Monday, August 31, 2009

"Shine A Light" on Watch and Alert, LLC!

Only until September 13, 2009 can you "Shine A Light" on Watch and Alert, LLC!!!

Please go to Shine a Light and click on the blut button on the left side of the screen to Endorse Watch and Alert, LLC business that my cousin Jill and Aunt Laurie started!!!!

This is a great opportunity for them to get funding for marketing and promotions to spread the word to help so many others with not only Diabetes but other conditions that require a medical identifier to be worn at all times!

Also, still wondering if anyone has any connetions to the Jonas Brothers to give them a gift of a free watch from Watch and Alert, LLC!!!!

And for other blog posts done with Watch and Alert, LLC being the main focus... Here and Here

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Sixth Anniversary Honey!!!

August 30, 2003 has by far, been one of the best days of my life...

We were surrounded by 20 close family and friends who, in the beginning, were not necessarily 100% behind us getting married at such a 'young age' but have stood by us 100% from that day forward! {Oh how I wish we had amazing wedding photos like I've seen so many others get...}
We have had our ups and downs... The first three years of our marriage were living hell!!!! {Yes. I said that word.} We fought. I cried. I did not know what I had done... What kind of mistake did I really just make!?!? Why did I agree to really spend the rest of my life with this guy? This guy was not who I expected!

We did not agree on anything!!
What to have for dinner...
How much to spend on groceries.
What channel to watch.
Christmas presents.
What time to leave the house for X reason.
How early was 'just right' versus 'too early'.
Dog training.
Was the house clean or needed more?
To make the bed or not?

Simple, or so one thought, conversations turned into full blown arguments between us.

But we stood by each other. Thru it all. When the easy answer would have been to just leave. {I know I mentioned all this in last year's Anniversary post, it just never ceases to amaze us that we survived those first few years of marriage!!!! Pure miracle!}

Neither one of us had lived with anyone but family... Although there is a first time for everything, those first times bring anxiety and arguments as well.

And then, like a light switch turning on, the 3 1/2 year mark hit. It was a night and day difference and our marriage was amazing! Ever since, it has only gotten better...

Today? Although marriage is still, and always will be, very hard work, we have grown so close together! We think the same thoughts a lot of the time. We finish each other's sentences. We have each changed, for the better, and are molding into the perfect people who are great independently but better when working as a team, together.

Now. We look forward to spending the next, easily, 50+ years together. We look forward to bring a child into our home where the love continues to grow and is overflowing. We look forward to new adventures and excitement. We could not have been placed with a better person to be each of our life partners.

This is a cute bunny photo but I was really looking for my traditional "Honey Bunches of Oats" theme that I call Charles. :-)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Welcome! Cycle 38 that is.

I found out my E2 from yesterday. Ready for this?


No joke. I, obviously, did not do this to myself by drinking the BSM/ACV mixture last night. My body was already going in this direction.

I just do not get it... How can I go from 6,328 on Friday to 510 on Monday????? Anyone?!?!?!?

I am so pissed off! I awoke this morning to not only my temp in the pits, indicitating that the red lady is about to show but indeed, she had.


I was still "coasting"!!!!!!!!!!!! Follicles still there!!!!

It hit me.

I did this to myself.

Last night I had finally had enough of the acid reflux which, in my googling, connected the dots. I'm taking a Baby Aspirin a day right? Well. Such sensitive bodies like myself, obviously, cannot handle this daily harsh medication on my stomach and it gives me daily acid reflux now. ARGH!

So I'm googling. I come across that two tablespoons of Black Strap Unsulphered Molasses is great for Acid reflux! I decide to take it. Right with two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in 8 oz of warm water. No. It was not good. I had to choke down the last half! But it did work like instantly on the acid reflux....

Then I googled more. BSM (Black Strap Molasses) is great for controlling Fibroid symptoms and perhaps even ridding the body of them. YEAH! This is just another perk since I was dx with a Fibroid that the Dr says isn't causing any problems conceiving.

Nope. Awoke this morning with the proof that Black Strap Molasses brings the witch to visit via a fancy crapet ride... And, room for two! Mr Cramps joined.

