Friday, May 23, 2008

Firm offer given!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is THE day. Let me back up first. Yesterday Charles left the all day hiring event feeling great. :-) The first good thing was the pond directly across from the facility he was entering for this event had Swan's occupying it. He felt this was a positive sign and I encouraged him completely. :-) Secondly, they had him down for the position in Great Falls, Montana. He got this corrected to Bridgeton, Missouri. He passed the interview, passed the physical and psychological (I am NOT married to a crazy person after all! LOL) and passed the hearing and vision tests. :-) He was told that the class he would be attending would be in August. He freaked. He asked if any openings were available for NEXT WEEK, classes starting May 29 instead. They said they thought an opening still existed and would check into it and contact him tomorrow (actually today).

So, today. He e-mailed the lady he spoke to yesterday about this and she responded saying she has sent the info to the approriate person. Well, while we were getting gas (that hurts the pocket book!) this lady called and told him that pending the clearance of the background check and all he has a FIRM OFFER for Bridgton, Missouri and is to report to Oklahoma City for the 13 weeks of school starting next week! Yes, as in FOUR DAY away!!! He/we were THRILLED to say the least!!! :-) SO excited! He immediately called his boss at Wachovia and QUIT! LOL So this weekend not only do I have a TON of homework due but we've got to get him all packed and ready to head to OKC for 13 weeks...

Yes, I'm going to miss him and be sad that he's so far away from me but at the same time this is so exciting for us both and we've got a lot to do to kill time! Him in school and concentrating on that with me looking and secruing a position (please pray) there and setting up our new house and all that jazz. The next 13 weeks are going to fly by! Before we know it, it's going to be early September and we'll be living in Missouri! :-) We just hope it's not "misery". haha. Whoops. I let some of my lameness show through. LOL

So, to sum up today. Charles has an offer letter in hand and is leaving Georgia Tuesday sometime to head to OKC (14 hour drive) for 13 weeks... So, wanna get together as I'm sure I'll be lonely and want company?? :-)


Annie Kates said...

I am so happy for the two of you!!

Greg and Casey said...