Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Welcome! Cycle 38 that is.

I found out my E2 from yesterday. Ready for this?


No joke. I, obviously, did not do this to myself by drinking the BSM/ACV mixture last night. My body was already going in this direction.

I just do not get it... How can I go from 6,328 on Friday to 510 on Monday????? Anyone?!?!?!?

I am so pissed off! I awoke this morning to not only my temp in the pits, indicitating that the red lady is about to show but indeed, she had.


I was still "coasting"!!!!!!!!!!!! Follicles still there!!!!

It hit me.

I did this to myself.

Last night I had finally had enough of the acid reflux which, in my googling, connected the dots. I'm taking a Baby Aspirin a day right? Well. Such sensitive bodies like myself, obviously, cannot handle this daily harsh medication on my stomach and it gives me daily acid reflux now. ARGH!

So I'm googling. I come across that two tablespoons of Black Strap Unsulphered Molasses is great for Acid reflux! I decide to take it. Right with two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in 8 oz of warm water. No. It was not good. I had to choke down the last half! But it did work like instantly on the acid reflux....

Then I googled more. BSM (Black Strap Molasses) is great for controlling Fibroid symptoms and perhaps even ridding the body of them. YEAH! This is just another perk since I was dx with a Fibroid that the Dr says isn't causing any problems conceiving.

Nope. Awoke this morning with the proof that Black Strap Molasses brings the witch to visit via a fancy crapet ride... And, room for two! Mr Cramps joined.

Cycle 38 is here... Probably have leftover cysts. Going to call the Dr and see what my E2 level was yesterday since I still do not know... Just pissed right now.


Melis.sa said...

gah! I'm sorry!! gah!!!!!!


are you going to do folli.stim again?

i'm debating with myself.


Cathy said...

:( I'm so sorry this cycle has sucked so bad. Thinking of you today and hoping you get some answers about what the heck happened.


Michele said...

:( so sorry...