Saturday, May 3, 2008

Next week...

Will it come soon enough??? Next week there are about 40 STATES that are meeting for the FAA Air Traffic Control. Charles is on just over half of these states that are meeting so we're HOPING that he'll hear something from one of them!!! Gosh, aren't those odds pretty good??

So, please pray for Charles and this whole selection panel meeting for next week... These states range from way on the East Coast (Vermont/Connecticut/Carolina's) to WAY on the West Coast (Washington, Arizona) and all in the middle... WHO KNOWS where we will end up, if anywhere!!

So, that's the latest on THAT....

Different topic. The people buying our house have expressed an interest in closing on May 16 opposed to May 23 where we currently are scheduled to close!! This is completely amazing in some aspects yet also completely horrifying in others!!! I am just SO overwhelmed with all this and ready for it to be over... It is really sad though to think about selling our first house together... Sad to be leaving a neighborhood that has been great and is nice and quiet (Besides ghetto neighbor and the horrid kids that live there) but we know this is just that, our first house and we hope to buy our next house with a baby (or more) not only in consideration but also in tow... :-)

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