Saturday, February 28, 2009

Questions for RE

Good evening!!!! I need you, yes, you annonymous/known reader's help! :-)

I have my first RE appointment on Tuesday (as in, less than three days away!) and am trying to put together a list of questions to ask... HELP!!! What would you suggest? Any previous experiences (positive or negative) that you want to share to a fellow gal trying to soak up all that she can??? ;-)

I have already sent over the questionaire for both Charles and myself. Also, sent over all my bloodwork results as I am indeed anal like that and ask for the specific results myself. I did this as my previous Dr. offices have been pulling this crap that it is a long drawn out process to get records sent over. let's just say that this is exactly why I'm glad I no longer deal with them!!! I'll certainly be the "squeeky wheel that gets oiled first" though! :-)

So far, this is my list...

~What specific tests would you recommend? How much do they cost?
~Based on the results of those tests, what are my treatment options, and how much do they cost?
~What is the national success rate for those treatments in terms of live births?
~If we decide that clomiphene citrate therapy is the next step, how many unsuccessful cycles will we try before we move onto another treatment option?
~How do you feel about Letrozel (Femara) instead of Clomid?
~What is your success rate with clomiphene citrate/Letrozel therapy - and what are the side effects?
~How many Ovulation Induction (OI) cycles do you recommend before moving on?
~What is the "next step" for us?
~Do you offer clinical trials?
~What are the risks of twins or high-order multiples?
~How will I communicate with you during this whole process?
~Do you encourage or recommend complementary or alternative medicine?

Thanks bunches for any and all thoughts, opinions, and babbling that are shared! If you feel more comfortable sending it to me via e-mail, you can.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back in the Game!!!!!

YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!! So. It has been decided that we are back in the 'trying to have a baby' game! :-) What changed? Well. Nothing really. haha. okay. Some things did but I don't feel like going into that... At least not now. ;-) Fair?

So. Here's the game plan. Since my current cycle is being all screwed up I'm throwing my hands in the air. I don't know what my body is doing. Argh! After some phone calls today, We now have TWO Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) appointments coming up!

The first is with Dr. Barry Witten. I've heard GREAT things about him! This appointment is on March 3. Oh. Guess I should have gotten the time. *Mental note. Call back about time...*

The second, if we decide to keep it, is with Dr. Anthony Pearlstone on April 13. Again, nothing but fantastic things about him too!

The differences between the two. Well, the hopsitals (and how long of a waiting time. Dr. Witten is earlier becuase they just had a cancellation!). Dr. Witten is associated with and delivers at St. John's Mercy (Community hospital) and Dr. Pearlstone is associated with and delivers at Missouri Baptist Medical Center(Private Hospital). Fortunately, I do not have any experience with either of these so I've got Charles poking around work to find out which is better. I've done a little reading up on them online but that doesn't provide a true discription on them... Anyone out on blogger world know???? :-)

The deciding factor. Well, Insurance. :-) Our insurances covers infertility, just not invasive (IUI, IVF, GIFT, etc...) It will cover monitoring and meds though. So, if it comes down to one of the more advanced options, we'll have to wait until January 2010 when we can get the high end insurance that does cover all that! :-)

I'm just SOOOO excited!!!! And so is Charles! So, less than a week to go for our consult to see where he wants to take us! :-) I'll keep the right side bar updated as well on appointments and such for future references.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sick. Illness. Under the weather. Sick as a Dog...

All those terms, and so much more, relate to exactly how I am feeling at this exact moment. Why am I blogging about it?? Well. Quite frankly to let go of frustration as I'm sure my lovely husband is sick and tired of hearing me complain! So yes, this means that you, my lovely reader, get to read my complaints!

My ears of stuffed up. They hurt. I am half way thinking perhaps I have an ear infection??? My throat is KILLING ME!!! I'm back and forth on if it's just a really bad sore throat or if I indeed have strep, again. I don't have the white puss pockets but I do have these bumps on my throat. Either way. It can't be good. I keep feeling like I'm running a low grade fever. Just enough to leave you lousy feeling. No meds that I've taken have been helping. :-( My body aches. I can't sleep at night. (This is the biggest complaint!!!!) I cannot sleep. I lay awake. After I finally do drift off to sleep, I wake again without any reasons. This happened the night before last and last night. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO over not being able to sleep!!!!!!!! Not even Benedryl is helping me sleep. Okay. Let me tell you, if you do not know me, this is the strangest thing ever! I am a sleeper. Always have been, hope to always be. I sleep thru so much. It doesn't take me but one nano second to usually fall asleep and it's a very rare occassion that I wake during the night. Yes. I am one of the few that can sleep 8-12 hours straight without waking for any reason... Not the last two nights though. I have sneezed in my sleep! Who sneezes while sleeping???? I have blown my nose while trying to sleep. I have coughed. I have gotten up just to get out of bed. I am miserable...

