Friday, May 30, 2008

"It's MY Birthday and I'll cry if I want too... Cry if I want too!"

Today I turned 24 years old. Kind of sad. Time is flying by yet I seem to be standing still as SO much is ahead of me that we are taking baby steps in accomplishing but I know once we get there things will all completely fall into place. Heck, look at how this whole FAA thing came about for Charles (whom I miss TERRIBLY!!!)... Nothing, nothing, nothing, something, nothing, nothing, nothing, maybe, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, BAM!, BAM!, BAM!, BAM!!!!

So, here's how my Birthday went... I did not take a single picture today as I just did not think about it so no pics to put on Piczo! :-(

7:15am eyes opened and birds were chirping as they do every stinking day outside that window! They're SO loud but so pretty sounding. Krissy had left me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY text message and then Charles called and chatted with me for a bit before actually wishing me Happy Birthday. Thanks honey. :-) I ventured into the kitchen where I was greeted by Ryan, dad, and Jodi and with more Happy Birthday's! Ate toast for breakfast. (Okay, do you REALLY want to know details?? LOL)

I went to the DMV as my license expires today and after much debate about getting it renewed to be legal or driving illegally and risking a ticket I decided to pay the freaking $20 to be legal for THREE STINKING MONTHS!!! :-) If I was not hoping to get on with the state I would have driven illegally... Yes, I'm admitting to this. Even the lady that helped me at the DMV said she would have done the same thing! LOL I waited after providing all my paper only for themt o announce that the system had gone down and they were on the phone trying to get it back up but no clue how long it would be. That's great. I've got nothing better to do than sit at the DMV all day. :-) About 30 minutes later I had my new license in my hands and walking out. :-) Might I also add that my license still had when we lived in the apartments, that address!! LOL The license had not been updated for three years!!! I even still had all the red boxes with "UNDER 21" on it! :-( That was sad to see go...

I left and went to a new Avada salon in Ashley Park to get my hair cut. I got a "New talent" so the haircut was only $25, so I was told. It was WONDERFUL!!!! I've NEVER been so pampered before for a single hair cute in my life!!!! Oh, absolutely amazing! Totally work going every four weeks to pay for it!!! LOL As I was checking out I was told about a $20 off your first visit coupon they had and since it was my birthday they would go ahead and give it to me so for my WONDERFUL experience, I only paid $5.00!!!! :-) If you all wanna go, go see Mackenzie. She was the sweetest gal! :-)

Then I met Jodi for lunch at TGI Friday's JUST for the White Chocolate Vanilla Bean Cheesecake for dessert they have! It is to absolutely die for!!!! :-) Then Jodi and I went shopping at JC Penny and I got several really cute tops! (Jodi splurged too and got some cute stuff!)

I then left to head to Petsmart to get Jill a new collar and tag (as her was ruined from the poop and from being chewed on). She now has a fasionably PINK collar that goes so well with her tan coat color! :-)

I came home to be greeted by BEAUTIFUL Red Roses (Charles' fav flower) and Sunflowers (My fav flower) boquet. :-) It has a sweet card (not for you all to know what it says) and a box of chocolates. I would so rather see him in person but I guess the flowers will do... :-) We had Taco Salad for dinner and a Funfetti cake Daniel made me for my birthday. Delicious!

once all the fun was over I had to do homework and then hit the sack!!! It was a LONG, exciting day!

Did I mention I miss my hubby?? :-(

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I PASSED, I freaking PASSED!!!!!

Let's ALL do the shagg as I passed the psycho teacher's class!!! :-) YIPPEE HORRAY!!! I was HOPING and praying and wishing for a D-, I didn't care as long as I passed that class but I actually walked away with a C+!!!!!!! :-) Yeah, GPA still down but that's okay.... I PASSED!

It is actually pretty funny how she goes from giving me pretty much half points on my papers to at the end almost full credit and yet they were all written in the same format by the same authoer (ME) answering the same questions she asked for with each paper... Personally, I think so many people were on the verge of failing that she knew that reflected on her so she let up some. :-) THANK GOODNESS!!!!!