Cycle 38 is here... Probably have leftover cysts. Going to call the Dr and see what my E2 level was yesterday since I still do not know... Just pissed right now.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Coming out... Cancelled.

The Dr. visit went okay... My ovaries are even bigger than they were on Monday! How? Not sure. They surely hurt though! Still lots of mature follicules. The latest E2 from today came back. The results? Not what I wanted to hear. At all. 6,300. No typo. Over Six THOUSAND! Dr. kept saying during the ultrasound how wonderful this would all be...If we were doing an IVF cycle that is. He is hoping that by continuing to 'coast' me and draw E2 every 48 hours that my levels will eventually drop below 3,000 and thus he will Trigger me then. For now though? I am being extra careful with these ovaries of mine as they hurt! He did say I had free fluid which may indicate I ovulated one or more eggs OR it may just be that the many follicules I do have are seeping fluid and thus collecting there... Will just have to wait it out.


Charles and I have been keeping a secret... We did not want the questions.

{Are you pregnant yet? When are you testing? How many mature follicules do you have? How many days left, now?}

The only reason I am 'coming out' about it now is becuase I'm rather pissed about the whole situation!

July 31, I was greeted, yet again, by the wonderful red lady singing. The start of cycle number 37. {Remember, I was scheduled for my Hystercopy and D&C on August 13...} I had too many questions to just go blindly into the surgery without asking them. Boy am I glad I did!!!

I went in, Monday, August 10 for my 'yearly' exam. Yes. I was well overdue, but this certainly was not my reason for going in. I wanted to get my questions answered. I even brought my little booklet! Since I already discussed most of the appt in this post, I'll skip that part.

He did another ultrasound and with that, saw that although I was on cycle day 11, I did not have any leading follicules. He suggested we not 'waste' the cycle and move forward with treatments. We decided that since I had left over Follistim in my fridge from the first cycle, we would go with that. I took my first injection this night of 150 iu and continued this doage until another ultrasound on Thursday, August 13.

This ultrasound revealed several small follicules with four leading ones. Two on each side. They were measuring 2 @ 14mm and 2 @ 15mm. He choose to up my dosage to 300 iu and would see me again Monday as he was sure I would not be ready to trigger before then... Little did he know!

Over the weekend, I knew something was going on! I could feel my ovaries acting as though they were in overdrive! Monday, the ultrasound revealed I had lots of follicules, and more mature than one would have wanted. :-( The Dr. decided to lower my dosage to 150 again for Mon and Tues and another ultrasound on Wed {Charles' birthday... So was hoping for good news!}.

Wednesday, I am so emotional! I cried as I was paying our fee {Another post dedicated to this as it is 100% insurance related and totally screwed up!!!}... I cried sitting in the waiting room, just wondering what was going on with my body. I was so afraid of the worst news. Unfortunately. I was correct.

The ultrasound revealed I had WAY too many mature follicules... So many follicules that my ovaries were "kissing". As in. My ovaries were completely touching they had grown so large!!! Let me put it this way. He stopped counting when he reached 7 follicules over 20mm. {Anything over 15mm has the potential of holding a mature egg ready to be fertilized, thus with the Trigger shot, completing maturization and releasing.} I bawled. Right there in front of the Dr. and Nurse. Bawling. This is not the news I wanted to get on this special day. I had it so bulit up in my mind that it would have been wonderful to conceive on Charles' birthday...and find out on our Sixth Wedding Anniversary on August 30 if we are pregnant or not! Total and complete bummer!

I told the Dr. that it was hubby's birthday and he did not say not to 'celebrate' but he did not say to 'celebrate'... We took it into our own hands. :-)

After a nice long lecture about Octomom and the rumored lady preggo with 12 babies {Which, BTW, is all a hoax!} I informed him that I was not in it to obtain celebrity status and earn money off of my babies... I just wanted a little family that was MINE! It seems that that is just too much for me to ask for!

So the game plan? He said the big 'C' word in the Infertility realm... Cancelled. Cancelled all becuase we would not even consider selective reduction. This cycle was cancelled. No more monitoring. No more medications, especially not the Trigger shot. I begged. I pleaded. "How about we do that whole "coasting" thing that you mentioned the last time??" He agreed.

