Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Weigh In!

I would love to have all the support and encouragement that I can get! If you are feeling the same and want to join with the Thurday Weigh In's just leave a comment to let me know and I'll be sure to be a source of encouragement on your getting healthy journey...

Now for the reality of the last week. A sure sign that I have not been pounding away Malt Balls after Kickboxing. A sign that I am indeed continuing Kickboxing.

I stepped on the scale, half afraid that I'm "gaining muscle" before loosing pounds... The number appeared. ARGH. Still not liking that number. Then. The Pounds Gained/Lost.

3.3 Pounds - LOST!!!!!!!!!! In ONE week!!!!!!

I'm SOOOOOOO proud of myself! No wonder yesterday I was really noticing a difference in the way my clothes feel. My pants were super loose. So I am definately noticing a difference!

On that note... Off to eat some breakfast! :-) Healthy of course!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

REAL snow!!!!!

Ya know. Not the kind that you get in Georgia where I lived... This is REAL snow as in, it is accumulating and growing in inches!!!!!! It's SOOOOOO beautiful!!!! :-)

So, tonight I made, yes, made, my wonderful husband go outside with me (and dogs) and play in the snow!!! It's so amazingly beautiful! I feel like a kid again...

Although my attempt at building a snow man wasn't exactly what I would call, um, successful, I tried!! I DID however succeed in making a snow angel. See, the problem with the snow is that it is fluffy now. Not wet snow. (Ask me how I know about the snow becuase I am never around it!) It is great snow for snow skiing, snow sledding, and making snow angels, but it is NOT good for building snow men or having snow ball fights... :-( The snow doesn't pack together.

And here are a couple photos from our outing tonight! See how much fun the dogs are having!!!

And here is a video clip from our outing tonight!!! :-) For those who don't know... The Yellow boots I have had since oh, about 6th Grade. Yes, THAT long!!! haha! They were lovingly nicknamed "Banana Boots" as well, they're yellow and long. Yes, I have big feet! They've been a known trademark of mine for a long time and that yellow hat was Shelby's (mentioned in a previous post, one of my girls from Georgia who is now in Ohio) that I some how or another have carried with me all these years.... Crazy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tonsil Stones (Tonsilloliths)

Update as of September 15, 2014! Read the post here!

This is going to be a GROSS post... Just FYI! But you see, I NEED despreately HELP!!!

I don't even know where to begin, really. I guess it'll start way back when, when I was a young child, about 5 I believe when I got my first Strep Throat infection. Ever since this, I kid you not, it's at least a once a year occurance with me. Sometimes, more. Why were my tonsils never taken out?? I dunno. The older I get, and the more I encounter these darn things, the more I really wish they would have been taken out! Back to the story...

I do not recall the date or time or even how old I was when I first got the "feeling as though something was stuck in my throat". I could diagnosis myself with strep throat I'd had it so many times and while it was the same annoying feeling it was different in many ways too. So out I pull my handy dandy flash light to inspect my tonsils. No puss pockets. That's good. Means no strep throat! So I flex my tonsils so get a better look. Oh wait. I see something light colored! What could it be??? After getting a Q-Tip and poke around a bit, it comes free. But wow! What a stench!!!! Instantly, I feel relief! What does any normal person do? I dunno becuase I continued to poke and prod around my tonsils to see if there are anymore.

So, needless to say. These have been plaqueing me for many years. I believe I was driving age when I noticed my first one. I recall my mom saying something about these "tonsil stones" as well but that's about it. So today, as I sit with a hurting throat (right side to be exact) and my right ear hurting (which after further investigation is connected with these horrid tonsil stones as well!) I came across several websites full of info and stories but really no cure other than to have your tonsils removed...

What I did find though is that your chances of getting these buggers increases drastically if you are a frequent succomber to strep throat OR if you are allergic to Wheat OR Gluten... It was amazing how much coorelation these three had with one another! Perhaps I should research and be tested for a Wheat or Gluten allergy...

So, anyone out in blogger world with a diagnosed Wheat or Gluten Allergy that once suffered from this "stink balls" now free of them due to a proper allergy free diet???? I'm DESPERATE!!!!

So, for now. Here are some websites (and one with a photo if you are curious!) for your liking... You can always google for more info and photos too!!!

If you made it all the way thru, I hope I didn't gross you out too bad... :-)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me! Mondays

Thanks so much MckMama for your help in my total blonde moments in getting this first Not Me! Monday up and going!!!! :-) Needless to say... I've never proclaimed to be the most knowledgeable computer geek known to man kind!

