Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Fur-babies" taken too literally!

As hubby and I were just discussing our Thanksgiving plans, thus discussing to take or not to take the dogs to Georgia... Our debates.

Purchase airline tickets and put dogs in kennel


Rent Car and take dogs


Drive own car and take dogs

So, the thought was that if we purchased the airline tickets and put the dogs in the kennel the cost would be about the same as gas but we would save serious time by not driving. After looking at kennel rates though... I seriously laughed out loud! I could not see spending MORE to put our dogs in a kennel than to fly to Georgia and back on a Holiday weekend! Not to mention, I would not be worried in the least about putting Jack in the kennel as he is a go-with-the-flow dog unlike Jill... I think she would seriously have a heart attack and thus cost us some serious $$$$$$! Jill is very much afraid of people and other animals until she gets to know you, which takes time. And her seperated from me? Oh my gosh she would die! She is an up-my-butt-constantly-dog!!! Which I have to admit, most of the time, I love. :-)

So, onwards to the rather funny part... I am an avid dog lover just like the next person but really? This just takes it to ridiculous levels!

Kim's Canine's even goes above and beyond just kenneling one's dog. You can throw a Pet Party! I mean, whose dog is seriously missing out on the yearly birthday, celebratory, or holiday parties? I seriously laughed hysterically when I read the options! You can even invite pet friends and enjoy a doggie bone cake or cupcakes or even a layered cake!

Not to mention. When one kennels their dog, you usually need to pay for the dog to receive any "Additional" accomondations! i.e.- special medications, go on a walk {Heaven forbid you want your dog to have two walks a day!}, partake in a 'playgroup' or heck, run in a fenced in yard! These darn people probably request you pay to even feed your dogs!!!! Talk about nickle and diming someone to the poor house! I just cannot fathom people out there pay for this!!! I mean, how else could these companies still be in business? And there were more than just these two that I found!

No thanks. We will be taking our "fur-babies" who are pampered just nicely by love and attention, with us on our road trip to Georgia!

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