My Rapid E2 came back at 3,950. This is much lower than originally thought. He suspected it would be upwards at 6,000-7,000 ranges. I'm glad he was wrong there...

But. I have thoughts about as to why my E2 is not higher than he would have thought. Did I ovulate an egg or couple prior to the E2 draw? Are there not really eggs in the follicules? Are my follicules not mature enough for fertilization?

So. I am to go back today for another ultrasound and another Rapid E2 draw... If the Ultrasound reveals that some of the follicules have shrunk or re-absorbed into my body and I only have a reasonable amount of mature follicules, I can trigger. Also, this is based if my E2 has gone down significantly... Whatever magic number that happens to be.

To be honest. I really do not want to Trigger, if I'll ovulate on my own. I don't know if I will or not though. I've read several places that on such medications as Follistim, you do not ovulate without the Trigger shot. I've also read differently... All I know is that I had OHSS when my E2 was "well over 1,000" that I can only imagine how I'll feel with an E2 this stinking high!!!!

So that's where we stand. We have officially "come out" in regards to our second, secret, injection cycle...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Honey!!!

Charles celebrated his 28th Birthday on Wednesday! By Celebrated, I mean, him and I celebrated. :-) Since we were getting off around the same time on Wednesday and I had a little 'game' planned for him before finding his gift, I decided to do it Tuesday evening as he was working late and I had time. It went over wonderfully!!!!

His first glimpse of what lay ahead... This is what he saw as he is coming inside from the garage.
And just to tell him why in the world he's going thru all this... :-) {The laundry/mud room is just off the garage entrance. :-)}
The first official hint during the game. He was supposed to go to the closet. Instead, he thinks he is to get comfy and then play the game! hahaha! {This is in the eat in kitchen. Yes. The lovely chili pepper wallpaper...}
See? Our closet... Duh! haha!

This is our Nursery/Play room area. And yes. We have recently purchased a crib. And no. We are not, currently, pregnant. Don't you love the bedding! It's from my friend Cindy!!! {Remember this post on first finding my, so I thought, perfect nursery theme? And then, this post when I learned that it was no longer available and I was devestated? Well. Then the exciting news in this post that Cindy was passing along hers as for their next baby they wanted gender specific as they are so hoping for a girl! *BTW- she's pregnant and it's a girl!!!* And then, this post when I actually received it!} I absolutely LOVE having a nursery room which, one day, our baby will be occupying!!! It's so theraputic for me!!!! :-) I know. I'm crazy and should probably occupy a padded cell somewhere... hahaha!

In our massive pantry!
Under our kithcen sink. Yep. The only two items under there. It's just so gross under there!!! EEWWW!!! I don't like dark, damp places!
This is our secondary bath tub. And yes. The place where our dogs get bathed...
In the Enertainment Center. :-)

And you cannot forget the cake... Best part about anyone's birthday! {Charles' Favorite. Yellow cake with chocolate icing.} You see. Had we been celebrating with more than just us two, there would have also been a Funfetti cake as this is a tradition in my family that will be continued...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!!!!!! I hope it was special enough for you, just as you are so special to me!!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


I am absolutely appauled by this!!! I came across these stories and my head wants to explode! This is exactly why fertility treatments have such a bad rep. For people such a this that went to Dr who obviously are not abiding by the moral code of practising. This is not a good situation for a single one of those babies who so is fighting to make it just a day longer...


It is a life! I do not agree with this one bit. If she was on injectibles, so be it. However, she should have been monitored very closely and not triggered had she had over X amount of eggs! My current Dr will not trigger if more than five are over 15mm! Even if each and every one of those fertilized and they split to make five sets of identical twins, that's still less than 12! ARGH!!!!

Read for yourself...

I really think people are in it not for the celebrity status. I mean, if Octomom is going to have a reality TV show to portray her finding love, heck, why wouldn't someone want to follow in those footsteps, or heck, try to out do them! This just absolutely disguests me!!!!

Looking for thoughts/stories, please!

