Monday, March 23, 2009

Jill. Cheap entertainment.

Sorry the video is so dark. Didn't want to disturb Jill anymore than already being done so! And yes, that is me laughing hysterically. The small things get me. :-) And yes, I put my feet up on the table! Horrible manners probably but it's comfy!

Charles is so messing with jill! :-) it is hilarious... Just excuse my laughter. I found it rather entertaining to say the least.

This is a daily event... Messing with our dogs. Oh, I feel so sorry for our children. oh wait. If our children inherit ANY of Charles' characteristics I am sure this will be one of them so in turn, I think I should feel sorry for myself as it will ultimately be us parents that are picked on!!! haha! The small things...

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