Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wednesday. Last Wednesday in May.

Today is indeed the last Wednesday of the month of May... This has been one CRAZY exciting month!!! :-) Between career changes for Charles, looking to the future for me with ending school, and moving and all it's exciting!

For those curious, Jill DID get a bath this morning at 5AM after sleeping in the garage without a peep made all night. When I went in she was all curled up sleeping too. :-) It's hard to stay mad at such a cute and lovable dog!!!

Tonight is Financial Peace University... Things are going really well with that! :-) I hope I'm here long enough to at least finish the course but if not, that's okay too... I'll just have to read the book! What a concept! LOL

Um, so, let's talk about jobs. Anyone have any connections or know of any job openings in or around Bridgeton, Missouri?? It's North West of St. Louis. I know God will provide a job for me when it's time so i'm trying to be patient... :-)

K, well, that's today's boring update. I DO miss my husband though... It's difficult to think I won't see him until Graduation weekend but what double the excitement to look forward too!!!

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squirrelgirl said...

Meghan -
Wow, so much has been happening in your life this month. Lots of good stuff, too! Well, except for Jill rolling in poop... Congrats to your hubby on his career change and to you for working so hard through that awful class. There's now a light at the end of the tunnel!