After further testing and such, the new Dr. has decided that he wants to put me on Heparin injections twice a day. I am not sure if this is only when trying or if once pregnancy has been confirmed. Need clarification.

He then immediately took a breath and said, "Have we given Baby Aspirin a chance yet?" I said, NO. That this was actually my first full cycle on Baby Aspirin... He said, "Heaven forbid you miscarry though..." Yes. His thoughts lingered.

I have not had a real chance to completely process all this. I mean. I kind of prepared myself to come to this but I thought for sure it would be after we had given the Baby Aspirin a fighting chance.

Then again.

What if we did end up pg... And we miscarried... Would I be able to forgive myself for not doing everything humanly possible??? I mean. I have a known blood clotting disorder. MTHFR C667T. We know this. It is not a suspicion. It is a fact.

I guess I'm wondering if anyone has had any stories to share... Baby Aspirin or Heparin???

Friday, August 14, 2009

Extreme Landing! WILD!

Charles found this and insisted I share! It's pretty neat yet so freaky! I surely would not want to risk my life with the hopes that this was an experienced pilot who has flown this landing a time or two... Would you get your thrills like this???

Extreme Landing

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Darn Blogger!

I am totally frustrated right now and am hoping that it is Blogger's fault and one that will be fixed, SOON!

This is going on the third day now... All of my blogs in my dashboard area that I was following? GONE!!!!!!!!!! I did nothing to them! :-( Crap! I do not recall addresses...

Is it just me or is Blogger screwing with things???

If it is just me... Please leave a comment so I can get your blog addy again so I can follow... Argh! Unless of course, you do not want me to follow you... :-)


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Fur-babies" taken too literally!

As hubby and I were just discussing our Thanksgiving plans, thus discussing to take or not to take the dogs to Georgia... Our debates.

Purchase airline tickets and put dogs in kennel


Rent Car and take dogs


Drive own car and take dogs

So, the thought was that if we purchased the airline tickets and put the dogs in the kennel the cost would be about the same as gas but we would save serious time by not driving. After looking at kennel rates though... I seriously laughed out loud! I could not see spending MORE to put our dogs in a kennel than to fly to Georgia and back on a Holiday weekend! Not to mention, I would not be worried in the least about putting Jack in the kennel as he is a go-with-the-flow dog unlike Jill... I think she would seriously have a heart attack and thus cost us some serious $$$$$$! Jill is very much afraid of people and other animals until she gets to know you, which takes time. And her seperated from me? Oh my gosh she would die! She is an up-my-butt-constantly-dog!!! Which I have to admit, most of the time, I love. :-)

So, onwards to the rather funny part... I am an avid dog lover just like the next person but really? This just takes it to ridiculous levels!

Kim's Canine's even goes above and beyond just kenneling one's dog. You can throw a Pet Party! I mean, whose dog is seriously missing out on the yearly birthday, celebratory, or holiday parties? I seriously laughed hysterically when I read the options! You can even invite pet friends and enjoy a doggie bone cake or cupcakes or even a layered cake!

Not to mention. When one kennels their dog, you usually need to pay for the dog to receive any "Additional" accomondations! i.e.- special medications, go on a walk {Heaven forbid you want your dog to have two walks a day!}, partake in a 'playgroup' or heck, run in a fenced in yard! These darn people probably request you pay to even feed your dogs!!!! Talk about nickle and diming someone to the poor house! I just cannot fathom people out there pay for this!!! I mean, how else could these companies still be in business? And there were more than just these two that I found!

No thanks. We will be taking our "fur-babies" who are pampered just nicely by love and attention, with us on our road trip to Georgia!

Monday, August 10, 2009

FANTASTIC follow up visit!!!

Let me start off by saying that I fully intend on heading to Wassaw, Georgia to help tag some Sea Turtles! :-) Maybe it should be a yearly event we can all be apart of?? haha!

Moving onwards...

Hubby is really sick. With Pnemonia (sp?) actually. He went to the Dr. today and had the chest X-Ray done and wal-ah. :-( He's so pitiful which is why I'm cutting this post somewhat short to join him in bed.