I'm still waiting for a grade in my other class but THIS was the class I was sweating bullets on finding out about!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wednesday. Last Wednesday in May.

Today is indeed the last Wednesday of the month of May... This has been one CRAZY exciting month!!! :-) Between career changes for Charles, looking to the future for me with ending school, and moving and all it's exciting!

For those curious, Jill DID get a bath this morning at 5AM after sleeping in the garage without a peep made all night. When I went in she was all curled up sleeping too. :-) It's hard to stay mad at such a cute and lovable dog!!!

Tonight is Financial Peace University... Things are going really well with that! :-) I hope I'm here long enough to at least finish the course but if not, that's okay too... I'll just have to read the book! What a concept! LOL

Um, so, let's talk about jobs. Anyone have any connections or know of any job openings in or around Bridgeton, Missouri?? It's North West of St. Louis. I know God will provide a job for me when it's time so i'm trying to be patient... :-)

K, well, that's today's boring update. I DO miss my husband though... It's difficult to think I won't see him until Graduation weekend but what double the excitement to look forward too!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

He arrived in OKC

Charles left at 8:10am this morning... It's been a LONG day for him, driving. LOTS of emotions flowing around with us both individually and as a couple. What to do? Where to go? What to worry about and what to give up? (Yes, we know, give it ALL to God... SO much easier said than done! LOL) But, regardless, Charles has made it safe and sound in OKC!

On another note... I was SO annoyed at our darn dog, Jill! I don't know if it's a lab thing or what but this is the third time she has found a poop pile or manauer or whatever it is and ROLLED around in it!! Yes, this was at 11pm so she STUNK to high heavens and I was not about to bathe her this late as she takes forever to dry as well. So, she was put in her crate in the garage. Not a peep out of her all night long. I plan on waking up at 5Am tomorrow morning to give her a NICE bath so she can become apart of the family again... LOL

One last bit of news!!!!! I FINISHED that stupid and crazy psycho teacher's class yesterday!!!!! YIPPEE!!!! Today I started my FINAL EVER class for my Bachelors degree!!! I cannot explain how excited and anxious I am to get this done and over with!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Firm offer given!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is THE day. Let me back up first. Yesterday Charles left the all day hiring event feeling great. :-) The first good thing was the pond directly across from the facility he was entering for this event had Swan's occupying it. He felt this was a positive sign and I encouraged him completely. :-) Secondly, they had him down for the position in Great Falls, Montana. He got this corrected to Bridgeton, Missouri. He passed the interview, passed the physical and psychological (I am NOT married to a crazy person after all! LOL) and passed the hearing and vision tests. :-) He was told that the class he would be attending would be in August. He freaked. He asked if any openings were available for NEXT WEEK, classes starting May 29 instead. They said they thought an opening still existed and would check into it and contact him tomorrow (actually today).

So, today. He e-mailed the lady he spoke to yesterday about this and she responded saying she has sent the info to the approriate person. Well, while we were getting gas (that hurts the pocket book!) this lady called and told him that pending the clearance of the background check and all he has a FIRM OFFER for Bridgton, Missouri and is to report to Oklahoma City for the 13 weeks of school starting next week! Yes, as in FOUR DAY away!!! He/we were THRILLED to say the least!!! :-) SO excited! He immediately called his boss at Wachovia and QUIT! LOL So this weekend not only do I have a TON of homework due but we've got to get him all packed and ready to head to OKC for 13 weeks...

Yes, I'm going to miss him and be sad that he's so far away from me but at the same time this is so exciting for us both and we've got a lot to do to kill time! Him in school and concentrating on that with me looking and secruing a position (please pray) there and setting up our new house and all that jazz. The next 13 weeks are going to fly by! Before we know it, it's going to be early September and we'll be living in Missouri! :-) We just hope it's not "misery". haha. Whoops. I let some of my lameness show through. LOL

So, to sum up today. Charles has an offer letter in hand and is leaving Georgia Tuesday sometime to head to OKC (14 hour drive) for 13 weeks... So, wanna get together as I'm sure I'll be lonely and want company?? :-)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

No longer Home owners! :-(

We CLOSED!!! We signed the papers and are DONE with paying mortgage payments... haha! At least for now. We left our first house and while sad it is also so very exciting.

