Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Three places. One choice.

It came. Today is the day Charles got an e-mail from the FAA giving him notice that he was selected for three areas. He is to choose one and notify them ASAP! Oh my goodness!!! So, the three places. Well. They are 1) Great Falls, MT 2) Wichita, KS 3) Bridgeton, MO After MUCH deliberation and prayer and going back and forth we decided we would LOVE to go to Great Falls, MT. No really. We WOULD love to go there! Charles said that he could be 100% trained and all within 2 years max and then leave. How great would it be to live there for two years or less?? Just to experience it. hey, we may absolutely love it and choose to stay! yeah, it IS 31 hours from Georgia. From my mom and dad and brothers... They would visit. Montana is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous! I was looking for houses to rent there (yeah, um, we're NOT buying in this market, especially knowing we're going to be moving shortly) So, then Charles kindly mentions how this particular airport is probably going to end up being privatized and that would mean he's yet again, without a job we decided to rule that facility and location out of our three choices... (Did I get your panties all in a wad???)

So, we're debating between Wichita and Bridgeton. Exciting. We know NOTHING about either. Pretty much, our decision was made by a quarter and that old "flip a quarter" and well, Bridgeton won. :-) Really, we did that. LOL I will say that that's not 100% how we made the decision though. Um, we looked at the cost of living vs here and Witchia. We looked at the jobs that are available for my career field. We looked at population. We looked at weather. We looked at houses for rent. We don't want to live in an apartment... So the ultimate decision was Bridgeton, Missouri!!:-)

Really, that's where we decided on. So, know anything about there?? Where to live? Where to stay away from? :-) Now he has to get on to the add day hiring event whenever and wherever he can!

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