Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh dear...

Thanks so much to you ladies for answering my last exercise question!!!!! :-) Tonight was another Kickboxing evening and WOWzers! This chick is HARD!!!! Oh, and I officially know what the "miracle" move is for anyone wanting tight and sculpted abs... It's oh so simple.


Yep. That's it. You can do them the Manly way or do them the Girlie way on your knees but darn! Either way and you'll certainly feel it!!!!! I can feel it... Still! Oh I am so looking forward to having a flat tummy again!!!!!! And to not ever let myself "go" again! :-)

New Year's Eve 2009 I only have one of two options for this body! Either I will be posting beautiful photos of a skinny sexy self OR of a beautiful baby belly!!!! That's it! That's all I'll accept!!! :-)

So. As for the weigh in this week... Anyone out there in blogging world joining in on this too??? Come on now... No need to divulage numbers of actual weight, just of the pounds lost/gained.

My weigh in... :-( Wasn't so hot. I gained .4 pounds. I'm So going with it's all muscle that's eating away the fat!!!! :-)

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kate said...

I posted part of my weight loss journey on my blog yesterday, but if numbers are what you're asking for, then as of yesterday, I weighed 204, down from a post-holiday weight of 207 (which was up 1-2 lbs from pre-holiday, so net, I'm about the same as I was before I ate crazy things). As of this morning, I weighed 203, but I give my weight based on an average over a week, which means I'm still technically at 204 (but secretly, inside, I'm a little excited to have shown another loss this morning- it may not stick, but for right now, I'm happy!).

If you're looking for a place to share fitness success, I don't know if you already read, but J. over at Amazing Trips posts a Wednesday Weigh-In where her readers post their progress towards fitness goals. She's a great read anyway, but I love her Wednesday posts because she's NOT perfect, but she works really hard anyway.