At 1pm we met with the closing attorney and signed our portion of the papers. We left there and went to Redneck Gourmet (DELICIOUS!) for lunch. Left there and took Charles to the airport. He flew to Chicago for the all day hiring event for the FAA. He is to come home tomorrow. I then went back to the closing attorney's office and met the new homeowners while they signed their portion of the papers and then handed over a key to the house... I also picked up the nice check we got back from the equity on the house! :-) THAT was nice! LOL

Monday, May 19, 2008

SUCKY day!!!!! With a good ending.

We are officially out of our house... our first house. We had help this weekend and we packed up the PODS with all of our crap! Yeah, um, it took us two PODS for everything PLUS all the stuff I did not pack like my pictures and stuff. One 16 foot the other 7 foot long. Crazy there.

anyways, so we have been transitioning to dad and Jodi's house, slowly but surely. We're mostly settled in. Still have boxes to unpack and all that jazz. The dogs are doing fairly well. Sniffing around mostly.

Let me tell you about my day today! ARGH!!! Ready??

Technically, it started with last night. I am taking two classes, right? Well, one I have a high A. The other I'll be jumping up and down if I just PASS the class! Screw the A's or B's, I'll GLADLY take a C or D!!! This one instructor single handedly out crazies every other instructor I have had, and believe me when I say I have had a few. So yeah, I was up late doing homework.

Then I had to tackle my nanny family in regards to closing today and all that good stuff. Needless to say they were not excited about that and I got a lot of attitude. Whatever. So, moving on to today.

6AM - So, woke up HOT this morning after the last two nights freezing my buns off! I was awake at 6am. :-( THAT sucked. Charles and I watched a little TV and he got ready for work. I did not work at the Y today as too much going on between closing and schoolwork (yeah, 6 page paper due today).
7:45AM - Charles left for work while I worked on school work ALL DAY LONG!
10:30AM - Charles calls and says we're not closing today either. Not sure why but will talk later. Great. Just great.
12-2PM - Um, carpet cleaning people were scheduled to come 12-2pm.
11:30AM - I was asked if since I'm "on call" I could watch the little one while she runs errands. I SO wanted to say what? You're on call too but you don't get called in to do stupid things, only to actually WORK! Why am I getting called in to do stupid things while you go do pleasureable things for yourself?? so that was irritating.
11:45AM-11:55AM - Then, as I'm letting the dogs out to go potty before heading to the house for the carpet people I'm talking to Charles about the house deal blowing up and the nanny comment. I looked away and right back and what's Jill doing? Yeah, she's ROLLING aroundin some high grass at the very back of their yard and when she comes after being called she is covered in this black stuff. I smelled her. yep. Poop or maneur or something stinky! GREAT! Now what am I supposed to do? The carpet people are to be there in 10 minutes and that's how long it takes to get there. I can't put Jill inside. I can't leave her out. So what do I do? I decide to use the leashes and tie her to a tree in the back yard. Jack is on the back porch with Dakota (it's all screened in).
12:10PM - Arrive at our house. No carpet people. I wait.
12:20PM - Carpet guy arrives. He gets started cleaning. I talk away to Charles about this whole deal blowing up and what are we going to do... yeah, it's called STRESS. Know about it? Yeah, i wish i didn't either... I called nanny family and told them we're not closing today and who knows when.
1PM - I called Daniel and asked if he would check on our dogs (Jack on porch and Jill tied up). he says yeah, I've already let them inside as Jill was on the back porch (Didn't click) and Jack was tearing up the screen. I was like um, no, let them back out please. jill has poop all over her and Jack needs to be crated then. So he did.
1:35PM - Carpet guy leaves. It's not the best job but it's sufficient for what I need. I head back to dad and Jodi's.
2PM - Pull in the driveway. Open my door and I'm geeted. By who? Well, actually by Jill. She's running around with a purple, blue, and part of a yellow leash attached to her still. I don't know what to do. Laugh or cry. I was like what in the world?? So I left her outside while I thought. I asked Daniel how long she had been running free and he said that he tied her up but she was loose again... Crazy dog! I'm just thankful she didn't run off or get hit by a car or something!!
2:20PM - As I am walking to give her a bath, I manage to kick the scale Charles put in the hallway (it was dark. No lights on) with my right pinky toe! It hurt SOOOO bad! I laid on the bed and just cried. Again, not sure to laugh or cry. I get the bathroom ready to giver her a bath, single handedly... i wash her and she decides to wash me. Not cool. I'm soaking wet by dog wet. YUCK! She's not smelly anymore though (Thanks Aussie Shampoo) and is ready to be dried off. I threw her out on the back porch to dry.
Sometime after this Charle calls and says that the Debt to Income ratio is off by $67!!! I'm like what??? So they have a third and final try to resubmit the loan for final approval... We wait. And wait. Wait some more.
I continue working on stupid homewok. We eat dinner. We're watching TV (Well, they are, i'm working on homework). Charles gets THE important phone call. they approved te acception!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes, I did a whoopie dance!) We're supposed to close on Wednesday now so we'll see!!! FYI, that's the good ending.
so here I sit now. Wasting time while my 6 page long paper is going through my school's writing program to see what changes need to be made. It takes FOREVER. :-( I could so be in bed right now. Asleep. Dreaming of far away lands or perhaps just being a Princess again. :-) Ah, the good ole dreams are wonderful!