On another sad note... The babies went back to their rightful parents today. It was so sad to see our house no longer filled with baby belongings nor hear them giggle or cry. :-( I guess it's just good to know that after five nights with two infants we still want our own one day... One day soon preferably. :-)

Okay. Now to my appt. :-)

I am SOOO glad I went for this visit! Come to find out, the polyp is gone! My lining is back to where it should be! He did fine a Fibroid and says it is in a good spot that will not interfere with getting/staying pregnant so we really need not worry about it until we approach IVF, then we'll have another look and remove it.

So. Surgery? Cancelled! YIPPEE!!!! Thank you God for this answered prayer!!!!!!

The Dr. ran some more tests. Like to see if I am a CF Carrier, Reubella (sp?), and my blood type. I think that was it.

Charles and I are discussing what our 'next step' is going to be... :-) For now though, know that things are progressing in a direction that we are comfortable with and excited about!!!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

"When I Grow Up..."

A pivotal, yet inconsequential, moment in my life was during my Fifth Grade {1994-1995} Classes' trip to Jekyll Island, Georgia. Not only was my current and long lasting, {as in from our fifth grade class together until high school!} crush there, everyday for me to see, but I found my destiny. You see, like just about every other classmate of mine on that trip, we all decided we wanted to become "Marine Biologists" by the end of the trip.

Let me explain further. I said inconsequential as the only true desire of my heart was to be a wife and mommy. I just wanted to be this without actually being it. Make sense?

Back to Jekyll Island... We went on trips thru marshes. Walked out on piers and fished for oysters. Stayed out after dark and watched gum or something like that make sparks. See. Not important.

You see, my fascination came with only one thing. The Sea Turtles. We were told about the females going ashore to lay their nest full of eggs and when the time came, those little sea turtles hatched and waddled their way back to the ocean to thrive and grow. Unfortunately, and fortunately, nature is evil and the sea turtles existence is getting close to being in trouble. Certain breeds already are. We were made aware of groups that exist solely to 'assist' these little sea turtle hatching's back to the great big blue with the hopes that they grow and thrive and become parents themselves. These beautiful creatures were the only reason I wanted to become a Marine Biologist...

Thankfully. I know now of several organizations that offer volunteer opportunities and go figure, being a Marine Biologist is not required. In fact. Reader's Digest devoted a section in their June 2009 issue on the Top 40 places to vacation for less. This is the section that interested me most for this particular contribution...

Wassaw Island, Georgia. "At the Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge, part of Georgia's barrier islands, you can help tag loggerhead sea turtles when they crawl out of the sea to lay their eggs. Cost is $750 a week, including transportation to and from the island, a bunk in a rustic cabin, and all meals. Plus, you can sleep late: Beach patrols take place at night. Don't forget to write off your experience as a charitable contribution." By Pam Grout, author, the 100 Best Volunteer Vacations to Enrich Your Life.

How amazing of an experience would this be?!?! I was in Heaven just reading about it... I can only imagine to actually partake in such an event how I would feel! And come on! You can write it off as a Charitable Contribution!!!! hahaha! That's the best excuse ever to take a vacation!!! :-) Now I just need to save up the money to get to Wassaw on top of the $750 needed to participate in this Volunteer opportunity.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

More Hints! :-)

For those still curious...

I am providing some more hints as to what we've been up to lately. You know. With deciphering between "To Trademark or Copyright" and vice versa. It's been fun.

So, clues...

We are in a similiar market to these organizations.

Anymore guesses???? :-)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Speedy Medications or what???

So, anyone happen to notice that we are now on cycle number 37??? Yep. Hello hopefully lucky number 37...

Which brings me to the point of this post. :-)

Seriously. How quickly does the Thyroid Medications start working? First time I do believe, ever, my period arrived without ANY spotting prior to! That and my cycle was 40 days. And all this came about only two weeks after starting the meds... Coincidence??? I mean, really. Should I get my hopes up that my body may really be regulating and we actually have a chance at getting pregnant this cycle??? Should I get excited or not??? :-) How can one not get excited with a new found sense of hope? Well, I guess I can answer that more accurately after my Dr. appt on Monday for another ultrasound to see if the 'polyp' is still there or not...

