Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me! Mondays

Thanks so much MckMama for your help in my total blonde moments in getting this first Not Me! Monday up and going!!!! :-) Needless to say... I've never proclaimed to be the most knowledgeable computer geek known to man kind!

Now, the official Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week AFTER you humor me and finish my list. :-)

It was certainly not me that has spent the last WEEKS watching and trying to figure out how to exactly participate in the Not Me! Mondays!, it was not I that finally broke down and asked (ashamed of one's horrible memory) how everyone remembers such weekly events!!!

And so the week continues...

It was not I who decided to jump a curb while trying to park at work... Nope, it didn't leave horrid ugle black marks as evidence either. Shhhh. Don't tell one's husband that she did not do this or else!

Nor was it I, who while attempting to help out the store by pushing the 8 carts back to the appropriate place, let one escape and hit the front sliding glass door with a loud BAM! and of course, knock the door off track... Nope. Not me. While screaming in laughter with fingers pointing directly at me all erupted in laughter themselves!

And yet another work scenario that I certainly was not the butt of jokes!

After helping a customer in the plumping department I noticed this crazy kool-aid looking stuff on my hands. Unaware of what it was, I walked straight to the bathroom when I was greeted by another co-worker. When I explained the situation she giggled and said it was some sort of liquid used to help with getting the pipes hooked together and yeah, I still don't fully understand. So, off on my mission to the bathroom to wash whatever it was off. Totally have Jazz hands here when another fellow co-worker asked what I was doing and I proudly (and loudly) proclaimed I was heading to the bathroom to wash off the lubricating oil!!!!! She turned beat read and said, "Um. Shouldn't you save that for when you're at your house ALONE with your husband???" Yep. I then caught on and the laughs errupted be both co-workers AND customers alike!

It certainly was not ME who came home from a kickboxing class to pop a few (yes, if it was indeed me it would have been more but becuase it was certainly not me wasting those lovely burned calories) malt balls in my mouth! *Gasp* I mean, who in their right mind would spend all that hard work loosing calories just to gain it all plus some back with a mere few chocolate covered sugar!

Oh, another kickboxing class one!!!! :-)

After spending the last hour kicking my butt off, I certainly did not go grocery shopping only to contemplate leaving all the groceries in the car until hubby got home to walk them up the two flights of stairs necessary to put them in the fridge... Nope. Not me who wanted to be lazy after pushing myself so hard!

Okay. Um. Obviously I'm having a LOT of Not Me! Monday's so perhaps I'll limit myself to only a few a week??? haha!!! Is it normal to have THIS many???? :-)


Cathy said...

This post totally cracked me up Meghan! You have a wonderful ability to take these things and just have fun with them and I really, really appreciate that. I'm glad your kickboxing classes are going so well and that you had a good time with friends! I hope you are feeling rather refreshed these days :) You deserve it!

Mom said...

Z is for Zoro.... Did I say that outloud?