BTW, in case you are wondering... yes, my birthday is comin up in 11 days but no fear, no celebration until June 30, 2008 when I GRADUATE!!! I can make it.... Really. I can. At least I hope so. i'll be able to, right??

Back to the stupid paper and CRAZY instructor who I want to say lots of very bad things about.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Stupid mortgage people!!

No. I am not including my lovely and wonderful husband lumpted into this title. (Yes, he is a mortgage person) I AM talking about the stupid loan officer with Wachovia Bank who is doing the buyers loan for our house and yeah, we have been told all along that we're set and ready to close. Well, today came and shortly before 1pm we got a phone call that we're not closing today! WHAT??????? Who's smoking something?? We don't know why other than the loan officer (and his two assistants) did not stay on top of things so we're supposed to close on monday.

Good. We have everything set to load up the PODS this weekend with help coming today and tomorrow... So i guess we'll see what Monday holds!

On another note. I'm rather pissed at the new gyno I went and saw. yeah, OVER a week ago I had b/w taken to measure my FSH (Follicule Stimulating Hormone) which shows your egg reserve quality and all that jazz. Well... I called AGAIN today to find out my results. I got the receptionist. Always. Told her I'm calling, again, for my results as it has been over a week and nothing. She said that the Dr. had left for the day but she would put my file on his desk to be contacted Monda. That's great EXCEPT this was supposed to have happened three days ago!!! Obviously never did. So i asked if she could just tell me my results. She said they're normal. i said that's great, can you give me the number so I can have it for my records. She said 4.2 and then HUNG UP ON ME!!!!!!!! No joke. yeah, I was pissed but with everything else going on I did not have too much time to ponder on it...

so, that's that. here's to waiting until Monday!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Bittersweet is what I call us closing on our house tomorrow. This is OUR house. Our first house together. Yeah, it's got it's down falls but it's still our FIRST house together! We've made a lot of memories here. We've grown a lot together. We've laughed. We've cried. We've had great news and bad news shared within these walls. We're so excited about closing and although grateful for having the ability to move in with family for a short period of time we are also anxious about it and the fact that we're loosing our space and quiet time together... Our privacy. Within OUR house we could do whatever, whenever, where ever we choose. This includes painting, moving around furniture, gardening, taking showers, and so on as far as the imagination could go. Living with someone else we'll be on our "best" behavior as we are respectful of the opportunity that we have been given. We won't be able to fight wherever we want and will have to wait until we're in our own space to do so. LOL We'll worry about our dogs and how they're behaving. Yes, these are the down falls to living with someone after being on your own for 4 1/2 years now... The good things include being able to chug away money towards debt. To be out from under our house during this downward spinning market, especially since Charles is in the process of changing careers and thus relocating us out of state. We are SO praising God for his orchastrating of this house being sold and then Charles being selected and all... how amazing that God plans all this and yet we still continue to worry that things "won't work out" as WE planned. Argh. us humans! God's probably laughing at us as I do believe He has a sense of humor... Again, SO bittersweet!!! So thankful in so many ways for this happening TOMORROW at 2pm. I'll officially no longer be a homeowner but yet a renter. No longer have the tax advantage of owning a house. No longer letting my dogs poop and have to worry about someone watching me NOT pick it up... LOL I'm grateful. really. Well, I'd best get back to packing up my almost no longer house. So bittersweet.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cole Austin Black is HERE!!!!