Now, the official Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week AFTER you humor me and finish my list. :-)

It was certainly not me that has spent the last WEEKS watching and trying to figure out how to exactly participate in the Not Me! Mondays!, it was not I that finally broke down and asked (ashamed of one's horrible memory) how everyone remembers such weekly events!!!

And so the week continues...

It was not I who decided to jump a curb while trying to park at work... Nope, it didn't leave horrid ugle black marks as evidence either. Shhhh. Don't tell one's husband that she did not do this or else!

Nor was it I, who while attempting to help out the store by pushing the 8 carts back to the appropriate place, let one escape and hit the front sliding glass door with a loud BAM! and of course, knock the door off track... Nope. Not me. While screaming in laughter with fingers pointing directly at me all erupted in laughter themselves!

And yet another work scenario that I certainly was not the butt of jokes!

After helping a customer in the plumping department I noticed this crazy kool-aid looking stuff on my hands. Unaware of what it was, I walked straight to the bathroom when I was greeted by another co-worker. When I explained the situation she giggled and said it was some sort of liquid used to help with getting the pipes hooked together and yeah, I still don't fully understand. So, off on my mission to the bathroom to wash whatever it was off. Totally have Jazz hands here when another fellow co-worker asked what I was doing and I proudly (and loudly) proclaimed I was heading to the bathroom to wash off the lubricating oil!!!!! She turned beat read and said, "Um. Shouldn't you save that for when you're at your house ALONE with your husband???" Yep. I then caught on and the laughs errupted be both co-workers AND customers alike!

It certainly was not ME who came home from a kickboxing class to pop a few (yes, if it was indeed me it would have been more but becuase it was certainly not me wasting those lovely burned calories) malt balls in my mouth! *Gasp* I mean, who in their right mind would spend all that hard work loosing calories just to gain it all plus some back with a mere few chocolate covered sugar!

Oh, another kickboxing class one!!!! :-)

After spending the last hour kicking my butt off, I certainly did not go grocery shopping only to contemplate leaving all the groceries in the car until hubby got home to walk them up the two flights of stairs necessary to put them in the fridge... Nope. Not me who wanted to be lazy after pushing myself so hard!

Okay. Um. Obviously I'm having a LOT of Not Me! Monday's so perhaps I'll limit myself to only a few a week??? haha!!! Is it normal to have THIS many???? :-)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Girls Night!

For the last almost two months, a few girls at work have been talking about "Girls Night" and insisting I come. I was excited. It's been a LONG time since I had a lovely girls night out. On the other hand, I was nervous as I only know these girls from work and not sure what they were like outside of the watchful eye... I was super excited to find out though!

So yesterday I was watching the clock like a hound dog waiting for 8:30pm to arrive for me to leave my house and head on over to L's house (Yes. The same L I'm taking Kickboxing classes with, which by the way, are going fantastic!). I felt like I was 16 again... Leaving the house when it's dark outside to start my fantastic evening out! I have always been a night owl and not until I met Charles did he start to slowly get me from staying up until the wee hours of the morning to now actually sleeping thru them to awaken at a normal AM time!

Yes. Once upon a time, I would work until midnight or so and THEN head out for fun. I never did anything illegal or for that matter, anything I regretted but it was just always great fun filled with lots of laughter! I remember making the statement to my dad when I was about 16 years old when he questioned where I was going, that "my night starts at 10:30pm".

Back to my story.

So, I tucked Charles into bed (yes, literally), took the dogs out, and then went about my way to get ice for the drinks and made my way to L's apartment! I'm not a huge, okay, rarely do I drink "adult" beverages and didn't last night either. I am all about fun I can not only remember but that I don't suffer an extreme hangover from! :-)

There were six of us there. Between the dancing, Wii playing (kickboxing totally payed off when I kicked butt in the boxing game!), Phase 10, and just chatting was a TON of erupted laughter!!!

Mostly though, last night made me really miss my girls from Georgia... :-( I so wish I would have made it more of a priority to have regular girls nights with them. That although life has taken us so many different directions, we're still all there for one another and will always be there! I miss my girls... They have been there right beside me thru it all. From my families crazy rollar coaster to all the boy issues to marriages. I'm so looking forward to us all being married and then adding sweet bundles of joy to our lives! Although Shelby has moved to Ohio and I'm in Missouri I still think about them often.

So, for all the missed memories I was not there for I hope to make 100 times more in the future!!!!! Erin, Shelby, Casey, and Tiffany You girls are the BESTEST ever!!!!!! I love and miss you all!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh dear...

Thanks so much to you ladies for answering my last exercise question!!!!! :-) Tonight was another Kickboxing evening and WOWzers! This chick is HARD!!!! Oh, and I officially know what the "miracle" move is for anyone wanting tight and sculpted abs... It's oh so simple.


