Thursday, March 12, 2009

Suggestions and Traditions

As the entire world, literally, knows that we are trying for a baby, I've been told some pretty interesting advice... Everything from the usual, "Just Relax" to the "Stand on your head" or "Put your feet in the air". To be completely honest, I find just about everything I am told to be slightly funny. I have to or else I think I would just cry.

A couple gals at work have certainly stepped up to the line on giving me suggestions as well... I totally appreciate their input and that they care enough to even tell me!

One gal told me to just get drunk. Well. This isn't the first time I heard that either. I have a couple of friends that believe this is the only method of getting pregnant. I mean. They have it down to a science. How much to drink. What to drink. How to "do it". How much the guy should or should not drink. You name it. It's been put into practice to see if it works or not!

Others have shared that standing on your head or going to the extent of putting your feet so high up in the air that you're doing a reverse head stand is the trick.

Today. By far. Is the sweetest suggestion/tradition that I was told about. One of the gals is from Pakistan and she is very newly pregnant. She has known about our struggle and told me that she has told her mom to pray for me just as she has done everyday. She told me today that she, along with everyone else, believes that she got pregnant thru this certain tradition. She wants to share it with me but has to call first a family in Pakistan to make sure she can as I am non-Muslim. I just think this is the absolute sweetest thing ever for her to go above and beyond to share this "secret" with me, regardless of what I believe about it!

My newest tradition, or is it really a habit?, is to take a Home Pregnancy Test and sit and dream just for a moment... Even if it is a fake positive! For now at least...

So I guess my question for any readers that may want to say hello... What Suggestions and/or Traditions have you heard of, practised, or preached about when it comes to expanding ones family?

FYI- Latest Home Pregnancy Test (Still Positive) is on the right hand side.

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mom said...

Ray said we need to go buy you a bunch of fertility statues! Maybe not though, maybe you just needed a booster shot! :)