Alex's baby boy has officially arrived!!! ;-) He's SOOO stinkin' cute too!!!

It all started like this... I got a phone call Tuesday May 13 at about 6pm from Alex informing me that she thinks her water is breaking and to expect a phone call later tonight that she's in labor. Low and behold, about 9pm I got a text that she's at the hospital her water had officially broke. So about 10:30pm I joined her at the hospital while she labored... She was chatting away and with every contraction she grimmiced and I thought to myself, I want this?? LOL When she got her epidural we were kicked out of the room into the waiting room.

While we were there a nurse came out and asked if we were so and so. We said no. Proceeded to the actual waiting room and asked if they were so and so. She was like, I just need the biological grandma and the adoptive mom. I SO almost lost it right there!!! How amazingly beautiful is that?? I don't know the birth mom's story nor do I care to. I just believe giving your child up for adoption is the utmost love any mother could have for their child. Is it not about not loving your child, it is about loving your child SO incredibally much that you are able to admit to yourself that you cannot care for the child as desired (whatever you believe to be adequate) and thus relinquishing the child to another loving family to care for and love as their own. I cannot image the feeling of not knowing when you're going to get THAT call to recieve it, go to the hospital and be handed YOUR baby after all the wait!!! These are special people with a whole new level of love and respect that I have for them. I have a desire to adopt. I do. Unless I am not able to carry a child I want to adopt a toddler so I would not experience this exact feeling but can imagine it. Maybe it feels the same no matter the age of the child? To be "selected" and told that your family is going to have a new addition added soon...

Long story short, the nurse said (at 3AM Wednesday) that she didn't forsee anything happening before 8am so for everyone (her mom, me, and a girl she works with) to go home and rest while Alex sleeps. So, we left. Before I left I told Alex and the other two girls there that I bet her she's going to sleep and be SO relaxed that she's going to wake up and just have to push and he'll be here!!! Guess what! At 6:30am I got a phone call from her mom saying Cole had arrived just moments ago and she was on her way to the hospital! She woke from her sleep and was feeling pressure as her epidural was not working (batteries went out) and had to push. Unfortunately I had to work at the YMCA AND Nanny so I could not go up there until 1pm when I was off from both places. I got there though and my world changed!!!

I held Cole for the first time that afternoon and fell in love. I had to fight tears so much! I have held a few newborns before in my lifetime but none felt the way holding Cole did. I looked at him and examined every inch possible of him. His long fingers. His little nose. His HUGE feet. his "peach fuzz" on his little body. I saw his head full of hair. Everything. I was just so overwhelmed with emotions! I imagined what the feeling would be like when I hold MY baby for the first time. When I examine him/her for the first time and make sure all 10 little fingers and toes are there. I believe I felt so differently as this is the first time I held a newborn after trying to have my own for so long... It was beautiful. I was so filled with joy for Alex. So thrilled for Caleb to be a big brother! He's such an awesome little boy!! I love him to bits and pieces as if he were my own! I was also filled with so much fear as this little person is 100% blank. They are programmed to cry when wet or hungry and the rest is up to us "adults" to teach. How scary is that!!! Charles describes it as a blank tape and we choose what to put on and save on that tape. The only difference is a tape can be re-recorded over while a child cannot. You get one chance to raise him/her up as they should go and be the best parents possible. Once chance to make an ever lasting impression on that child's life. One chance. HOLY COW!!! Talk about responsibility and fear and excitement and a whole other range of emotions!!!