Yep. That's it. You can do them the Manly way or do them the Girlie way on your knees but darn! Either way and you'll certainly feel it!!!!! I can feel it... Still! Oh I am so looking forward to having a flat tummy again!!!!!! And to not ever let myself "go" again! :-)

New Year's Eve 2009 I only have one of two options for this body! Either I will be posting beautiful photos of a skinny sexy self OR of a beautiful baby belly!!!! That's it! That's all I'll accept!!! :-)

So. As for the weigh in this week... Anyone out there in blogging world joining in on this too??? Come on now... No need to divulage numbers of actual weight, just of the pounds lost/gained.

My weigh in... :-( Wasn't so hot. I gained .4 pounds. I'm So going with it's all muscle that's eating away the fat!!!! :-)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Exercise Help

So, now that I am actually exercising regularly I need some serious help! I sure don't want to do all this for, um, nothing!!!! :-)

So... When's the best time of day to exercise?? (I usually do it in the evening as I'm just not a morning person.) Also, what's the "rules" on what to eat before exercising and how long before do you need to eat??? How about afterwards??? What to eat and about how long after do you chow down???

I've found a few things online... Like. Eat high carbs about an hour before hand to give you energy and eat high protein within 30 minutes after to help soreness. BUT, is this true??? What's your experiences??? PLEASE oh PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share thoughts on this!!!!! I'm bbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeggggggggggggggggggggggiiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggg!

And now I'm done. But I'm looking forward to reading responses so that I can get the most bang for my buck! :-)

Thanks my world wide friends!

Friday, January 16, 2009


"Comfortable. Don't get Comfortable. I'm gonna move this mountain then I'm gonna move you in."

These are the words that my mom first told me of. It's a song by Brandon Heath and while I like a couple of his songs I did not know who he is/was. So back to the song. It's titled "Don't Get Comfortable."
What's awesome is that this song means different things to different people. To me. I am reassured and encouraged that while the path I am on is all fine, good, and dandy but that it is all apart of the bigger picture that God has planned for our life! It's encouraging that the shake up at work (literally, HUGE shake up that my two bosses are no longer there and oh so much more) is helping me to not get "Comfortable".
Okay. Enough babbling! Enjoy!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Second Weigh in week!!

I type with a very sore body!!! Last night, my friend L from work and I took our very first Kickboxing class together! It was amazingly trying yet so much fun at the same time! Today, well, I'm oh so sore!!!! It feels great though!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Not to mention, when I weighed myself this morning I am down 2.4 pounds from where I was last Wednesday (8 days ago)!!!!! WAHOO!!!!! Now, let's just hope that between the modified South Beach Diet (yes, modified to include the occassional "treats" AKA "comfort foods" like pizza!) and kickboxing will get me bathing suite ready! :-) haha!

So... Moving onwards. There's a lot going on right now with my place of employment and "shuffling" of people and all and Charles' job that I cannot go into on here. :-( But do keep us in your prayers! It's been stressful to say the least!

SIL's surgery went very well! Baby Girl is doing wonderful and mom is recovering well too! My in-laws headed up there to be there with her thru this all and so we're getting the full report! :-) Oh I'm just so excited to continue buying pink stuff! haha!

Um... I do believe that's the updates for today. I need to get to bed as tomorrow is our second Kickboxing class and well, I'm sure Saturday is going to be a toughie with soreness! Any suggestions on how to push thru the soreness and perhaps eliminate it???

Monday, January 12, 2009

It's a GIRL!!!!!

I've been so anxiously awaiting this post... :-) And I can't believe this is my THIRD post TODAY! ANyways. Back to the great news!

I just got a phone call from my sister-in-law who's, obviously, pregnant and it's official, they're having a baby GIRL!!!! I'm so glad as the pink stuff I've already purchased won't have to be returned! LOL

But, for all you prayer warriers out there... Do keep her and baby girl in your prayers as she is having the cerlage procedure done on Wednesday to avoid pre-term labor.

For now... The excitment continues on with the thought of being the Aunt (and Uncle for Charles) of FOUR girls!!!!! :-) YEAH!!!!

Facing Fertility Issues??? (Missouri talk)

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Facing Fertility Issues
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Thursday, February 5, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.
Progress West HealthCare Center Community Room
2 Progress Point Parkway, O'Fallon, MO 63368

This is a Hospital hosted Fertility Talk! I will certainly be there and if you have any questions please contact 636.344.CARE (2273) or I can do my best to answer any questions! I hope to see you there!