Sorry my thoughts are short and jumbled. You see, we have my nanny babies until Monday and let's just say that last night did not go exactly as planned and thus incredibally tired. I can actually hear my pillow calling my name to come keep it warm and not to worry about the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink as they can wait until tomorrow. That is, unless the stupid ants find their way in here again and carry off the dishes into never-never land or something. hahaha! See what I mean? Must. Go. Sleep.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Disappointed. With myself.

This past weekend hubby and I went to Olathe, Kansas to visit his parents. We had a wonderful visit and as we learned yesterday, we are so thankful we went as they are officially moving back to Georgia the end of this month! They have already purchased a house, er, Farm, in Hampton, Georgia and were just waiting on the orderes from the FAA to make it all official.

We're sad that they are moving back to Georgia but happy for them as well since they will be pursuing their dream of owning a farm which will include cows, horses, chickens, possibly goats and a sheep for me. :-) {See Mom and Dad I will get a pet sheep!!! hahaha!}

Anyways, back to my story...

As hubby and his dad were off getting lunch, mother in law was getting ready so I was flipping channels to see what in the world is on cable now that we do not have it! I came across a movie I have seen a thousand times. Okay. Maybe not quite that many times but a handful. It's not my favorite movie and one I can certainly live without seeing every again. I have only seen it thanks to hubby loving the movie and actually, we own this movie too.

I happened to click on the info and saw it was rated R!!!!! First off, I was shocked! I couldn't believe this movie was rated R! Secondly, I was very disappointed with myself. I felt that I had let my God down.

This may be completely stupid to everyone else in the world but to put some perspective to it, a long long long time ago I was convicted not to watch any movies rated R. I had never seen a rated R movie until the Passion of the Christ came out. I strugged like no tomorrow to see this movie or not. When it was all said and done, I did watch the movie. I am glad I did. Well, the part I actually watched thru the holes in my fingers...

This was it. The only movie rated R I had ever seen! I always, always, ALWAYS check movie ratings. If hubby is watching something rated R and I enter the room, he just tells me and I do something else. I do not inconvenience others with my personal conviction but I do expect to be respected and appreciate being told the ratings.

Needless to say, I was very disappointed with myself. I still am. I am coming to terms though with what is done is done and moving forward.

Yes. To clarify. I am niave' and appreciate this very much. I like my innonence and hope to preserve it for as long as possible! :-) Unfortunately, adulthood has shed light on areas that I would have other wise been perfectly fine dying and never learning about! I guess that's why I enjoy working with children so much... They only see the good in the world and others.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Today is a wonderful day! If you find yourself with some free time, go wish these gals congrats and encouragement as the wait continues and excitement builds!!!

A dear friend is celebrating her 26th Birthday today and another welcomed her second baby girl into the world!

Congrats Krissy on the arrival of Briana weighing in at 9lbs 8oz and 20 1/4 inches long! Way to go mommy! Now get some rest as your hands are going to be full with two little girls only 13 months, 3 weeks, and 4 days apart!

As for other exciting news...

Marcelle, who wrote an eBook, "Baking Maybe's", now has it in an eLibrary! How awesome is that!!!

Anxiously awaiting news from Cathy about egg retreival for their first IVF cycle!!!!

And Maureen starts stimming for her first IVF cycle!!! The countdown is in the teens now!

And lastly, J finds out if they are having a singleton or multiples soon since their first IVF was a success!!!!

I continue to remain in absolute awe of the miracle of adoption as seen by the birth of "Little Bug"! I mean. You can not help but see the hand's of God orchestrating each and every step of the way. It is amazing to me!

Oh such exciting news!!!! :-)

Life is good. Yes.
Life. Is. Good.
God. Is. Good.
All. The. Time.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where art thou brain?

Where of where is my brain? A simple three hour trip to my inlaws for the weekend and i forget just about everything we need... The dogs leashes. Face wash. The red, white, and blue afghan my mother in law made a couple years ago and it has holes in it she was going to fix. I forgot a pajama shirt. The laptop to write in bed. The book we set aside to give to mother in law. A hair clip. My hair combs. Tooth paste. Really? Oh my i need to start taking brain enhancement supplements or something!

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