Monday, May 19, 2008

SUCKY day!!!!! With a good ending.

We are officially out of our house... our first house. We had help this weekend and we packed up the PODS with all of our crap! Yeah, um, it took us two PODS for everything PLUS all the stuff I did not pack like my pictures and stuff. One 16 foot the other 7 foot long. Crazy there.

anyways, so we have been transitioning to dad and Jodi's house, slowly but surely. We're mostly settled in. Still have boxes to unpack and all that jazz. The dogs are doing fairly well. Sniffing around mostly.

Let me tell you about my day today! ARGH!!! Ready??

Technically, it started with last night. I am taking two classes, right? Well, one I have a high A. The other I'll be jumping up and down if I just PASS the class! Screw the A's or B's, I'll GLADLY take a C or D!!! This one instructor single handedly out crazies every other instructor I have had, and believe me when I say I have had a few. So yeah, I was up late doing homework.

Then I had to tackle my nanny family in regards to closing today and all that good stuff. Needless to say they were not excited about that and I got a lot of attitude. Whatever. So, moving on to today.

6AM - So, woke up HOT this morning after the last two nights freezing my buns off! I was awake at 6am. :-( THAT sucked. Charles and I watched a little TV and he got ready for work. I did not work at the Y today as too much going on between closing and schoolwork (yeah, 6 page paper due today).
7:45AM - Charles left for work while I worked on school work ALL DAY LONG!
10:30AM - Charles calls and says we're not closing today either. Not sure why but will talk later. Great. Just great.
12-2PM - Um, carpet cleaning people were scheduled to come 12-2pm.
11:30AM - I was asked if since I'm "on call" I could watch the little one while she runs errands. I SO wanted to say what? You're on call too but you don't get called in to do stupid things, only to actually WORK! Why am I getting called in to do stupid things while you go do pleasureable things for yourself?? so that was irritating.
11:45AM-11:55AM - Then, as I'm letting the dogs out to go potty before heading to the house for the carpet people I'm talking to Charles about the house deal blowing up and the nanny comment. I looked away and right back and what's Jill doing? Yeah, she's ROLLING aroundin some high grass at the very back of their yard and when she comes after being called she is covered in this black stuff. I smelled her. yep. Poop or maneur or something stinky! GREAT! Now what am I supposed to do? The carpet people are to be there in 10 minutes and that's how long it takes to get there. I can't put Jill inside. I can't leave her out. So what do I do? I decide to use the leashes and tie her to a tree in the back yard. Jack is on the back porch with Dakota (it's all screened in).
12:10PM - Arrive at our house. No carpet people. I wait.
12:20PM - Carpet guy arrives. He gets started cleaning. I talk away to Charles about this whole deal blowing up and what are we going to do... yeah, it's called STRESS. Know about it? Yeah, i wish i didn't either... I called nanny family and told them we're not closing today and who knows when.
1PM - I called Daniel and asked if he would check on our dogs (Jack on porch and Jill tied up). he says yeah, I've already let them inside as Jill was on the back porch (Didn't click) and Jack was tearing up the screen. I was like um, no, let them back out please. jill has poop all over her and Jack needs to be crated then. So he did.
1:35PM - Carpet guy leaves. It's not the best job but it's sufficient for what I need. I head back to dad and Jodi's.
2PM - Pull in the driveway. Open my door and I'm geeted. By who? Well, actually by Jill. She's running around with a purple, blue, and part of a yellow leash attached to her still. I don't know what to do. Laugh or cry. I was like what in the world?? So I left her outside while I thought. I asked Daniel how long she had been running free and he said that he tied her up but she was loose again... Crazy dog! I'm just thankful she didn't run off or get hit by a car or something!!
2:20PM - As I am walking to give her a bath, I manage to kick the scale Charles put in the hallway (it was dark. No lights on) with my right pinky toe! It hurt SOOOO bad! I laid on the bed and just cried. Again, not sure to laugh or cry. I get the bathroom ready to giver her a bath, single handedly... i wash her and she decides to wash me. Not cool. I'm soaking wet by dog wet. YUCK! She's not smelly anymore though (Thanks Aussie Shampoo) and is ready to be dried off. I threw her out on the back porch to dry.
Sometime after this Charle calls and says that the Debt to Income ratio is off by $67!!! I'm like what??? So they have a third and final try to resubmit the loan for final approval... We wait. And wait. Wait some more.
I continue working on stupid homewok. We eat dinner. We're watching TV (Well, they are, i'm working on homework). Charles gets THE important phone call. they approved te acception!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes, I did a whoopie dance!) We're supposed to close on Wednesday now so we'll see!!! FYI, that's the good ending.
so here I sit now. Wasting time while my 6 page long paper is going through my school's writing program to see what changes need to be made. It takes FOREVER. :-( I could so be in bed right now. Asleep. Dreaming of far away lands or perhaps just being a Princess again. :-) Ah, the good ole dreams are wonderful!

BTW, in case you are wondering... yes, my birthday is comin up in 11 days but no fear, no celebration until June 30, 2008 when I GRADUATE!!! I can make it.... Really. I can. At least I hope so. i'll be able to, right??

Back to the stupid paper and CRAZY instructor who I want to say lots of very bad things about.

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