So, that's that.

Back to the movies. Back to the couch. Back to trying to get better. Oh yes, and we have Dentist appts this morning too. Gee. That will be fun feeling like this. :-( I won't be surprised if they turn me away and tell me to reschedule!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me! Monday's

Now, the official Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week AFTER you humor me and finish my list. :-)

It is not I that are sick and unable to think cleaverly... If you would consider the previous posts clever. Instead, I'm drugged on TheraFlu. Eating Ores (Becuase they're such a healthy snack while sick). Watching classic old time movies. And having my husband wait hand and foot on me (wait. Is that me having an illusion again...)

So, that's the news...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mother Goose

This blog consists of two different "stories" but both along the same lines. I am, Mother Goose.

At work, this is my new nickname. I am the "motherly" one. I am the one that keeps everyone else in line. I have been told that I give a "look" and this person rethinks their words/actions/behaviors. Yes. I have officially been dubbed the Mother Goose to keep everyone along the correct path. Yes. I was even told this was a conversation at a party when things got a little out of hand and the Mother Goose (AKA- Me) was brought into the conversation. It was mentioned to me that things would not have occured as they did had I been there as I would have given "the look" and actions would have turned around.

Let's talk about pressure here!!! To be the one to make everyone else behave?? haha! Or, am I a "Stick in the mud"??? Nah. I love to have a good time. I can do it without being intoxicated or doing anything illegal and if this makes me a "stick in the mud", well, so be it.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I dunno. Perhaps both a blessing and a curse??? :-)

And onto my next story...

So, last night I had a wonderful dream. :-) I cried and awoke with a smile on my face.

I dreampt I was at some gathering and my mom happened to be there too. I wasn't exactly feeling well so I decided to take a home pregnancy test. Yes. I am a POAS-aholic as I literally just pulled a HPT from my purse and took it. I was awaiting a stark white negative, as usual, but was utterly shocked and surprised when I saw a BLAZING plus (positive) sign!!!! I remember two things very distinct about this instance. First. It was a Wal-Mart Equate brand test. You must know I do not buy these brand tests. Secondly, I remember announcing that I was 10 days past ovulation. And it was a beautiful plus! It came up quicker than the control line did!!! I was in shock and crying... not like bawling crying but like tears of joy and unbelieving! I also remember announcing that "miracles DO Happen on break cycles... This was my only second break cycle and here I am pregnant!" Yes. Second break cycle, as in I am currently on my second break cycle. Maybe this is it??? ;-) I also remember in my dream touching my belly and having that first initial thought of becoming a mommy! It was the best feeling ever, even if it did only happen in my dream...

But the confusing part... I decided to take a ClearBlue Digital (the one that says Pregnant or Not Pregnant) and it came up 'Not Pregnant'. I remember being upset slightly but then telling myself that those are not as sensitive but continuing to think that if the plus sign was so dark on the equate brand why wasn't it picking up on these? Maybe it was just a defective test???

So, let's just say that the dream left me feeling all good inside but confused as well. Was I or wasn't I pregnant??????? Such is life. Even dream world doesn't give a straight answer!

So, I am indeed a Mother Goose. Both in real life and in my hopeful dream world! :-)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What an exciting job!!!

As I'm browsing I came across this posting. Oh, how exciting it would be!!!!

High School Color Guard Coach

Yes. That is the job title. Oh how I loved being in Color Guard in high school. How I loved the Friday night games. Performing. Being apart of a larger picture, literally. Oh. The smell of football fields. Stinky football players. Hot cocoa brewing. The excitement of a ton of girls all gathered in a large room doing hair, make up, and dressing. The aroma of hair spray that filled your lungs just moments before filling those same lungs with fresh cool brisk air.

Oh. I loved the bus rides to away games. How songs suddenly erupted. Many chatter and laughter throughout the entire trip, no matter how short or long it may have been. The bonds that you had with the other girls. The trust. The fun. The same shared love.

And the description is this...

"Seeking an instructor for a high school color guard. MUST have at least 60 hours of college credit by June 1, 2009. MUST be available from 2:30-5:00 p.m. three days per week from August 1, 2009 to November 1, 2009. MUST be available 2:30-5:00 p.m. ONE day per week from March 23, 2009-May 23, 2009. MUST be available for Friday night games September-October. MUST be available for Saturday competition trips September-October. MINIMUM experience: 2 years performing on a color guard (high school and/or college), experience with flags AND rifles and/or sabres. PREFERRED experience: 2 years on a college color guard, and/or teaching a high school and/or college color guard, experience with flags, rifles, sabres, AND dance."