So, anyways. Cole is beautiful. Looks SO much like Caleb!! (YEAH!) The only difference really so far is their nose and kind of their chin. But regardless, he's absolutely perfect!!! I'll post pictures after we move and all that good stuff so be looking for them!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Chicago here he comes!

Charles has his flight, hotel, rental car and is scheduled for the all day hiring event for the FAA in Chicago, Illinois on Thursday, May 22, 2008!!!! :-) YEAH!!!!!!!! He's flying out Wednesday and coming home Thursday night, hopefully. So PLEASE pray for him as he's flying and going through this!!!!

Three places. One choice.

It came. Today is the day Charles got an e-mail from the FAA giving him notice that he was selected for three areas. He is to choose one and notify them ASAP! Oh my goodness!!! So, the three places. Well. They are 1) Great Falls, MT 2) Wichita, KS 3) Bridgeton, MO After MUCH deliberation and prayer and going back and forth we decided we would LOVE to go to Great Falls, MT. No really. We WOULD love to go there! Charles said that he could be 100% trained and all within 2 years max and then leave. How great would it be to live there for two years or less?? Just to experience it. hey, we may absolutely love it and choose to stay! yeah, it IS 31 hours from Georgia. From my mom and dad and brothers... They would visit. Montana is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous! I was looking for houses to rent there (yeah, um, we're NOT buying in this market, especially knowing we're going to be moving shortly) So, then Charles kindly mentions how this particular airport is probably going to end up being privatized and that would mean he's yet again, without a job we decided to rule that facility and location out of our three choices... (Did I get your panties all in a wad???)

So, we're debating between Wichita and Bridgeton. Exciting. We know NOTHING about either. Pretty much, our decision was made by a quarter and that old "flip a quarter" and well, Bridgeton won. :-) Really, we did that. LOL I will say that that's not 100% how we made the decision though. Um, we looked at the cost of living vs here and Witchia. We looked at the jobs that are available for my career field. We looked at population. We looked at weather. We looked at houses for rent. We don't want to live in an apartment... So the ultimate decision was Bridgeton, Missouri!!:-)

Really, that's where we decided on. So, know anything about there?? Where to live? Where to stay away from? :-) Now he has to get on to the add day hiring event whenever and wherever he can!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Curosity does not always kill the cat...

Hello my readers, whoever you are!!! :-) I am just curious who actually wanders on over to my micro space on the world wide web. Would you drop me a line so I know who I am attempting to entertain?? :-)

So, onto some news. We had the PODS delivered today!! :-) So, after the first one took about an HOUR to find a level place without any ridges to put it (we never thought our driveway was THAT uneven!!) it was dropped and off the guy went for the 7 foot one. That one was easy as it is at the end of our driveway but the 16 foot one was a different story!!

So, from 10am until about 5pm we have been PACKING up our house! It's been crazy!! Our house is a disaster with boxes every which way, packing supplies all over the house, things randomly put places and just absolutely no order to our madness! AHHH!!!! This is crazy and SO much to do... Yet here I sit, posting of all things! LOL

Now that I have called myself out, I'd better get to A) Packing or B) Homework. Fun, fun, fun!

Friday, May 9, 2008


That BEAUTIFUL number is what our FHA appraisal came back as!!!! ;-) This is FANTASTIC as it had to be at least $162,700 (That is what they are buying the house for) in order for us to close and well, we're doing well! We are also so very excited as with this horrible economy we are in it's amazing to have such a beautiful number as that! :-)

So, we are officially set to close one week from today, May 16, 2008 at 2pm in downtown Newnan! :-) This is so very bittersweet for us... This is our first house together. We've made memories here. We've almost completely renovated this house by adding new paint, new appliances, new carpet, new septic tank, new kitchen countertops, new plants around outside, and just added our "touch" all around. BUT, we are also so very excited to be moving on and forward and HOPEFULLY Charles will hear something soon in regards to the FAA and that drama!

