Monday, August 10, 2009

FANTASTIC follow up visit!!!

Let me start off by saying that I fully intend on heading to Wassaw, Georgia to help tag some Sea Turtles! :-) Maybe it should be a yearly event we can all be apart of?? haha!

Moving onwards...

Hubby is really sick. With Pnemonia (sp?) actually. He went to the Dr. today and had the chest X-Ray done and wal-ah. :-( He's so pitiful which is why I'm cutting this post somewhat short to join him in bed.

On another sad note... The babies went back to their rightful parents today. It was so sad to see our house no longer filled with baby belongings nor hear them giggle or cry. :-( I guess it's just good to know that after five nights with two infants we still want our own one day... One day soon preferably. :-)

Okay. Now to my appt. :-)

I am SOOO glad I went for this visit! Come to find out, the polyp is gone! My lining is back to where it should be! He did fine a Fibroid and says it is in a good spot that will not interfere with getting/staying pregnant so we really need not worry about it until we approach IVF, then we'll have another look and remove it.

So. Surgery? Cancelled! YIPPEE!!!! Thank you God for this answered prayer!!!!!!

The Dr. ran some more tests. Like to see if I am a CF Carrier, Reubella (sp?), and my blood type. I think that was it.

Charles and I are discussing what our 'next step' is going to be... :-) For now though, know that things are progressing in a direction that we are comfortable with and excited about!!!!!

4 comments: said...

Glad to hear that the polyp is gone & no surgery!!!! Aw, I hope your dh feels better...

squirrelgirl said...

YAY!!! Great news for you, and I hope Charles feels better soon.

Cathy said...

Oh praise God! What a reason to celebrate, oce Charles feels up to it, of course. Hope he is much better soon and that you don't catch it too. *Hugs*


Michele said...

Yay that the polyp is gone!!! Prayers for hubby!