Thursday, May 29, 2008

I PASSED, I freaking PASSED!!!!!

Let's ALL do the shagg as I passed the psycho teacher's class!!! :-) YIPPEE HORRAY!!! I was HOPING and praying and wishing for a D-, I didn't care as long as I passed that class but I actually walked away with a C+!!!!!!! :-) Yeah, GPA still down but that's okay.... I PASSED!

It is actually pretty funny how she goes from giving me pretty much half points on my papers to at the end almost full credit and yet they were all written in the same format by the same authoer (ME) answering the same questions she asked for with each paper... Personally, I think so many people were on the verge of failing that she knew that reflected on her so she let up some. :-) THANK GOODNESS!!!!!

I'm still waiting for a grade in my other class but THIS was the class I was sweating bullets on finding out about!


Making Babies said...

Oh wow!! That is great news!! Congrats hun.

squirrelgirl said...

Congrats on passing that awful lady's class! What a relief!