Oh, and if they have a Winterguard too! That is a totally new and amazing experience that is very similiar in some aspects yet a completely different experience in so many others!

Oh how fun and exciting and challenging this job would be! Dare I apply? Nope. Why? Well, me choreograph? (If I can even spell it!) Instead, I'll just dream about it... If it was an assistant position, heck yeah! But to write material and all? Not me.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday's

Now, the official Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week AFTER you humor me and finish my list. :-)

Today certainly has Not been a "Not Me" day all day!

It did not start with a phone call from my boss (yes, on my day off) inquring about a phone call that I did not forget to make this past weekend. *Whoops*

I did not post on my facebook page asking if any substituation could be made in place of milk for pancakes... Even I, the uncooker, knows that Milk just cannot be substituted!

It did not continue on with us not going to a restaurant that has amazing Grits but sucky everything else. I did not enjoy those grits a bit much while suffering to choke down my pancakes.

I certainly have not gone a full exact week without attending a kickboxing class better yet not even lifting a finger to exercise in any way possible.

I was not having a "blonde moment" when I made up my water for kickboxing class only to walk out the door and leave it on the coffee table. After suspecting such action that did not take place, I certainly would not have placed a call to my lovely husband lounging at home on the couch to inquire where my water bottle was exactly. He certainly did not chuckle and say that it is within three feet of him, at home.

I am not one to leave my brain in the car, along with my gloves, only to remember all the above after getting inside only to walk back outside to my car to retrieve them.

For the second time walking in, I did not notice that this happened to be the first time since I started going that they were sold completely out of water bottles!!! WHAT???

So, I certainly did not have to walk down to Subway to buy two bottles of water for the evening...

Yep. My brain is certainly not attached to my head in any way possible as it's just hanging around wherever it pleases today...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The prank on Dad and Jodi with Ryan's help!

Let me provide some background info on this video. It really is pretty funny...

When dad and Jodi came thru for a visit they had stopped at Imo's Pizza until I got off work. While they were here, they parked on the street. Well, my dad is notorious for leaving his car unlocked. He had also said he left the GPS sitting on the front seat of his car!

Anyways... The assumption was made that the GPS was stolen from his vehicle while they were visiting with us. Word got around, and even when my mom and Ray visited, the comment was made, "Will our vehicle be safe here?"... Yeah, it was an on-going joke.

I was absolutely baffeled though as when living here by myself I accidently left open the garage door (with the door leading into the house unlocked as well) on two seperate occassions. Also, our maintaince guy once left the keys to our house still in the door for an entire weekend before my in-laws saw it! On any of these occasions, nothing was stolen from us. So we feel pretty comfortable here but just thought perhaps a GPS sitting in an unlocked car on the street would be rather tempting...

About a week or two before my dad and Jodi visited, one of my brothers (Ryan) spilled the beans that he had found the GPS in the middle consol of the car after they got home... Needless to say, no one said anything to us about finding this GPS so I made Ryan promise not to say that we knew and we were going to play a prank on Dad and Jodi. So here's the video with the prank...

Sorry... You've gotta turn your head to really appreciate it. I don't know how to turn the video!

Merry be-lated Christmas!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday's

Now, the official Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week AFTER you humor me and finish my list. :-)

It was Not Me who let the dirty clothes pile up, dishes go unwashed, and skip out on kickboxing for four days this week... Never would I do such acts as these!

When driving past a Dollar Tree, first time by this one here, it was Not Me! who (verbally instead of mentally) questioned if they carried home pregnancy tests... After getting a strange look from my lovely husband, I did Not offer up that I am "collecting" HPTs now as a hobby. With a slight chuckle, he said, "How many do you have now?" With my response of 6 or 7, he continued driving and said that that was enough for now...

I certainly Did Not eat Peanut Butter M&M's, Sour Apple flavor licorice, chocolate dipped pretzels, a small sub from Penn Station, and french fries only a few hours before heading to kickboxing class. Do you know what this does to one who is exercising?? It makes you sick! Why would I do such a thing as this?? haha!

On a similiar note...

I was not the horrible wife who informed her loving husband that he was on his own for dinner as she felt too sick to cook dinner better yet actually eat it after such an episode as stated previously! I would never torture my husband like this...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mennonite and Amish Communities

Early on in middle/high school I thoroughly enjoyed reading Lurlene McDaniel's Books. Her writings touched me and perhaps, this is why I wanted to pursue a career working with people? Each of her books may sound depressing as it does deal with people, young people, dying or cancer or something. Yes, each book leaves you with grabing for more tissues as tears are certain to flow freely.

