Friday, May 9, 2008


That BEAUTIFUL number is what our FHA appraisal came back as!!!! ;-) This is FANTASTIC as it had to be at least $162,700 (That is what they are buying the house for) in order for us to close and well, we're doing well! We are also so very excited as with this horrible economy we are in it's amazing to have such a beautiful number as that! :-)

So, we are officially set to close one week from today, May 16, 2008 at 2pm in downtown Newnan! :-) This is so very bittersweet for us... This is our first house together. We've made memories here. We've almost completely renovated this house by adding new paint, new appliances, new carpet, new septic tank, new kitchen countertops, new plants around outside, and just added our "touch" all around. BUT, we are also so very excited to be moving on and forward and HOPEFULLY Charles will hear something soon in regards to the FAA and that drama!

So, if you wish to lend a hand for packing/moving we will MORE than welcome it!!! We plan on doing a TON of packing this weekend as the PODS is arriving tomorrow so we can start putting stuff in there as we go as well. :-) Ah, so much going on!!!

School is going... Not too much longer. I keep reminding myself and telling myself to breathe. In and out, in and out, in and out... One of my instructors is a complete HEFFER though!

Oh, I saw Alex today! I took her a bag of baby clothes that mom has had in her basement for about a year now from Ray's daughter's friend's (catch all that?) who have had kids and they were for a boy, which is what Alex is having. :-) There was some REALLY cute stuff in there! Oh, I can't wait for Baby Cole Austin to be born!!!! And speaking of Alex's boys, I cannot believe Mr. Caleb is going to be FIVE in June!!! Where has time gone?? My boy. My baby boy. The Miracle baby that saved Alex's life... It's been FIVE years and counting since she found out and spent these horrid summer months all preggo and stuff.

K, I guess I should stop typing and get to packing and/or homework huh?? :-) Have a lovely weekend!!!!

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