Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cole Austin Black is HERE!!!!

Alex's baby boy has officially arrived!!! ;-) He's SOOO stinkin' cute too!!!

It all started like this... I got a phone call Tuesday May 13 at about 6pm from Alex informing me that she thinks her water is breaking and to expect a phone call later tonight that she's in labor. Low and behold, about 9pm I got a text that she's at the hospital her water had officially broke. So about 10:30pm I joined her at the hospital while she labored... She was chatting away and with every contraction she grimmiced and I thought to myself, I want this?? LOL When she got her epidural we were kicked out of the room into the waiting room.

While we were there a nurse came out and asked if we were so and so. We said no. Proceeded to the actual waiting room and asked if they were so and so. She was like, I just need the biological grandma and the adoptive mom. I SO almost lost it right there!!! How amazingly beautiful is that?? I don't know the birth mom's story nor do I care to. I just believe giving your child up for adoption is the utmost love any mother could have for their child. Is it not about not loving your child, it is about loving your child SO incredibally much that you are able to admit to yourself that you cannot care for the child as desired (whatever you believe to be adequate) and thus relinquishing the child to another loving family to care for and love as their own. I cannot image the feeling of not knowing when you're going to get THAT call to recieve it, go to the hospital and be handed YOUR baby after all the wait!!! These are special people with a whole new level of love and respect that I have for them. I have a desire to adopt. I do. Unless I am not able to carry a child I want to adopt a toddler so I would not experience this exact feeling but can imagine it. Maybe it feels the same no matter the age of the child? To be "selected" and told that your family is going to have a new addition added soon...

Long story short, the nurse said (at 3AM Wednesday) that she didn't forsee anything happening before 8am so for everyone (her mom, me, and a girl she works with) to go home and rest while Alex sleeps. So, we left. Before I left I told Alex and the other two girls there that I bet her she's going to sleep and be SO relaxed that she's going to wake up and just have to push and he'll be here!!! Guess what! At 6:30am I got a phone call from her mom saying Cole had arrived just moments ago and she was on her way to the hospital! She woke from her sleep and was feeling pressure as her epidural was not working (batteries went out) and had to push. Unfortunately I had to work at the YMCA AND Nanny so I could not go up there until 1pm when I was off from both places. I got there though and my world changed!!!

I held Cole for the first time that afternoon and fell in love. I had to fight tears so much! I have held a few newborns before in my lifetime but none felt the way holding Cole did. I looked at him and examined every inch possible of him. His long fingers. His little nose. His HUGE feet. his "peach fuzz" on his little body. I saw his head full of hair. Everything. I was just so overwhelmed with emotions! I imagined what the feeling would be like when I hold MY baby for the first time. When I examine him/her for the first time and make sure all 10 little fingers and toes are there. I believe I felt so differently as this is the first time I held a newborn after trying to have my own for so long... It was beautiful. I was so filled with joy for Alex. So thrilled for Caleb to be a big brother! He's such an awesome little boy!! I love him to bits and pieces as if he were my own! I was also filled with so much fear as this little person is 100% blank. They are programmed to cry when wet or hungry and the rest is up to us "adults" to teach. How scary is that!!! Charles describes it as a blank tape and we choose what to put on and save on that tape. The only difference is a tape can be re-recorded over while a child cannot. You get one chance to raise him/her up as they should go and be the best parents possible. Once chance to make an ever lasting impression on that child's life. One chance. HOLY COW!!! Talk about responsibility and fear and excitement and a whole other range of emotions!!!

So, anyways. Cole is beautiful. Looks SO much like Caleb!! (YEAH!) The only difference really so far is their nose and kind of their chin. But regardless, he's absolutely perfect!!! I'll post pictures after we move and all that good stuff so be looking for them!

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