 minutes later, would it have been as appropriate? The friend calling at that particular moment just to say they were thinking of me and without knowing it, God used them.

I particuarly enjoy the "what the heck" window shoppings I do, only to come across an AMAZING deal where I just know, without a doubt, that it is for me to buy right then! Even if it seems illogical... Okay, so maybe that is pushing it a bit far but it is indeed fantastic justification, right?

I read over some previous posts from way back when. You know. From when we thought we were going to end up in Michigan (Thank Goodness NO!) or Iowa (that wouldn't have been so bad... I don't think.) or how about when the talk of Guam (hahaha!) or Hawaii (maybe I could reconnect with a long lost cousin living there) or even the all time favorite, Rhode Island (Hey M and D!)! None of those, although they all seemed to be the course we were going, was not right. Obviously, or else we would have ended up there.

Without a doubt, I know that God used today's technology to bring together Charles and I back in 2002. Yes. We met over the Internet. Long story for another post. :-) Although we had a rough start to our now amazing marriage, it was oh so worth every argument and fight and tear I cried in the beginning. Without a doubt, I know that Charles is who I am to be with. I pray that this is something neither of us ever, EVER, forget.

Without a doubt, I know that I will be a mommy and Charles will be a daddy. This is encouraging. Very. I have to remind myself of this often, but that is okay as it is a Promise that is worth hanging onto. God speaks to me thru others as well, and this happens to be one of those instances. I will be a mommy... I will hear those words, "Mommy, I love you", one day.

Without a doubt, I now know that God is the one who placed the books on my heart. Who gave me the ideas... I know, without a doubt, that HE is the one who is working them up in my mind and who is guiding my fingers as I write. I know this, now.


Well. You see, I have not written in about a month or so now and yet it still remains a constant on my mind and heart. Last night, sitting in church this was reaffirmed. Again, we had not been to church in about a month's time for various reasons that are not important. During the service, the Pastor posted a verse on the big screen. When I read it, my heart immediately thought, "This is a great verse to add to the book!" I was excited. It made sense. It clicked.

In the beginning, I wondered WHO the book ideas were from... You see. Although I am not a writer nor have I ever enjoyed writing other than in my diary where I declared my love for so and so boy of the week, the idea came to mind. That should have been clue number one. I decided to put pencil to paper and see what happens, to "give it a go" and "see what happens" all in the name of "humor". Not one, nor two, but THREE book ideas came to mind. Yes. All dealing with various levels of the Infertility Journey we have been on.

My heart has been more focused on one particular book... And the verse from last night just clarified it even more. I have been re-energized. Re-encouraged. And re-focused! Knowing, without a doubt, is re-freshing...

What do YOU know, without a doubt?


Anonymous said...

I know without a doubt that you are an amazing, godly woman, and that you will be an amazing, godly mother some day.



Cathy said...

Oh what a cool post! It seems like you had a wonderful and insightful weekend and I'm glad to hear it!

Shelby said...

This is a lovely post. I too know without a doubt I will be a Mother, in one way or another. This also provides me much needed solace. Thanks for my tag, by the way! I've been so tired--I know I'll get to it soon!