Friday, April 10, 2009

Expected Surprises!

That title sounds really bad... What I want to say is something along the lines of, "The items came today and while I knew they would be arriving soon, I was not expecting them today!!!"
I arrived home, after spending a fantastic day with two amazingly adorable babies, and was greeted by a huge box on my front stoop. I knew EXACTLY what it was when I saw it! It's the continuation of the small package I found on the couch late last week with the few items for the nursery in it! All given to me by my friend, Cindy, whom I'm so everly grateful for!!!! I love them!!!! Each and ever piece... Now, off to find the furniture! :-) Fun stuff!
The last two photos are of the afghan my mother-in-law spent hours upon hours making! Is it not beautiful or what?? And oh so soft... :-) And the mobile that SIL and Charles used as babies! It's in absolutely perfect condition!


mom said...

That IS a beautiful afghan!! And the mobile looks like one ya'll had too. Fisher Price? I love the sheep and duckies more than the stork one you wanted first.

mom said...

No update on Stellan for a few days. How is he?