Wednesday, January 28, 2009

REAL snow!!!!!

Ya know. Not the kind that you get in Georgia where I lived... This is REAL snow as in, it is accumulating and growing in inches!!!!!! It's SOOOOOO beautiful!!!! :-)

So, tonight I made, yes, made, my wonderful husband go outside with me (and dogs) and play in the snow!!! It's so amazingly beautiful! I feel like a kid again...

Although my attempt at building a snow man wasn't exactly what I would call, um, successful, I tried!! I DID however succeed in making a snow angel. See, the problem with the snow is that it is fluffy now. Not wet snow. (Ask me how I know about the snow becuase I am never around it!) It is great snow for snow skiing, snow sledding, and making snow angels, but it is NOT good for building snow men or having snow ball fights... :-( The snow doesn't pack together.

And here are a couple photos from our outing tonight! See how much fun the dogs are having!!!

And here is a video clip from our outing tonight!!! :-) For those who don't know... The Yellow boots I have had since oh, about 6th Grade. Yes, THAT long!!! haha! They were lovingly nicknamed "Banana Boots" as well, they're yellow and long. Yes, I have big feet! They've been a known trademark of mine for a long time and that yellow hat was Shelby's (mentioned in a previous post, one of my girls from Georgia who is now in Ohio) that I some how or another have carried with me all these years.... Crazy!

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