Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Sixth Anniversary Honey!!!

August 30, 2003 has by far, been one of the best days of my life...

We were surrounded by 20 close family and friends who, in the beginning, were not necessarily 100% behind us getting married at such a 'young age' but have stood by us 100% from that day forward! {Oh how I wish we had amazing wedding photos like I've seen so many others get...}
We have had our ups and downs... The first three years of our marriage were living hell!!!! {Yes. I said that word.} We fought. I cried. I did not know what I had done... What kind of mistake did I really just make!?!? Why did I agree to really spend the rest of my life with this guy? This guy was not who I expected!

We did not agree on anything!!
What to have for dinner...
How much to spend on groceries.
What channel to watch.
Christmas presents.
What time to leave the house for X reason.
How early was 'just right' versus 'too early'.
Dog training.
Was the house clean or needed more?
To make the bed or not?

Simple, or so one thought, conversations turned into full blown arguments between us.

But we stood by each other. Thru it all. When the easy answer would have been to just leave. {I know I mentioned all this in last year's Anniversary post, it just never ceases to amaze us that we survived those first few years of marriage!!!! Pure miracle!}

Neither one of us had lived with anyone but family... Although there is a first time for everything, those first times bring anxiety and arguments as well.

And then, like a light switch turning on, the 3 1/2 year mark hit. It was a night and day difference and our marriage was amazing! Ever since, it has only gotten better...

Today? Although marriage is still, and always will be, very hard work, we have grown so close together! We think the same thoughts a lot of the time. We finish each other's sentences. We have each changed, for the better, and are molding into the perfect people who are great independently but better when working as a team, together.

Now. We look forward to spending the next, easily, 50+ years together. We look forward to bring a child into our home where the love continues to grow and is overflowing. We look forward to new adventures and excitement. We could not have been placed with a better person to be each of our life partners.

This is a cute bunny photo but I was really looking for my traditional "Honey Bunches of Oats" theme that I call Charles. :-)


Michele said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

squirrelgirl said...

Congrats! Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

well, like everything else, I bought an anniversary card for ya'll when I remembered... last week, but of course forgot to mail it. :( oh well, it will be late too. I have watched you and Charles both grow and am very proud of both of you. Happy Anniversary! mom (you know charles.. the old lady)