Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Disappointed. With myself.

This past weekend hubby and I went to Olathe, Kansas to visit his parents. We had a wonderful visit and as we learned yesterday, we are so thankful we went as they are officially moving back to Georgia the end of this month! They have already purchased a house, er, Farm, in Hampton, Georgia and were just waiting on the orderes from the FAA to make it all official.

We're sad that they are moving back to Georgia but happy for them as well since they will be pursuing their dream of owning a farm which will include cows, horses, chickens, possibly goats and a sheep for me. :-) {See Mom and Dad I will get a pet sheep!!! hahaha!}

Anyways, back to my story...

As hubby and his dad were off getting lunch, mother in law was getting ready so I was flipping channels to see what in the world is on cable now that we do not have it! I came across a movie I have seen a thousand times. Okay. Maybe not quite that many times but a handful. It's not my favorite movie and one I can certainly live without seeing every again. I have only seen it thanks to hubby loving the movie and actually, we own this movie too.

I happened to click on the info and saw it was rated R!!!!! First off, I was shocked! I couldn't believe this movie was rated R! Secondly, I was very disappointed with myself. I felt that I had let my God down.

This may be completely stupid to everyone else in the world but to put some perspective to it, a long long long time ago I was convicted not to watch any movies rated R. I had never seen a rated R movie until the Passion of the Christ came out. I strugged like no tomorrow to see this movie or not. When it was all said and done, I did watch the movie. I am glad I did. Well, the part I actually watched thru the holes in my fingers...

This was it. The only movie rated R I had ever seen! I always, always, ALWAYS check movie ratings. If hubby is watching something rated R and I enter the room, he just tells me and I do something else. I do not inconvenience others with my personal conviction but I do expect to be respected and appreciate being told the ratings.

Needless to say, I was very disappointed with myself. I still am. I am coming to terms though with what is done is done and moving forward.

Yes. To clarify. I am niave' and appreciate this very much. I like my innonence and hope to preserve it for as long as possible! :-) Unfortunately, adulthood has shed light on areas that I would have other wise been perfectly fine dying and never learning about! I guess that's why I enjoy working with children so much... They only see the good in the world and others.


Making Babies said...

Hey hun. Not to sound weird or anything, but what does R stand for?

We only have PG ratings..... ;-)

Melis.sa said...


The Swann's said...

Marcelle, that is the life! Only have PG ratings... R stands for Really bad! hahhaa! I do not know for sure what it stands for but you have to be 17 or older to purchase tickets to see R rated movies.

Thanks Melissa. I do believe I've moved on now... :-)