I've seen a lot of this whole Twitter stuff and figured I'd jump on board there too. I mean, how exciting is my life that I really need all these technical outlets anyways??? LOL So, regardless, if you like to follow me on Twitter I'm @FindingFamily! Once I figured it out, I may be seeking YOU out too! haha! Now let me find something exciting to twitter about!

Friday, January 9, 2009

One YEAR!!

It's officially been one full year, 365 days, countless prospective states, one new career job, and one BIG move later that brings us to where we are now! Holy cow... So, let's ponder on the past year.

What have I learned???

I have learned... God's plan is HUGE! We can only see itty bitty bits (aka - what he wishes for us to see at that current time in our lives) at a time but we must walk down the path of total trusting and having nothing but faith in HIM!

I have learned... I cannot plan out my life. Although others may have this "capability", Charles and myself do not. Looking back, that's okay. I've accepted it. *See above*

I have learned... To take baby steps. One foot in front of the other. This is a great practice for just about everything in your lives.

I have learned... My husband is amazing. I love him so much more today than I did a year ago!

I have learned... My family is invaluable! Each and every single one of them.

I have learned... It's amazing to not have to worry about school!!!!! No more homework! YIPPEE!!!!!!!

I have learned... I'm still highly sensitive to things I put both in and on my body! :-(

I have learned... I truly love bloggin! It's such a release for me. I love my fellow bloggers and even the occassional stop-ins that do not leave comments (which BTW, I love getting!).

So, here's to another year of blogging about what may and may not be of excitement in Charles and myself's life!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

This time NEXT year...

I cannot believe that in five short days will mark my ONE YEAR blogversary! And to think when this lovely blog was started we thought we were headed to Michigan and then North East and then it was a dart on a map as to the next guess! Yet here we are... It has officially been one half of a year since I've called Missouri my home. Gosh. Where in the world has time gone?

As I'm looking forward to 2009, I also want to look back on 2009 as I hope to accomplish a few things. :-) Yes, in other words, my New Year's Resolutions. I know. i'm a few days late but that's okay. It's taken me awhile to think through them and all.

1. To once and for all make it to wearing a size 10 again! I've got a few sizes to loose but that's okay as I've got accountability and am looking forward to shopping again!!!!!

2. To organize my house. I will go room by room as to not overwhelm myself and ditch all the stuff we don't need/use and organize my life!

3. To finish at least one of the books (three total as of current) that I'm writing. No fear. I may be asking some of you to contribute as well. :-)

4. Exercise myself and my dogs at least three times a week. Since our yard is almost non-existant, these fur-babies need exercise!

5. Cook. Or shall I say cook something edible that doesn't end with setting the smoke detectors off in the house? I need to learn to cook... I can bake fairly well. It's the whole stove top cooking part that I completely suck at.

And that is where I will end my list. I don't want to overwhelm myself! I mean, I do only have one year to complete these tasks! :-)

Oh, and I've got a HILARIOUS vidoe to share once I figure out how to get it up here! LOL

Friday, January 2, 2009

Quilters??? Anyone out there????

As apart of my 2009 New Years Resolutions, I vow to become more organized which in reality means parting with stuff that I have been hanging onto for way too many years... Yes, I'm facing reality. There are two of us in a 2000 sq ft house that is full of stuff! I'm coming to grips that the garbage will acquire some new items...

Anyways. Moving on now.

Along my (and his) journey, we have seemingly collected T-shirts that we've become rather fond of. I, all my band shirts from the shows and stuff and him, his Fraternity shirts and all. Well, since neither of us seem to want to part with these I've been on a hunt to find a creative way to preserve them yet make use of them again.

The thought hit me!

A T-shirt blanket/quilt!!!!!!!! No. Really. No laughing. This website portrays is ever so perfectly! Accept I do not want a full quilt like they have to cover a bed. I want a his and her throw that we can snuggle up with while watching TV or something and when not in use, it'll be a great conversation piece on display in our family room. :-)

So... Back to my original question. Anyone quilt????? I'd love to have it back by Valentine's Day to give to him (I'm not worried about mine yet, just his). Oh, and should I say it's a secret so don't say anything to him???? No worries. He'll read this post like three months from now! LOL

I need thoughts... Ideas... Honesty from those that know what they're talking about! What I did like from the website is the nifty backing decorations that come thru and since I do not even own a sewing maching I'm outta luck! *Nor would I even attempt to do this myself as I can't even sew a button on a piece of clothing better yet trust myself with precious momentos!!!!*

Oh, and Happy New Year to all you lovelies!!!!!! May 2009 be full of blessings!