The first book (Angel's Watching Over Me)of three for a series is about a young girl who winds up in a hosital due to a broken finger that later reveals she has bone cancer. She happens to share a room with a girl who is Amish. Thru the journey they share together, it reveals a lot about the Amish community.

Ever since this book, and further research, I have thoroughly admired the Amish/Mennonite communities! I would LOVE to spend one week living as they do. Working. Eating. Sharing. Just, living. My respect and admiration for these communities grew even stronger after the Amish school shooting in October 2006. It was within days that the Amish community stepped forward and publically shared their forgiveness to this gentleman who did such a horrific action towards the Amish community. They did not only use words, but their actions towards the shooters wife and family spoke volumes!

So yesterday at work, I am chatting with two other co-workers when one says, "Oh, look. There is an Amish guy." My jaw dropped on the floor and was like WHERE??? First off. I did not think they entered such stores as a massive commercialized store where I work. Secondly, I checked the parking lot for a horse and buggy... Nothing.

So, he is by himself. Probably in his 20's. Wearing a wide brim hat. Full grown beard. Plain blue clothing and work boots. He certainly looked as though he was a physical hard worker. I SO wanted to talk to him but refrained. But after further analysis, the gross opinion is that he is actually a Mennonite and not an Amish person. He drove a HUGE worktruck with a trailor attached. (yes. We scoped the parking lot...)

I am just so amazed and in awe at their lifestyles. Again, I would LOVE to experience one week in their shoes. Day in and day out...

Since we now live within a few hours of some known communities, I hope to take advantage of this and explore their world more! To visit... To learn more. Perhaps make new friends? :-)

Any thoughts on the Amish and Mennonite communities????

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday Weigh In...

Obviously, as I was not running to post this first thing this morning, it does not contain the best of news...

I gained *gasp* this week. I guess those two slices of Oreo pie on Monday and four days straight of not being able to go Kickboxing helped me a bit there. Must I also say something? I believe a law should be in order that you do NOT weigh yourself when the ugly red witch of the west is visiting... I more than anything want to blame all this on HER! ARGH!

So, last night I attended kickboxing for the first time in four days and thankfully(?) it was three of us with the pushy teacher. So yeah, he totally had us individualized for the hour and just pushed and pushed us... Good thing? Sure. Not so good though after having such a long time away. Wow. That was crazy. Did I just say that four days is a long time to not exercise??? Perhaps my mind frame IS changing???

Onto more news...

I found out yesterday a friend is knocked up! They've been trying and I'm so very excited for them! This makes baby number two... It also gives me great comfort as she just recently lost 20 pounds so perhaps that kicked her fertility into overdrive??? ;-) Either way. I wish them the best!!!!

And let's continue here...

Another lovely gal whom I know via my amazing support group of women online is preggo as of today!!! This was the first cycle trying without the whole charting and all course, after the birth of her daughter a little over a year ago! I'm so very excited for them too!!!!

I can't wait to hear all about the ups and downs that come along with the joys of pregnancies!

Gosh, I now know a TON of women that are either pregnant or recently (within the last year) had a baby...

And I'm stopping there before this turns into a depressing post! haha!

Now I'm off to attend a Fertility Talk hosted by a local Hospital. Shall be interesting!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday's!

Now, the official Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week AFTER you humor me and finish my list. :-)

It was not I (or shall I saw us?) that took a day off work to go snow sledding... Not us that laughed hysterically as though we were 10 while tumbling down snow covered hills. Not us that left with snow covered shoes and soaking wet pants...

It was not I (yes, this time really just me) who ate a piece of Oreo pie after pushing aside the fact that I've been working so hard to loose yet I enjoyed that piece oh so much!!!

Wow! Is it really I that did not have a very productive "Not Me! Monday" week??? This is sad...

Perhaps I can explain the Not Me! Zorro story my mom so lovingly shared in a comment??

In highschool I was in Winterguard. Well, as we were watching other performances, there was always a themed involved. This one particular show, they were "fighting" and all well, at the very end it completely dawned on me when they made the "Z" that it was ZORRO!!! So, I announced this as I was so proud of myself for getting it and I picked the absolutely perfect time to do so... Right when the music stopped! I could have not planned that any better if I tried! It was dead silence when I said, "Oh, Z is for Zorro!!!" Talk about an erpution of laugher from all surrouding us as I STILL have not lived this moment down...