Sunday, January 25, 2009

Girls Night!

For the last almost two months, a few girls at work have been talking about "Girls Night" and insisting I come. I was excited. It's been a LONG time since I had a lovely girls night out. On the other hand, I was nervous as I only know these girls from work and not sure what they were like outside of the watchful eye... I was super excited to find out though!

So yesterday I was watching the clock like a hound dog waiting for 8:30pm to arrive for me to leave my house and head on over to L's house (Yes. The same L I'm taking Kickboxing classes with, which by the way, are going fantastic!). I felt like I was 16 again... Leaving the house when it's dark outside to start my fantastic evening out! I have always been a night owl and not until I met Charles did he start to slowly get me from staying up until the wee hours of the morning to now actually sleeping thru them to awaken at a normal AM time!

Yes. Once upon a time, I would work until midnight or so and THEN head out for fun. I never did anything illegal or for that matter, anything I regretted but it was just always great fun filled with lots of laughter! I remember making the statement to my dad when I was about 16 years old when he questioned where I was going, that "my night starts at 10:30pm".

Back to my story.

So, I tucked Charles into bed (yes, literally), took the dogs out, and then went about my way to get ice for the drinks and made my way to L's apartment! I'm not a huge, okay, rarely do I drink "adult" beverages and didn't last night either. I am all about fun I can not only remember but that I don't suffer an extreme hangover from! :-)

There were six of us there. Between the dancing, Wii playing (kickboxing totally payed off when I kicked butt in the boxing game!), Phase 10, and just chatting was a TON of erupted laughter!!!

Mostly though, last night made me really miss my girls from Georgia... :-( I so wish I would have made it more of a priority to have regular girls nights with them. That although life has taken us so many different directions, we're still all there for one another and will always be there! I miss my girls... They have been there right beside me thru it all. From my families crazy rollar coaster to all the boy issues to marriages. I'm so looking forward to us all being married and then adding sweet bundles of joy to our lives! Although Shelby has moved to Ohio and I'm in Missouri I still think about them often.

So, for all the missed memories I was not there for I hope to make 100 times more in the future!!!!! Erin, Shelby, Casey, and Tiffany You girls are the BESTEST ever!!!!!! I love and miss you all!!!

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