Friday, January 2, 2009

Quilters??? Anyone out there????

As apart of my 2009 New Years Resolutions, I vow to become more organized which in reality means parting with stuff that I have been hanging onto for way too many years... Yes, I'm facing reality. There are two of us in a 2000 sq ft house that is full of stuff! I'm coming to grips that the garbage will acquire some new items...

Anyways. Moving on now.

Along my (and his) journey, we have seemingly collected T-shirts that we've become rather fond of. I, all my band shirts from the shows and stuff and him, his Fraternity shirts and all. Well, since neither of us seem to want to part with these I've been on a hunt to find a creative way to preserve them yet make use of them again.

The thought hit me!

A T-shirt blanket/quilt!!!!!!!! No. Really. No laughing. This website portrays is ever so perfectly! Accept I do not want a full quilt like they have to cover a bed. I want a his and her throw that we can snuggle up with while watching TV or something and when not in use, it'll be a great conversation piece on display in our family room. :-)

So... Back to my original question. Anyone quilt????? I'd love to have it back by Valentine's Day to give to him (I'm not worried about mine yet, just his). Oh, and should I say it's a secret so don't say anything to him???? No worries. He'll read this post like three months from now! LOL

I need thoughts... Ideas... Honesty from those that know what they're talking about! What I did like from the website is the nifty backing decorations that come thru and since I do not even own a sewing maching I'm outta luck! *Nor would I even attempt to do this myself as I can't even sew a button on a piece of clothing better yet trust myself with precious momentos!!!!*

Oh, and Happy New Year to all you lovelies!!!!!! May 2009 be full of blessings!

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