Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Honey!!!

Charles celebrated his 28th Birthday on Wednesday! By Celebrated, I mean, him and I celebrated. :-) Since we were getting off around the same time on Wednesday and I had a little 'game' planned for him before finding his gift, I decided to do it Tuesday evening as he was working late and I had time. It went over wonderfully!!!!

His first glimpse of what lay ahead... This is what he saw as he is coming inside from the garage.
And just to tell him why in the world he's going thru all this... :-) {The laundry/mud room is just off the garage entrance. :-)}
The first official hint during the game. He was supposed to go to the closet. Instead, he thinks he is to get comfy and then play the game! hahaha! {This is in the eat in kitchen. Yes. The lovely chili pepper wallpaper...}
See? Our closet... Duh! haha!

This is our Nursery/Play room area. And yes. We have recently purchased a crib. And no. We are not, currently, pregnant. Don't you love the bedding! It's from my friend Cindy!!! {Remember this post on first finding my, so I thought, perfect nursery theme? And then, this post when I learned that it was no longer available and I was devestated? Well. Then the exciting news in this post that Cindy was passing along hers as for their next baby they wanted gender specific as they are so hoping for a girl! *BTW- she's pregnant and it's a girl!!!* And then, this post when I actually received it!} I absolutely LOVE having a nursery room which, one day, our baby will be occupying!!! It's so theraputic for me!!!! :-) I know. I'm crazy and should probably occupy a padded cell somewhere... hahaha!

In our massive pantry!
Under our kithcen sink. Yep. The only two items under there. It's just so gross under there!!! EEWWW!!! I don't like dark, damp places!
This is our secondary bath tub. And yes. The place where our dogs get bathed...
In the Enertainment Center. :-)

And you cannot forget the cake... Best part about anyone's birthday! {Charles' Favorite. Yellow cake with chocolate icing.} You see. Had we been celebrating with more than just us two, there would have also been a Funfetti cake as this is a tradition in my family that will be continued...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!!!!!! I hope it was special enough for you, just as you are so special to me!!!!

4 comments: said...

Happy Birthday to your dh! I hope you two had a wonderful night together :)

Cathy said...

Awww! What a cute idea! Happy Birthday Charles. Glad he started feeling better just in time for his big day!

Oh and thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. We're still in a state of shock I think, but totally and completely happy!

Think of a day in Sept when the four of us can get together, k? Looking forward to it!


Michele said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday!

Making Babies said...

Happy birthday Charles!!! :)