Thursday, May 15, 2008


Bittersweet is what I call us closing on our house tomorrow. This is OUR house. Our first house together. Yeah, it's got it's down falls but it's still our FIRST house together! We've made a lot of memories here. We've grown a lot together. We've laughed. We've cried. We've had great news and bad news shared within these walls. We're so excited about closing and although grateful for having the ability to move in with family for a short period of time we are also anxious about it and the fact that we're loosing our space and quiet time together... Our privacy. Within OUR house we could do whatever, whenever, where ever we choose. This includes painting, moving around furniture, gardening, taking showers, and so on as far as the imagination could go. Living with someone else we'll be on our "best" behavior as we are respectful of the opportunity that we have been given. We won't be able to fight wherever we want and will have to wait until we're in our own space to do so. LOL We'll worry about our dogs and how they're behaving. Yes, these are the down falls to living with someone after being on your own for 4 1/2 years now... The good things include being able to chug away money towards debt. To be out from under our house during this downward spinning market, especially since Charles is in the process of changing careers and thus relocating us out of state. We are SO praising God for his orchastrating of this house being sold and then Charles being selected and all... how amazing that God plans all this and yet we still continue to worry that things "won't work out" as WE planned. Argh. us humans! God's probably laughing at us as I do believe He has a sense of humor... Again, SO bittersweet!!! So thankful in so many ways for this happening TOMORROW at 2pm. I'll officially no longer be a homeowner but yet a renter. No longer have the tax advantage of owning a house. No longer letting my dogs poop and have to worry about someone watching me NOT pick it up... LOL I'm grateful. really. Well, I'd best get back to packing up my almost no longer house. So bittersweet.

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