Thursday, January 15, 2009

Second Weigh in week!!

I type with a very sore body!!! Last night, my friend L from work and I took our very first Kickboxing class together! It was amazingly trying yet so much fun at the same time! Today, well, I'm oh so sore!!!! It feels great though!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Not to mention, when I weighed myself this morning I am down 2.4 pounds from where I was last Wednesday (8 days ago)!!!!! WAHOO!!!!! Now, let's just hope that between the modified South Beach Diet (yes, modified to include the occassional "treats" AKA "comfort foods" like pizza!) and kickboxing will get me bathing suite ready! :-) haha!

So... Moving onwards. There's a lot going on right now with my place of employment and "shuffling" of people and all and Charles' job that I cannot go into on here. :-( But do keep us in your prayers! It's been stressful to say the least!

SIL's surgery went very well! Baby Girl is doing wonderful and mom is recovering well too! My in-laws headed up there to be there with her thru this all and so we're getting the full report! :-) Oh I'm just so excited to continue buying pink stuff! haha!

Um... I do believe that's the updates for today. I need to get to bed as tomorrow is our second Kickboxing class and well, I'm sure Saturday is going to be a toughie with soreness! Any suggestions on how to push thru the soreness and perhaps eliminate it???

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Anonymous said...


I came across your blog the other day. I to have empty arms...well sort of, I have two stepchildren. I longed to be a mother,decorate a nursery, have an excuse to eat everything I want because I am pregnant. We went through all the shots because my husband had a vasetomy years ago. He had always feared that it was him that would be the problem and not give me children but it turn out to be me. The first cycle we went through I think I cried everyday. OK almost, everything was overhelming... I am an overachiever....DAH!!! I was so sore, so tried, so overhelmed, and then I ovulated and we had to scratch the whole thing....$9,000. That was so hard for me. My body just didn't like the drugs they weren't strong enough....imagine that. So then I was so scared to do it again because hello Now I Know.. But I did and this time I only thought. I need one '4 egg' that is it. I was very positive during the whole process and we went all the way through. I got the 4 and several others. They implanted 2 because they 'knew I would get pregnant with both' and were going to blast the other to freeze. The other 3 stopped and I didn't get pregnant. Another $16,000....and the doctor just wasn't sure why but there really isn't anything they can do to MAKE them stick or grow. That is the GOD part. We were done. So I will forever have somewhat empty arms. No one will ever call me mom. This was all last year. I WISH I would have know about this blog thing then. I started in July hoping to say I was pregnant but never looking at anyone else's blog. I came across this a few a month or so ago and I have to say it gives me great comfort. That is sad to say but it does. I am surround by mom's everyday at school. My step children's mom never wanted to be a mom that is why they got divorced. The kids are getting older and realizing it now and lately we have a tough time around here. If that isn't GOD working I really don't know what is. I find the perfect guy and he has 2 kids but is OK to have more. He gets divorced due to the fact that she doesn't want to do the whole mom thing (and doesn't). And I would move mountains, shot myself in the butt night and day to have a child. I am so here for a reason. My girlfriend (who is also in our situation-just had a girl after 9 IVF's) gave me some great advice....Sit in it!!!! You can use that across the board and everywhere in your life but it so works. I am a fixer, that has been my role forever!!! Now it is just time to wait....GOD IS AMAZING, and his plan is not my plan.
OK I just wrote so much I better go!!! You are a stranger but at the same time you are ME!!! OK the reason I wrote is because I said the ever same thing you said...OK it is either going to be a flat belly or a baby bump but nothing else will do.....Yet here I sit, sick with the flu...I would like to join you because I forgot that is what I said too!!! Due to all the IVF shots I have put on 20ish pounds that I HATE because it reminds me of the shots everyday.
Sore muscles--drink lots of water and eat a banana a day!! Helps. You will have to see what works for you as far as eating. I WAS a morning workout person because when I come home after work I am to tired or my list is to long. I don't like to eat before at all. But I do eat about 1/2 hour afterwards and it is alot of protein....
You are every young so please don't give up on your dream to be a mother.
It was nice talking to you and hope to lose with you. I also only weigh myself once a week... So I will do that this weekend and start....this weekend....sick or not...I can walk the dog for goodness sake...