Friday, May 16, 2008

Stupid mortgage people!!

No. I am not including my lovely and wonderful husband lumpted into this title. (Yes, he is a mortgage person) I AM talking about the stupid loan officer with Wachovia Bank who is doing the buyers loan for our house and yeah, we have been told all along that we're set and ready to close. Well, today came and shortly before 1pm we got a phone call that we're not closing today! WHAT??????? Who's smoking something?? We don't know why other than the loan officer (and his two assistants) did not stay on top of things so we're supposed to close on monday.

Good. We have everything set to load up the PODS this weekend with help coming today and tomorrow... So i guess we'll see what Monday holds!

On another note. I'm rather pissed at the new gyno I went and saw. yeah, OVER a week ago I had b/w taken to measure my FSH (Follicule Stimulating Hormone) which shows your egg reserve quality and all that jazz. Well... I called AGAIN today to find out my results. I got the receptionist. Always. Told her I'm calling, again, for my results as it has been over a week and nothing. She said that the Dr. had left for the day but she would put my file on his desk to be contacted Monda. That's great EXCEPT this was supposed to have happened three days ago!!! Obviously never did. So i asked if she could just tell me my results. She said they're normal. i said that's great, can you give me the number so I can have it for my records. She said 4.2 and then HUNG UP ON ME!!!!!!!! No joke. yeah, I was pissed but with everything else going on I did not have too much time to ponder on it...

so, that's that. here's to waiting until Monday!

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