So, if you wish to lend a hand for packing/moving we will MORE than welcome it!!! We plan on doing a TON of packing this weekend as the PODS is arriving tomorrow so we can start putting stuff in there as we go as well. :-) Ah, so much going on!!!

School is going... Not too much longer. I keep reminding myself and telling myself to breathe. In and out, in and out, in and out... One of my instructors is a complete HEFFER though!

Oh, I saw Alex today! I took her a bag of baby clothes that mom has had in her basement for about a year now from Ray's daughter's friend's (catch all that?) who have had kids and they were for a boy, which is what Alex is having. :-) There was some REALLY cute stuff in there! Oh, I can't wait for Baby Cole Austin to be born!!!! And speaking of Alex's boys, I cannot believe Mr. Caleb is going to be FIVE in June!!! Where has time gone?? My boy. My baby boy. The Miracle baby that saved Alex's life... It's been FIVE years and counting since she found out and spent these horrid summer months all preggo and stuff.

K, I guess I should stop typing and get to packing and/or homework huh?? :-) Have a lovely weekend!!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Today was a bit of a shocker... My cap and gown arrived for graduation!!! Oh my! It is really happening huh?? I'm REALLY going to be a non-college student or should I say non-student, period!!! What am I going to do with myself?? I have a mentality of homework, reading, writing, learning teams, stupid instructors, and late nights... What is there outside of school?? Might I add I'm SO excited to explore this new aspect of "life" that does not include GPA and grades?? :-)

Saturday, May 3, 2008


I have NO CLUE how these lips got to be my background!! What happened to my busy little background with wearing flip flops in winter and being in love??? Anyone know?? ANY ideas??? AHHH!!!!

UPDATE: i still have no clue what happened to my beautiful background and I did NOT like the hot pink lips so I have changed it all together... like??? :-)

Next week...

Will it come soon enough??? Next week there are about 40 STATES that are meeting for the FAA Air Traffic Control. Charles is on just over half of these states that are meeting so we're HOPING that he'll hear something from one of them!!! Gosh, aren't those odds pretty good??

So, please pray for Charles and this whole selection panel meeting for next week... These states range from way on the East Coast (Vermont/Connecticut/Carolina's) to WAY on the West Coast (Washington, Arizona) and all in the middle... WHO KNOWS where we will end up, if anywhere!!

So, that's the latest on THAT....

Different topic. The people buying our house have expressed an interest in closing on May 16 opposed to May 23 where we currently are scheduled to close!! This is completely amazing in some aspects yet also completely horrifying in others!!! I am just SO overwhelmed with all this and ready for it to be over... It is really sad though to think about selling our first house together... Sad to be leaving a neighborhood that has been great and is nice and quiet (Besides ghetto neighbor and the horrid kids that live there) but we know this is just that, our first house and we hope to buy our next house with a baby (or more) not only in consideration but also in tow... :-)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Appraisal completed and waiting for that magic number!

Well, this old guy came and did our FHA appraisal on our house. He was here MAYBE five minutes total but according to him, that was the easy part. The hard part is doing comps for the area and seeing exactly what our house is worth in this downward spiraling market... We're SO nervous about this!!! If it does not come back at least to $162,700 our contract is blown and we cannot close and will have to re-negotiate the house price and all... Oh PLEASE pray that we get good news soon as we have no clue when we'll find out either!!!! :-(

Thursday, May 1, 2008

29 days until MY special day!

I cannot believe I am already in countdown mode for my 24th birthday!!! :-) This year has FLOWN by with not much to show for thus far... I guess that is what happens when there is just SO much going on that won't actually be complete until later on.

Speaking about turning 24, a dear friend Casey and I were chatting awhile back about turning 24 this year. She made a comment that I absolutely loved! She said that there are some major milestones age wise when you turn 20, 21, and 25 but she was able to add another milestone when you turn 24. What you ask? Well, 24 is the number of candles that come in a single box. :-) It is the ONLY year you can buy a single box and use every candle in it without any leftovers or needing any additinoal candles... So, the next time YOU'RE buying candles and see 24, think of how special that birthday will be or already was for you! :-)