Friday, May 30, 2008

"It's MY Birthday and I'll cry if I want too... Cry if I want too!"

Today I turned 24 years old. Kind of sad. Time is flying by yet I seem to be standing still as SO much is ahead of me that we are taking baby steps in accomplishing but I know once we get there things will all completely fall into place. Heck, look at how this whole FAA thing came about for Charles (whom I miss TERRIBLY!!!)... Nothing, nothing, nothing, something, nothing, nothing, nothing, maybe, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, BAM!, BAM!, BAM!, BAM!!!!

So, here's how my Birthday went... I did not take a single picture today as I just did not think about it so no pics to put on Piczo! :-(

7:15am eyes opened and birds were chirping as they do every stinking day outside that window! They're SO loud but so pretty sounding. Krissy had left me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY text message and then Charles called and chatted with me for a bit before actually wishing me Happy Birthday. Thanks honey. :-) I ventured into the kitchen where I was greeted by Ryan, dad, and Jodi and with more Happy Birthday's! Ate toast for breakfast. (Okay, do you REALLY want to know details?? LOL)

I went to the DMV as my license expires today and after much debate about getting it renewed to be legal or driving illegally and risking a ticket I decided to pay the freaking $20 to be legal for THREE STINKING MONTHS!!! :-) If I was not hoping to get on with the state I would have driven illegally... Yes, I'm admitting to this. Even the lady that helped me at the DMV said she would have done the same thing! LOL I waited after providing all my paper only for themt o announce that the system had gone down and they were on the phone trying to get it back up but no clue how long it would be. That's great. I've got nothing better to do than sit at the DMV all day. :-) About 30 minutes later I had my new license in my hands and walking out. :-) Might I also add that my license still had when we lived in the apartments, that address!! LOL The license had not been updated for three years!!! I even still had all the red boxes with "UNDER 21" on it! :-( That was sad to see go...

I left and went to a new Avada salon in Ashley Park to get my hair cut. I got a "New talent" so the haircut was only $25, so I was told. It was WONDERFUL!!!! I've NEVER been so pampered before for a single hair cute in my life!!!! Oh, absolutely amazing! Totally work going every four weeks to pay for it!!! LOL As I was checking out I was told about a $20 off your first visit coupon they had and since it was my birthday they would go ahead and give it to me so for my WONDERFUL experience, I only paid $5.00!!!! :-) If you all wanna go, go see Mackenzie. She was the sweetest gal! :-)

Then I met Jodi for lunch at TGI Friday's JUST for the White Chocolate Vanilla Bean Cheesecake for dessert they have! It is to absolutely die for!!!! :-) Then Jodi and I went shopping at JC Penny and I got several really cute tops! (Jodi splurged too and got some cute stuff!)

I then left to head to Petsmart to get Jill a new collar and tag (as her was ruined from the poop and from being chewed on). She now has a fasionably PINK collar that goes so well with her tan coat color! :-)

I came home to be greeted by BEAUTIFUL Red Roses (Charles' fav flower) and Sunflowers (My fav flower) boquet. :-) It has a sweet card (not for you all to know what it says) and a box of chocolates. I would so rather see him in person but I guess the flowers will do... :-) We had Taco Salad for dinner and a Funfetti cake Daniel made me for my birthday. Delicious!

once all the fun was over I had to do homework and then hit the sack!!! It was a LONG, exciting day!

Did I mention I miss my hubby?? :-(


Lolita said...

its my birthday too ;)

hope you have a good one.
i bet your hubby misses u more than you though :D

Ray and Chrissy said...

Happy belated birthday.

Thanks for the note of congratulations!

Greg and Casey said...

Happy Late Birthday!