Monday, March 23, 2009

Answers, postponed.

First, exciting news. :-) My first day as a nanny to two adorable twin boys went fastastic! They smiled and coo'ed and played and ate beauitfully! of course, they also pooped and cried beautifully too. I must say though, those giggles and smiles are totally worth each cry and diaper that needs changing! I am so very excited to watch them grow up and see the person that they become... But for now, they shall remain babies that I can snuggle.

Secondly, this is not really exciting news as I'm a bit frustrated... I called my Dr this morning and informed them that I am NOT pregnant and am ready to begin the next plan of action ASAP! Unfortunately, the Dr has a different idea. I am not being seen, no tests run, blood word done, or pills popped until I go in NEXT (as in 1 1/2 weeks away) Thursday for an ultra sound to check and see what's going on... :-( WHAT????????? Seriously? So... The debate on to go the Soy route again (Soy acts as a natural Clomid) or just have this be a "relaxing" cycle. haha! No Dr seeing cycle is relaxing!

So, why am I frustrated? Well, I always imagined that going to the specialist (RE) would mean baby = earlier rather than later. The rate we're going, it's going to be the same pace as if we were trying naturally! Okay, so maybe not exactly but still! I wanted to feel like I'm doing something to get one step closer to baby. I still have a lot of unanswered questions from last cycle especially concerning Progesterone levels which she just said she would talk to the Dr about and we'll discuss at my next appt. I know he wants to run a couple tests that day so I'm hoping this will be the last before we start taking steps instead of ruleing things out which I know are needed.

Okay. Ignore all that. Really. I'm just frustrated as we finally are at the point of seeing a specialists and it seems like time is dragging on even slower!!!

Ready for more good news??? ;-) My Grandma has had blood clot ruled out and is being given medications to reduce the fluid around her heart. She is feeling better as well. :-) So please keep praying...

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squirrelgirl said...

Yay for a good day at a new job! And hooray for your Grandma feeling better. Now, if we could just whip that RE into shape...