Monday, August 17, 2009

Looking for thoughts/stories, please!

After further testing and such, the new Dr. has decided that he wants to put me on Heparin injections twice a day. I am not sure if this is only when trying or if once pregnancy has been confirmed. Need clarification.

He then immediately took a breath and said, "Have we given Baby Aspirin a chance yet?" I said, NO. That this was actually my first full cycle on Baby Aspirin... He said, "Heaven forbid you miscarry though..." Yes. His thoughts lingered.

I have not had a real chance to completely process all this. I mean. I kind of prepared myself to come to this but I thought for sure it would be after we had given the Baby Aspirin a fighting chance.

Then again.

What if we did end up pg... And we miscarried... Would I be able to forgive myself for not doing everything humanly possible??? I mean. I have a known blood clotting disorder. MTHFR C667T. We know this. It is not a suspicion. It is a fact.

I guess I'm wondering if anyone has had any stories to share... Baby Aspirin or Heparin???

2 comments: said...

My RE has everyone take baby aspirin while undergoing treatment at the clinic. My SIL who has MTHFR was put on a megadose of folic acid and baby aspirin for her last two pregnancies.

With the Factor V my RE said she may put me on Heparin if i get pregnant again.

I know that doesn't really help, just sort of saying what i'm doing ? :)

Michele said...

Have you read "To Full Term"? The woman has IC (which is why I read the book) but also Factor V and she discusses heparin at length. It is well worth the read.